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Thread: ECW Results: Sept 2, 2008

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    ECW Results: Sept 2, 2008

    PITTSBURGH – After a wild beginning on ECW on Sci Fi with a live edition of “The Dirt Sheet,” Matt Hardy, Finlay, Tommy Dreamer & Evan Bourne won an Eight-Man Tag Team Match, with Hardy pinning ECW Champion Mark Henry for the victory – after the World’s Strongest Man was given a Shooting Star Press by Bourne, a splash from Dreamer, a body splash from Finlay, and a Twist of Fate from Hardy. (WATCH)

    In an Extreme world where five Superstars will vie for the ECW Championship at Unforgiven, things were upside down when The Miz & John Morrison hosted a special episode of their hit show, “The Dirt Sheet,” on ECW on Sci Fi. Miz is one of the challengers in the ECW Championship Scramble on Sunday, and he was joined by guests Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero, Finlay and the World’s Strongest Champion, Mark Henry.

    Each guest, however, was treated to the insulting words of Miz & Morrison – words that sparked a wild melee when Morrison hit Hardy with a microphone. As Miz, Morrison, Guerrero, Bam Neely, Mark Henry and WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas attacked Hardy and Finlay, Evan Bourne and Tommy Dreamer rushed to their aid, clearing the ring of the imminent threat. (WATCH) Who will walk out of Unforgiven with the ECW gold? Can Henry hold on despite the 80 percent chance of losing his title? Or will someone else step up and take the gold for themselves?

    Ricky Ortiz continued his undefeated streak on ECW, defeating Ryan Braddock. The towel-waving Ortiz has been impressive during his streak, but how long can he keep the victories piling up?

    Victories seem to be eluding newcomer Gavin Spears who, despite his claims that he is the “crown jewel” of ECW General Manager Theodore Long’s New Superstar Initiative, has yet to taste success on ECW on Sci Fi. Spears did battle with Super Crazy Tuesday night, once again coming up short in his bid to earn his first win. Will Spears live up to his claims?

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    Crazy doing good is cool. Mildly over but not enough.

    Bourne/Hardy FTW


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