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Thread: ECW Results: September 23

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    ECW Results: September 23

    * Jim Ross and Matt Striker are announced as the commentators.

    * The Miz & John Morrison come out to open the show. They shoot on Evan Bourne then Teddy Long. Teddy comes out...

    Ricky Ortiz comes out and challenges The Miz and Morrison. Teddy says that The Miz will take on John Morrison tonight and the winner will face Ricky.

    * Ricky Ortiz is shown backstage talking the match over with Teddy Long and flirting with Tiffany.

    * Finlay (w/Hornswoggle) b. Bam Neely
    - Finlay gets the win after Hornswoggle gives him his shillelagh and hits Neely.

    * Maryse b. Michelle McCool
    - Maryse got the win after hitting a DDT.

    * Mark Henry cuts a promo on Matt Hardy.

    * Mike Knox b. Chase Stevens in a squash match.
    - After the match Jake Swagger comes out and attacks Stevens. Dreamer comes out and makes the save. Knox distracts Dreamer and is attacked by Swagger. Dreamer & Stevens are left laying in the ring.

    * John Morrison vs. The Miz
    - The match ends in a double count out as both Morrison and The Miz fell off the top rope. After the match Ricky Ortiz came out and attacked them both. That concludes ECW.
    Source: wz
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    As I said in the other thread, pretty meh show. I definitely need Bourne to further my entertainment of the brand.


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