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Thread: *Results* ECW: Dec -09-08

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    *Results* ECW: Dec -09-08

    Bridgeport brawl

    BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – With Armageddon looming this Sunday, Superstars in the Land of Extreme waged war on ECW on Sci Fi.

    Mark Henry & WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas def. Finlay & Hornswoggle
    The stares before the match told the story. Finlay and Mark Henry don’t like each other. Playing the protector, Finlay did his best to do most of the brawling for his team, keeping his son, Hornswoggle, in the corner. However, his fatherly role ultimately led to his downfall. After pulling Hornswoggle out of harm’s way, Finlay fell victim to Henry’s World’s Strongest Slam – and the full brunt of his 390-plus-pounds. As an added bonus, the WWE Universe was treated to seeing WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas in action in the bout. Showing no ring rust, the Hall of Famer looked at home in the squared circle.

    Armageddon match announced on ECW
    ECW Champion Matt Hardy will face Vladimir Kozlov this Sunday at Armageddon (Match preview)

    John Morrison & The Miz def. Kung Fu Naki & Jimmy Wang Yang
    John Morrison & The Miz came into their match riding a wave of success after going home with two Slammys last night on Raw. (Slammy Awards) “The Dirt Sheet” duo kept up their winning ways by defeating Kung Fu Naki & Jimmy Wang Yang. Morrison earned the win for his team by stopping Yang’s athletic offense with a springboard off the second rope.

    Boogeyman def. local competitor
    After making quick work of a local athlete, Boogeyman added insult to injury by “worming” the poor competitor. Who is next to suffer the same, slimy fate?
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    Re: *Results* ECW: Dec -09-08

    The only thing descent was the morrison/miz vs. funaki/Yang match. Everything else was actually really bad, and Hardy vs. Kozlov? Really? They could've added a U.S title match or a tag team title match, but instead add that.

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    Re: *Results* ECW: Dec -09-08

    Watch the Nazi Banksters Crimes Ripple Effect Film.

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    Re: *Results* ECW: Dec -09-08

    Looks shit really, Miz and Morrison match seems to be the only good one... Shame about Matt being squashed .

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