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Thread: Ricky Ortiz - Anything Special?

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    Ricky Ortiz - Anything Special?

    We have had some time now to judge Ricky Ortiz. We have seen him speak on the mic and in some backstage segments. He wrestles pretty much every week, even though the majority of his matches are squashes. He is still undefeated in ECW, pretty much dominating his oppenents. I'll be honest with you, I haven't really seen that much, because I'll usually change the channel, because I truly just don't care about his matches.

    So, what are your thoughts on him thus far? Is he anything special? Is he not? Anything else?

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    Carlito's love child with the popcorn lady is simply epic! To be honest I dont watch ECW, I normally catch the minute rap up on I like the idea of the towels, and his personality is that of a tweener. He seems to be a face, but he has a cocky attitude that just screams "hate me." Overall I dont think he is the greatest in the ring, but he is in a company that still has Snitsky. I suppose another mid card talent cant hurt.
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    I don't think he should be given a big push, but at the same time I'm set with him in his current role. He is getting pops (even if the Ortiz flags are set up) so he serves a purpose. He does need a better finisher though.


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