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    - Tonight's WWE RAW kicks off with Lilian Garcia in the ring introducing the new World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho. Y2J's music hits and out he comes to the ring.

    Jericho talks about last night and winning the title. He takes off his shirt and shows the scrapes on his back and bruises on his body that Shawn Michaels gave to him last night.

    He says Shawn may have won the match but he did not really win anything. The match wasn't official because it was Unsanctioned. He says HBK is at home tonight with his family and says he accomplished nothing last night and he accomplished the World Heavyweight Title.

    Jericho says not only is he the only man to beat Steve Austin and The Rock in one night for the Undisputed Champion, but he is now the man that beat those 4 other Superstars last night for the World Heavyweight Title. Mike Adamle comes out and congratulates Jericho. He says CM Punk suffered a concussion last night and was not medically cleared to wrestle. Adamle says Punk is not here tonight but next week on RAW, it will be CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Adamle says the match will take place inside a steel cage to make sure there is no interference from the outside. The crowd pops at this. Jericho says he will beat Punk next week and says he is going to take his belt and get out of here. Adamle says wait a minute, there is more. Adamle announces Chris Jericho vs. Batista in tonight's RAW main event. Jericho looks a little upset at this as RAW goes to a commercial break.

    - Michael Cole announces Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix for the Women's Championship after the break.

    - Back from commercial and Candice Michelle is introduced. She comes to ringside and sits in a chair to watch the next match.

    Women's Title Match: Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James
    Mickie is out first for this title match. Out next is Beth Phoenix, without Santino.

    Cole announces that the winner of this match will face Candice Michelle at WWE No Mercy in a Women's Title match. Beth and Mickie lock up and Mickie ends up getting dropped on her throat and they go to the floor. Beth throws her into the steel ringpost and Mickie is down on the floor.

    They go back in the ring now and Beth remains in control of the match. Mickie manages to counter a move but gets thrown by one arm off the top rope as Candice watches on. Mickie blocks a suplex by Beth and drops her with a neckbreaker.Mickie hits a hurrancanrana on Beth and tries to mount some offense.

    Beth throws Mickie to the apron and gets her on the top rope. Beth slingshots Mickie to the mat with her head hitting hard. Beth covers for a pin as Candice looks on. Beth and Candice stare each other down as Candice stands up.

    Beth throws Mickie to the apron and gets her on the top rope. Beth slingshots Mickie to the mat with her head hitting hard. Beth covers for a pin as Candice looks on. Beth and Candice stare each other down as Candice stands up.

    Winner: Beth Phoenix

    - Backstage we see Jamie Noble and Layla. He says she is his good luck charm and he and Regal are 1 and 1 and will have their tie breaker tonight. He wants her out there with him and has a surprise. It's Jillian Hall singing "Layla." She sucks and he tells her to beat it. Layla says she will be out there with him tonight. He says once he beats Regal, he will take her out first class to Olive Garden tonight. Back to commercial.

    William Regal vs. Jamie Noble
    Back from commercial and Jamie Noble comes to the ring with Layla by his side. Out next is William Regal, ready to fight. Regal and Noble lock up immediately and Regal backs him in the corner with lefts and rights.

    Noble tries to fight back but gets stomped by Regal again. Regal applies a submission hold on Noble and taunts him as Layla looks on. Regal takes Noble to the mat and gets a 1 count with a side headlock.

    Noble fights back and gets a 2 count on Regal. Noble gets rocked again and hits Noble with a knee to the back of the head and the temple. Regal covers him for the pinfall and the win.
    Winner: William Regal

    After the match, Regal gets on the mic and tells Noble that happy endings only happen in fairy tales. He steps out of the ring and walks over to Layla who is sitting beside the announcers table. Regal looks at Layla then Noble and extends his arm to her. She takes his arm and walks off with him, with a shocked look on her face. They walk to the back and she stops, looks back at Noble in the ring and we get ready for another break.

    - Still to come tonight is Batista vs. Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio teaming with Evan Bourne to take on The Miz and John Morrison. Back to commercial.

    JBL vs. Charlie Haas
    Back from commercial and JBL's white limousine is pulling into the arena. JBL gets out with a pissed off look on his face and makes his way to the ring. Lilian goes to introduce his opponent and someone starts yelling "Hey let me out, I'm in the trunk of the limo, hey let me out..." The camera goes to the car and stumbling out of the trunk is Charles Haas Layfield, CHL. Haas acts like JBL, ribbing on his wife, his money and his drink among other things. JBL looks pissed.

    Haas gets in the ring as the crowd chants "CHL." JBL comes face to face with Haas who is still joking around. JBL says, "You are mocking me? You've got to be kidding me." JBL calls him a disrespectful punk and says he deserves better than this. JBL says Haas will respect him, he deserves it. The bell rings.

    It looks like the match is about to begin but JBL gets pissed off and walks out of the ring and heads to the back. The referee starts the count and JBL is counted out for the loss.
    Winner: CHL, Charlie Haas Layfield

    - Charlie Haas celebrates in the ring with a win over JBL. Back to commercial.

    - Back from commercial and JBL is walking backstage. He comes up on Batista and Kelly Kelly who are laughing at him. Kelly walks off and JBL says Batista should understand why a guy like Charlie Haas shouldn't mock a guy like him, a main eventer. JBL ends up walking off.
    - We go to Todd Grisham and Rey Mysterio backstage. Rey says he has no idea why Kane attacked him but says he did with no warning and left him laying in a parking lot, that's why he took some time off to recover and rehab his body. He says he vowed to let that never happen to him again and says if he's going to be on RAW, he needs to stay strong. Rey says some stuff in Spanish and talks to Kane in the camera. He tells him he did not kill his spirit because he is standing strong, alive. He may always be an underdog but he is nobody's victim.

    John Morrison and The Miz vs. Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio
    Cole says this match is a part of a talent exchange between Teddy Long and Mike Adamle. Out first is The Miz followed by John Morrison. We go to commercial before the entrances of Evan and Rey.

    Back from commercial and Evan Bourne is awaiting Mysterio. The music hits and out comes Rey to a huge pop. Bourne and Morrison start the match. They lock up and go to the turnbuckle. Bourne takes him down with an arm drag and gets a 2 count.

    Rey gets tagged in and comes over the ropes on Morrison for a 2 count. Morrison catches Rey off the ropes and hits him with a powerbomb. Miz gets tagged in for a double team move and he goes to work on Rey's arm and shoulder.

    Bourne comes in and takes out Miz. He and Rey hits a double team move on Miz. Rey knocks Morrison to the floor and helps throw Bourne to the floor onto Morrison in a crazy move. Morrison knocks Bourne off the top turnbuckle to the mat as Miz gets back to his feet. Morrison comes in now and takes Bourne to the mat with a chinlock.

    Bourne rolls Morrison up for a 2 count but gets drug back to the corner. Miz is tagged in now and puts on the same submission Morrison had on. Bourne pushes Miz and Morrison into each other and starts flying, dodging them. He tags in Rey who comes in and clotheslines both Miz and Morrison. Rey knocks Miz to the floor and hits a plancha on Morrison in the ring. Rey kicks Morrison in the head for a 2 count.

    Rey knocks Morrison into the ropes and goes for the 619. Miz comes in and stops him but gets shoved to the floor. Morrison gets a 2 count on Rey that Bourne breaks up. They're all in the ring now. Rey ducks a springboard kick from Morrison and Morrison hits Miz. Rey gets Morrison in the ropes again and hits the 619. Rey signals to Bourne and he hits the Shooting Star Press on Morrison for the pinfall and the win.
    Winners: Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio

    After the match Bourne and Mysterio celebrate in the ring. Kane's pyro and music explode and he appears on the big screen to announce next week Rey will face him. Kane says everyone will find out why Kane picked Rey but he won't say why now. He has a very special hint and shows Rey what it is... it's Kane's old mask. Rey looks puzzled.

    - Backstage we see Randy Orton making his way to the ring as we go back to commercial.

    - Back from commercial and Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Orton says there is no worse feeling than to be on a global stable with the Championship in your hands and then lose it because of a tragedy. He says he's not talking about CM Punk, he's talking about himself.

    Orton talks about losing his belt and getting injured. He says he earned his shot and CM Punk never did. He said Punk was taken out last night by a one-armed man. He says he did what he did because he felt threatened and being injured, he was concerned about his safety. He says Punk should thank him for kicking him in the face because it saved him from being exposed in the Championship Scramble match. Orton also says Jericho can thank him because if it weren't for him, he wouldn't be Champion.

    Orton says when he is 100% and able to get back in the ring, he will have no problem with beating Jericho for the belt. The music hits and out comes Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Manu. Cody asks Orton who took out Punk? A one-armed man? Cody tells him to check his facts and said if the three of them wouldn't have done what they did, then Orton wouldn't have been able to punt Punk.

    Manu gets on the mic too and says Orton isn't the only one to be born with talent. He talks about his father too, Hall of Famer Afa. He tells Orton he is no better than any of them. Ted says last week Orton slapped Cody in the face but last night what they did was impressive. Orton slaps the hell out of DiBiase and rolls to the floor. Orton stands on the entrance way and stares down the guys in the ring as his music hits. Lawler announces Kofi Kingston and Cryme Tyme will take on the three next. Back to commercial.

    Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Manu vs. Cryme Tyme and Kofi Kingston
    The WWE Tag Team Champions and Manu wait in the ring as Cryme Tyme comes out first. They wait at ringside as Kofi Kingston comes out. Kofi and Cryme Tyme rush the ring as we get ready to go. It's JTG and Cody Rhodes starting it off.

    Cody and JTG go at it until Ted gets tagged in. JTG takes him to the mat and tags in Kofi. Kofi comes off the ropes with a kick to Ted and backs him in the corner. Ted reverses but misses a splash in the corner. Kofi leaps to Ted's neck and kicks Manu to the floor. The ref gets distracted and Manu levels Kofi on the floor and throws him back inside for Ted to get a 2 count.

    Manu comes in now and hits a flying headbutt on Kofi for a 2 count. He tags in Ted, they hit a double team move and Ted gets another 2 count. Cody comes in now and the Champs with another double team move. Cody applies a hold on Kofi on the mat, trying to make him submit.

    Kofi rolls Cody up for a 2 count but gets dropped with a neckbreaker in return. Shad and Ted get tagged in at the same time. Shad levels Ted with a big boot and clotheslines. Cody comes in but gets dropped by Shad also. Shad throws JTG into Cody, sending him to the floor. Shad hits a huge powerslam on Ted but Manu tags himself in. Manu with a big back body drop on Shad for the pinfall and the win.
    Winners: Manu, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase

    Santino Marella vs. Snitsky
    Back from commercial and Santino Marella comes out with Beth Phoenix. Santino presents the Honk-A-Meter again. Honky had the belt for 64 months and Santino has had it for 3 weeks. He tells Orton that's impressive. He asks for his opponent and out comes Snitsky.

    Snitskty starts pounding on Santino and Beth tries to distract him by yelling at him. Snitsky turns around and levels Santino again and drops a big elbow. Somehow Santino manages to roll Snitsky up off the ropes for the pinfall and the win in a pretty quick match.
    Winner: Santino Marella

    After the match, Santino and Beth celebrate on the ring as Snitsky watches them with a psycho look on his face.

    - Backstage we see Mike Adamle talking to Kelly Kelly about the Scramble match last night. She says she feels bad for CM Punk. Jericho walks in and she leaves. He says he is not ready to wrestle tonight after what he went through last night. Adamle says he owes him a favor and he needs to give him a main event caliber match with Batista tonight. Adamle says the match is next and we go to commercial.

    Chris Jericho vs. Batista
    Back from commercial and Jericho comes to the ring first with Lance Cade at his side. Batista comes out next to probably the pop of the night.

    They go to lock up but Batista shoves him back in the corner and goes to work. Batista launches Jericho across the ring and throws him on his back then drops him again with a big right hand and a big boot for a 2 count.

    Mike Adamle comes to the entrance in the middle of the match and says to stop the match. He tells Batista he is sorry and says he is learning on the job. He says he didn't understand Jericho was in a condition like this. Adamle changes it to a Handicap Match and adds JBL to Jericho's team. Out comes JBL.Jericho lays on the ground smiling as we go back to commercial.

    Back from commercial and JBL and Batista are going at it in the ring. Batista turns around to a huge right from JBL and a 2 count. They get Batista in the corner now and Y2J comes in with kicks in Batista's ribs. Y2J throws him into the turnbuckle but he comes back with right hands and kicks. JBL comes back in and knocks Batista down with big rights.

    JBL drops a series of elbow drops on Batista and covers him for another 2 count. JBL hits another neckbreaker and another 2 count. Y2J comes back in and goes to work on Batista, slapping him in the head and taunting him. Batista comes back with a big right hand and another. Batista goes for a Batista Bomb as Cade gets on the apron. Batista drops Y2J and knocks Cade off the apron. Batista turns around to a huge clothesline from JBL. Jericho crawls back to the mat and pins Batista for the win.
    Winners: Chris Jericho and JBL

    After the match, Lance Cade holds Batista while JBL works him over with right hands. Apparently Jericho left. JBL taunts Batista as Cade takes his shots on The Animal also. They bounce him off the ropes but he drops them both with a big shoulder block and a spear for JBL then a huge spinebuster for Cade. Batista drops Cade with a Batista Bomb as his music plays and Jericho watches from the ramp with a smile on his face and the World Heavyweight Title. RAW goes off the air as Jericho and Batista stare each other down.


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    descent show. I like where the whole Orton/others storyline is going down.

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