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Thread: WWE Smackdown Results for September 26, 2008

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    WWE Smackdown Results for September 26, 2008

    Keeping Your Enemies Close

    Despite their upcoming match at No Mercy, WWE Champion Triple H and Jeff Hardy paired up to take on Montel Vontavious Porter and The Brian Kendrick.

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – To kick off SmackDown, fans at Ohio State University were treated to a blockbuster match-up that had all the makings for a main event that might normally cap off a night of action.

    In an unlikely pairing, WWE Champion Triple H joined forces with his No Mercy opponent, Jeff Hardy, to take on Montel Vontavious Porter and The Brian Kendrick. Putting their differences aside, The Game and the Legend Thriller were able to earn a victory when The King of Kings nailed MVP with a Pedigree for the pinfall.

    After the win, Hardy and Triple H shook hands. But at No Mercy, animosity will reign as championship gold is on the line.

    Kozlov still undefeated
    Vladimir Kozlov had never encountered anyone like the 7-foot-3, 420-pound The Great Khali. In a clash of styles, the two beasts locked horns. But before a winner could be decided, Triple H rushed into the arena looking for some payback against the Moscow Mauler. Mayhem quickly ensued, as Khali and Kozlov attacked The Game. But No. 1 contender Hardy didn’t like what he saw and came to help even the odds.

    Death in the air

    Fearful of what Undertaker might do to him again, Chavo Guerrero nervously entered into his match against Jimmy Wang Yang. Using a rolling wheel kick, Guerrero took down Yang to get the pinfall. But after the match, the house lights went out momentarily, sending Chavo into a panic. It was an ominous sign of things to come later in the night when Undertaker choked Chavo in GM Vickie Guerrero’s office, then suddenly appeared in the ring to decimate the GM with a hard-hitting Tombstone. The deadly maneuver left Guerrero on her back, with The Phenom hovering over her motionless body.

    New WWE Tag Team Champions

    The Family suffered another hit on the night, when Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder lost their WWE Tag Team Championship to the brothers from San Juan, Carlito & Primo.

    Deadly duo

    In what could possibly be the sexiest tag team in WWE, newcomer Brie Bella paired up with Maria to take on Victoria and Natalya. But Victoria quickly showed who was boss when she tossed the undefeated Bella from the top rope to the arena floor. The stunned brunette crawled under the ring, but emerged from under the apron with new vigor and attacked Victoria. Next, Bella tagged in Maria, who flung herself from the top rope and used a cross body to drive Victoria to the canvas and get the pinfall.

    WWE's 1-2 Punch
    In the last SmackDown before moving to MyNetwork TV on Oct. 3, Jesse & Festus brought their MyMoving Co. van into the arena to pick up a few items from under the ring. While packing their van, we got a glimpse of a bound-and-gagged Ryan Braddock and Kenny Dykstra in the back of the van. What other surprises are in store when SmackDown makes the move to MyNetwork TV?

    Don't miss WrestleMania’s World Television Premiere (Oct. 2) and SmackDown's All Star Kick-Off (Oct. 3) on MyNetwork TV

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    I lol'd at the Colons winning. I thought they should have at least had a DQ finish, and let them wrestle on PPV.
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    I assume it's A. Part of Carlito's push and B. for next week face vs. heel instead of having two heel vs. heel championship matches.

    I liked them winning though.


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