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Thread: WWE SummerSlam Results - August 17, 2008

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    WWE SummerSlam Results - August 17, 2008

    WWE SummerSlam Results - 8/17/2008
    Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana
    Report by: Richard Gray of

    Dark Match:
    * Big Show beat Chavo Guerrero with Bam Neely prior to tonight's pay-per-view at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks to readers Brent Garrison and R Ramsey for calling that in.


    MVP vs. Jeff Hardy
    There is no mention of Mick Foley by Jim Ross or Tazz. Referee Charles Robinson calls for the bell and we're underway. The match opens with Hardy taking MVP down with stiff rights. MVP leaves the ring, Hardy follows. MVP gets back in the ring. Hardy pulls him outside and builds offense. Hardy rolls MVP back in the ring and gets a one count. Scoop slam from Hardy as he goes over the top rope off the apron with a leg drop for another quick cover. 'Hardy' chants from the crowd. This is Jeff Hardy's first SummerSlam appearance in 7 years. MVP starts a counter but Hardy counters with an armbar, sending MVP down to the mat. Back on their feet, Hardy wrenches in the arm bar. MVP gets to the ropes and regroups in the corner. They exchange kicks, Hardy gets the upper hand and gives more kicks followed by rights to the face of MVP. MVP goes to the corner and is whipped coast-to-coast. Finally MVP counters with a running belly-to-belly suplex. MVP gets his first cover for a two count. MVP locks in a submission hold on Hardy. Loud Hardy chants. Hardy is on the mat with MVP above him wrenching in on the submission hold. Hot crowd tries to cheer Hardy on but MVP uses elbows to Hardy's neck. MVP locks in a cross face.

    Hardy counters and tries to roll through but MVP counters and applies a single leg Boston crab. MVP wrenches back on the hold, Charles Robinson checks for submission. Hardy makes it to the ropes to break the hold. MVP pin points the back of the spine of Jeff Hardy with kicks. Hardy is on the apron, fights MVP off. Hardy goes for a high risk spot, leaving his feet, as he eats a right from MVP. MVP goes for a cover - he gets a two count. MVP picks Hardy up and sets him up in the corner. MVP hits the tree of woe. MVP slams Hardy's head off the canvas in the corner. MVP pulls him off the turnbuckles and goes for a cover. Two count. MVP picks Hardy up about his head, Hardy counters with a neckbreaker. Double count out is started. Hardy hits a kneel kick. MVP counters Hardy's double kick. MVP goes for another cover. Two count. MVP whips Hardy into the ropes. He hits a double kick, sending Hardy to his knees. MVP sets Hardy up for a kick, Hardy counters. Both men are back to the mat - double count out restarted.

    Russian leg sweep from Hardy leads to a cover and another near fall. Hardy puts MVP into the corner and stomps away at his midsection. MVP gets to his feet, Jeff counters with a sunset flip. Hardy goes off the top with Whisper in the Wind. He goes back up to the top and jumps on Shelton Benjamin on the outside. Hardy goes back to the top, misses the Swanton on MVP on the mat. MVP lands the drive by kick and pins Hardy for the three count.

    Winner - MVP

    Kofi Kingston (c) & Mickie James (c) vs. Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella
    Winners Take All Tag Team Match
    WWE Women's Champion Mickie James is out first. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston is out next. This match is for both titles as the winners take all. Beth and Santino, the challengers, come out to Santino's music. The referee holds both titles up to signify they are both on the line. Santino is sporting a new blue singlet. Beth and Mickie start things out. Beth picks Mickie up, she lands on her feet. Mickie works to mount offense. Beth whips Mickie off the ropes. Mickie hits a dropkick to the knee of Beth. Mickie gets a cover for a one count. Santino is tagged in. He goes after Mickie but she pokes him in the eye. Mickie takes Santino down. Tag from Mickie as Kofi hits a cross body off the top rope. Kofi whips Marella in the corner, gets on him and delivers right hands. Kofi sends Santino to the outside with an uppercut. Beth talks crap to Santino on the outside as Mickie knocks her to the outside. Kofi teases a swan dive out of the ring as Beth and Marella argue. Santino jumps in Beth's arms.

    Santino finally builds offense but not for long as Kofi counters. Beth is tagged in. She goes to work with kicks on Kofi Kingston. Marella gets tagged in and hits a snap suplex on Kofi. Marella locks in a submission hold on Kofi. Kofi gets to his feet but Santino tags in Beth. Santino and Kofi butted heads. Mickie is tagged in. Mickie goes to work on Beth. Mickie takes it too Beth and knocks Santino off the apron. Hurricanrana from Mickie on Beth. Mickie goes to the top and right on Beth. Mickie goes for the counter as Santino makes the save. Kofi gets in but flips over the top to the outside. Mickie hits her DDT on Santino. This allows Beth to go to work on Mickie. Beth lands her finisher and gets the three count on Mickie James.

    Winners - Beth Phoenix (new WWE Women's Champion) & Santino Marella (new WWE Intercontinental Champion)

    Shawn Michaels' Announcement
    Shawn Michaels comes out with his wife Rebeka. Shawn is wearing jeans and a sports coat. Loud chants for Michaels. Michaels says first of all that he would like to thank everyone that has supported them. His wife looks distraught. HBK says that he recently had an appointment to have a re-evaluation for his eye. He says that due to complications with his eye on top of problems with his knees and back - his doctor's recommendation was for him to walk away. Michaels says that the doctor said it was ultimately his decision. Michaels says that he and his wife have decided that it is time for him to heed the doctor's advise and walk away.

    Michaels says he has had a wonderful career and that he regrets nothing. He talks about his first SummerSlam and thanks fans for letting him be the Heart Break Kid, the headliner, the show stopper, and even Mr. WrestleMania. He says he's known for other things such as screwing Bret Hart and forming DX. He says he's the guy that innovated the ladder match, lost his smile, and retired Ric Flair. He says now he will be known for something else - full time father and full time husband. HBK says he knows that this isn't going to be a popular decision but he knows that it is the right one. Jericho's music plays as the pyro explodes. Jericho comes out wearing a full suit and tie.

    Jericho says 'No'. HBK asks him what he said - Jericho repeated him. Jericho said he's not going to let him retire. Jericho says that he is going to admit that he is walking away from the business because of Chris Jericho and he wants Michaels to admit that right now. HBK tells Jericho if he has the slightest bit of human dignity that he'll get out of the ring right now. Jericho refuses and tells him that he wants HBK to admit that he did it - it was the eye injury that Jericho gave him that caused him to return. Jericho says he has earned the right to hear HBK say that he put him out. Jericho says that he wants Michaels' last moment of his career to be that Jericho put him out for good. He says Michaels' epitaph should read 'Shawn Michaels - the guy that was forced to walk out of the wrestling business because of Chris Jericho'.

    Michaels says 'OK I'll admit it' that he'll sit his family down when he gets home and tell them that he was put out by a selfless human being. Michaels says that he wants Jericho to go home to his family and tell them that he will never be Shawn Michaels. Jericho takes out Michaels' wife. Michaels tends to her and looks at Jericho. Staffers hit the ring as Jericho gets out. HBK tells his wife it is going to be OK. Michaels stares at Jericho down the ramp.

    Mark Henry (c) vs. Matt Hardy
    ECW Championship Match
    The following match is for the ECW Championship. The challenger, Matt Hardy is out first. Henry comes out with the belt around his waist and Tony Atlas by his side. The bell rings after the formal introductions by Tony Chimmel and we're underway. Hardy utilizes his speed to hit Twist of Fate early on. Cover by Hardy and Atlas pulls him out of the ring. The bell is rung for Disqualification.

    Winner - Matt Hardy via DQ, Henry retains ECW Championship

    Jeff Hardy comes out and fight Atlas off Matt. Jeff hits a Swanton Bomb on Atlas. Mark Henry goes after Jeff. Double superplex from Hardys on Henry.

    CM Punk (c) vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield
    World Heavyweight Championship Match
    John 'Bradshaw' Layfield's limousine pulls to ringside as he gets out to wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship. World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk comes to the ring to a big pop from the live crowd. Lilian Garcia gives the formal in-ring introductions since the title is on the line.

    The bell rings and we're underway. They lock up to start things off. The referee breaks them up in the corner. JBL goes to work on CM Punk with his brawling physical style. Side head lock from JBL on CM Punk. Punk gets to his feet, throws JBL off the ropes. JBL counters with a shoulder block and goes off the ropes himself. CM Punk counters with kicks and ends up knocking JBL down. Punk follows with a drop kick. JBL to the outside, Punk dives through the ropes to the outside. CM Punk gets on the top rope - cross body on JBL as JBL kicks out at one. JBL goes on the offensive, wearing Punk down with his physical style. JBL throws Punk down hard and gets a cover for a two count. JBL lands a hard right hand to the face of Punk. Bradshaw whips Punk into the turnbuckles, sending him to the mat. JBL wears down Punk with a bear hug. Punk tries to escape. The crowd is heavily behind Punk. Punk lands elbows to break the hold. Punk walks right into a Bradshaw boot. JBL gets a cover for a two count.

    JBL hits a suplex and gets another near fall. JBL assaults Punk in the middle of the ring. Fall away suplex by JBL. Another cover for two. JBL holds Punk down on the mat in a submission maneuver. Punk tries to rally with the crowd behind him. Punk gets to his feet - he lands elbows to the face of JBL. JBL locks in an abdominal stretch. The referee checks for submission as JBL wrenches back on the hold. Punk counters out of nowhere with a hip toss. Punk's sells his midsection. Punk connects on a high knee on Bradshaw in the corner. Bulldog from Punk. Punk attempts GTS. He eats a JBL clothesline. Three elbows from JBL on Punk on the mat. Another and another! Punk kicks out of JBL's cover as Punk goes back to work with right hands. Bradshaw tries to regain control but he eats arms and forearms from the Champion. Near fall for Punk on Bradshaw. Punk is caught in mid-air by JBL for a cover. Two count. JBL taunts Punk but he goes off the ropes and eats a shot to the jaw.

    Punk lands a high knee on the face of Bradshaw but JBL counters and sets Punk up on the top turnbuckle. JBL lands stiff shots on the Punk as he goes to the top to follow. Fall away slam from the top from JBL onto Punk. Both men are down. Punk is busted open in the back of his head. They showed the replay of how Punk was busted open. He and JBL bumped heads - causing him to be busted open hardway. Out of nowhere Punk hits GTS on JBL. He pins him for the three count.

    Winner - CM Punk to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

    Triple H (c) vs. The Great Khali
    WWE Championship Match
    The following match is for the WWE Championship. The Great Khali is out first with Ranjin Singh. Triple H makes his extravagant entrance next. Justin Roberts does the formal introductions in the ring. The bell rings and we're underway for the WWE Championship. Khali shoves Hunter. Triple H goes to work with right hands on the big man. Hunter goes for an early pedigree but Khali counters. Khali picks Hunter up and hits a huge choke slam. Khali lifts his arms above his head. Khali locks in the vice grip. Hunter scrambles to get out.
    Hunter counters by kicking at the knee cap of Khali. The Game takes him down with a chop block. Khali goes to the outside. Triple H follows but walks right into a huge shot from Khali. Khali throws Hunter into the barrier. Khali rolls Hunter in the ring at six. Khali stomps away at the midsection of the WWE Champion. Khali lands an elbow to the face of Triple H in the corner. The crowd seems dead for the match. Hunter falls down in the middle of the ring. Khali lands a clothesline. Massive 'YOU CAN'T WRESTLE' chants. Khali applies a nerve hold on Triple H on the mat. Hunter finally makes it to his feet as he sells for Khali. Khali picks The Game up and body slams him in the ring. Khali drops a big leg drop and goes for the cover for a two count. Khali locks back in the nerve hold. The crowd is nearly drowning out Jim Ross and Tazz with 'YOU CAN'T WRESTLE' chants.

    Triple H finally shows life with right hands. Khali sends Hunter off the ropes, he gives Khali a face buster that Khali takes like well... only Khali can take. Khali gets tangled in the ropes, Hunter tries to capitalize but Hunter eats a boot to the face. Hunter goes for the pedigree but Khali flips him out of the ring over the top rope. Khali reaches over the top rope and tries to take Hunter out. The Game grabs Khali's leg and wraps it around the steel ring post. Khali falls to the outside selling the leg. Hunter gets in the ring. Khali remains on the outside. Khali back on the apron. Triple H greats him but Khali applies the vice grip. Khali applies pressure as Hunter tries to fight out. The Game breaks the hold momentarily but Khali's too strong. Triple H kicks at Khali but Khali pushes him in the corner. Triple H gets out of the way, kicks Khali, he goes for the pedigree. Hunter hits it and gets the three count.

    Winner - Triple H to retain the WWE Championship

    Batista vs. John Cena
    First Time Ever Match
    John Cena comes out first for the Raw main event of SummerSlam. The cameras cut to a 'Match of 2008: Cena vs. Batista' sign. The Animal Batista is out next looking as jacked as ever. They lockup to begin the match. Batista shows an early advantage with a shoulder block off the ropes. Cena counters with a hip toss followed by a scoop slam. Batista regroups as Cena looks on. They circle one another again. Cena applies a side headlock. Cena takes Batista down off the ropes. Batista gives Cena a clothesline. Vertical suplex from Batista on Cena in the middle of the ring. Two count.

    Cena kicks Batista and lands a suplex of his own. Cover for Cena as it's evenly matched. Side slam from Batista on Cena into an early near fall. Cena goes for an early FU as Batista counters with a vintage Ric Flair chop block. Batista goes to work on the left leg of Cena. Batista locks in the Figure Four leg lock. The referee checks for submission as Batista wrenches back on the hold. Cena grabs the right foot of Batista and attempts to break the hold. Cena goes for the bottom rope. He finally makes it and Batista is forced to break the hold after a count of five. Cena gets Batista up for an FU attempt as he dumps him over the top rope. Cena grabs his knee in the ring as the referee goes out to check on Batista. The referee continues on with the double count out. Batista gets back in as Cena hits two shoulder blocks off the ropes. Side suplex from Cena on Batista. Cena continues to sell his leg.

    Cena teases the five knuckle shuffle. Here it comes... he connects on The Animal. Batista pops up, here comes another FU attempt. Batista counters and sends Cena to the mat. A double count out in the ring ensues. Cena gets up at nine, so does Batista. Batista drives Cena into the corner and buries his head in Cena's midsection. Batista whips Cena coast-to-coast, Cena counters but later takes a spinebuster. Batista's looking for the Batista Bomb. Cena reversed it and torqued the knee of Batista. Cena locks in the STFU in the middle of the ring. The referee checks on Batista as Cena wrenches back on the hold. Batista crawls with Cena on top of him towards the ropes. Cena breaks the hold momentarily only to reapply the hold.

    Batista finally makes it to the bottom ropes, forcing Cena to break the hold. Batista makes it to his feet but Cena waits on him. Cena for another FU attempt but Batista counters with nearly a rear no choke on the mat. Batista locks in the hold on the canvas. Cena battles out with elbows. Both men are down in the ring. Batista lands a spear on Cena. Batista gets a 2 and three quarters count. Batista goes for a scoop slam but Cena counters and hits the FU. Cena is down after the FU - Cena crawls to Batista and covers him for a two count. Cena goes to the top rope - Batista meets him with a right hand. Batista climbs to the top to duke it out with Cena. They exchange hay makers. The crowd is heavily into the shots as Cena nearly falls off. Cena hits a combo, sending Batista to the mat. Cena stabilizes himself and goes off the top, Batista counters and hits the Batista Bomb. Cena kicks out at two. Batista hits the Batista Bomb in normal fashion and covers Cena for the three count.

    Winner ��" Batista

    Undertaker vs. Edge
    "Hell In A Cell" Match
    Edge comes out first for this 'Hell in a Cell' main event. Edge looks excited to get in the 'Hell in a Cell' as he comes down the ramp. Edge awaits the Undertaker. Silence in the arena as Edge looks on. Finally the Undertaker's music plays and the lights go out. Spotlights swarm the arena as the pyros flare up with big balls of fire. The Phenom emerges out of a cloud of smoke at the top of the ramp. Big ovation for Undertaker as he stares down at the 'Hell in a Cell' structure. Jim Ross explains that there have only been 15 'Hell in a Cell' matches and Undertaker has been in 8 of them. Edge is making his debut. Undertaker raises his hands and the lights come up. Edge does not appear intimidated as Undertaker removes his hat.

    The match starts with Undertaker in a fighting stance and Edge scurrying with a smile. Edge goes to work with stiff rights on Undertaker. Undertaker pushes him and throws him in the corner. Quick counter from Edge but it results with Undertaker landing a kick to Edge's face. Undertaker gives Edge a headbutt. Undertaker throws Edge out of the ring and follows him to the outside. Undertaker drives Edge into the cage. Undertaker gives a boot to Edge's face. Undertaker delivers several headbutts to Edge on the outside. Undertaker works on the face of Edge on the cage. Undertaker throws Edge shoulder first into the steel ring steps.

    We go to a shot of La Familia watching the match backstage. Undertaker works on Edge from the outside with a vintage leg drop on the apron. Undertaker puts the steel ring steps in the ring. Undertaker places them in front of some of the turnbuckles in the corner. Undertaker drops Edge on the steps but Edge counters. Edge slams Undertaker in the steps and connects on a drop kick. Spear from Edge on Undertaker into the steps. Edge gets a table from under the ring. He leans it on one side of the cage. Edge connects with the ring steps on the Undertaker in the ring. Edge goes back to the outside and gets another table from under the ring. Undertaker is dazed in the ring. Edge lands a clothesline on Undertaker and goes back outside of the ring. Edge sets one of the tables on another. Edge goes for a suplex on Undertaker out of the ring onto the tables but Undertaker counters. Choke slam attempt but Undertaker but Edge countered.

    Edge gets a chair and lands a shot to the face of Undertaker. Edge gets back in the ring with the chair. He rolls back out to get more weapons. Edge puts a table in the ring. He lands a chair shot while trying to setup a table in the ring. There is now a table setup in the ring along with the steel ring steps. Edge gets a ladder from under the ring. Edge puts it in the ring as he goes to work on Undertaker. Edge gives Undertaker another steel chair shot. Edge sets up a ladder in the ring. Now we have a table, a chair, the ring steps, and a ladder. Edge lands another steel chair shot. He regroups on the ring steps with the Undertaker on the canvas. Edge places Undertaker on the table in the ring. Edge climbs to the top of ladder and goes off it with the chair onto the table. The table breaks with Undertaker on it. JR mentioned Mick Foley when referencing what Edge is capable of doing. Edge got a two count after the spot. Edge gets another chair, sets one up behind Taker's head and goes for the Con-Chair-to. Undertaker counters, dropping Edge with a punch.

    Edge is on the apron as Undertaker kicks him off and into the steel. Undertaker grabs another set of ring steps as he connects to the side of Edge's head on the outside. Edge goes for a slam on Undertaker on the outside but Edge puts on the breaks. Edge runs at Undertaker and connects on a spear as the structure collapses. The 'Hell in a Cell' cage has broke off and is on the announce table. Undertaker's arm is bleeding as he works over Edge on the SmackDown announce table. Undertaker throws Edge into the security wall. Undertaker grabs a monitor and goes for a shot on Edge. Edge hits a monitor shot of his own. Edge gives Undertaker another one as he is laid out on the announced table. Edge hits an insane spear spot on Undertaker one of the announce tables. Absolutely insane as the table crumbles. The ECW announce table has been crushed after the spear from Edge. Edge and Undertaker exchange right hands. Edge is leaning on the SmackDown announce table. Street fight on the outside with Undertaker landing stiff right hands.

    The match goes to the ring as Edge connects a ladder shot on Undertaker. We cut back to a camera shot of La Familia backstage watching on. Edge hits Undertaker with a TV camera that was under the ring. Edge goes for the cover and gets a two count. Edge runs into a choke slam from Undertaker after a spear attempt in the ring. Undertaker gets a two count and a near fall. Edge hits a low blow on Undertaker. He follows with the impaler DDT. Two count for Edge. Undertaker connects on body shots on Edge and teases Last Ride. He goes for it but Edge counters and hits a spear. Two count from Edge on the Undertaker. Edge delivers a right hand to the face of Undertaker. He gets on him in the corner and hits a couple of more. Undertaker counters with the Last Ride and gets a two count. Undertaker sets Edge up on the steel ring steps in the ring. Undertaker picks Edge up while standing on the steps. Edge counters and slams him down on them. Edge gets a two count and another near fall.

    Edge works over Undertaker who is on his knees. Edge mocks Undertaker by trying to go old school with Taker's rope walk on the ropes. Undertaker broke it up. Undertaker sends Edge from the top turnbuckle through the two tables setup on the outside. Edge sells it so well he's noly moving. Undertaker hits a spear in the ring on Edge. Undertaker delivers a camera shot to Edge and picks up a chair. Undertaker puts a chair under Edge's head, he's hits him with another chair. Undertaker picks Edge up and delivers the tombstone piledriver. Three count and Undertaker wins.

    Winner ��" Undertaker

    After the match La Familia is shown clapping backstage. Undertaker gets to the top of the ramp and comes back to the ring. Undertaker picks Edge up and puts him on the ladder in the ring. Undertaker gets another ladder from under the ring and sets it up in the ring. Undertaker climbs the other ladder and grabs Edge by the head. Undertaker screams at Edge and issues the 'Rest in Peace' cut throat signal. Undertaker chokeslams him off through the ring. Yes, through the ring as the canvas breaks and Edge goes underneath. Undertaker throws a ladder out of the ring. The spot where Edge went under the ring catches on first. It leaves the impression that Undertaker sent Edge straight to hell as SummerSlam goes off the air.
    This ppv was pretty good actually, I definitely under-estimated it

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    I think everyone did. Besides the ECW title match, every match was at least decent. And that was expected to be shit, but the way it ended helped further the feud.


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