Tonight's WWE Monday Night RAW kicks off with a highlight video of two weeks ago where John Cena decked Batista and their SummerSlam match was announced and last week where the two went on to win the Tag Team Titles.

We cut to the arena where John Cena's music starts playing and out comes the WWE Tag Team Champion, by himself. Cena makes his way to the ring as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to RAW.

Cena grabs the mic and gets boo'd hard by the crowd. Cena talks about how Mike Adamle made the first time ever match between himself and Batista. Cena talks about how their match came out of nowhere and somehow they won the belts last week. Cena says Mike Adamle is all about the hype. Cena says Adamle approached him earlier and asked for ideas on how they could spice the match up. Cena takes a jab at Triple H and Khali. Cena basically says it needs no hype because its Cena vs. Batista.

Cena calls out Batista to the ring, the music hits and out comes The Animal, with his belt around his waist. Cena introduces the new Tag Team Champions which gets a pop. He talks about their rematch against Rhodes and DiBiase later and tells Batista if they can't co-exist, they will suffer defeat. He says at SummerSlam they will enter the ring as enemies and says the match has been six years in the making. Cena says for six years he has been watching Batista.

Cena says Batista was taught by Ric Flair and Triple H but he didn't have that chance, but he did what he had to do and now he is here. He says one question they haven't answered is who is better, Cena or Batista. Cena says on Sunday, we answer that question and it's going to be him. Batista speaks and says he has been watching Cena too. Batista compares the two and says they are one in the same.

Batista takes a jab at some of Cena's mannerisms and says he sees how some people over the age of 15 would want to see him beat Cena senseless. The crowd gets behind the two and lets them know who they think is the better man. Batista says he will be the winner come Sunday. Cena balls his fist up but extends his hand to Batista. The Animal shakes Cena's hand and they lock eyes as Cena makes his way out of the ring and to the back.

- Michael Cole introduces tonight's WWE Mobile question and it's asking who is the bigger Superstar, John Cena or Batista? Still to come tonight is the rematch from last week for the Tag Titles. We go to a commercial break.

Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix

Back from commercial and Kelly Kelly is making her way to the ring as Lilian Garcia does the introductions. Out next is her opponent Beth Phoenix who is accompanied by Santino Marella.

Santino takes a seat at ringside with Cole and Lawler for commentary. Beth backs Kelly in the corner but gets slapped. Kelly hops on her back but gets slammed right back to the mat. Kelly fights back and rolls Beth up for a 2 count. Beth catches Kelly again and drops her on the mat hard then hits her with nasty kicks.

Beth works Kelly over some more before getting another 2 count. Beth lifts Kelly over her head for about 30 seconds before Kelly rolls out of it and pins her for a 2 count. Kelly hits a kick to the face but gets caught by Beth again and dropped on her face from high in the air. Beth covers Kelly for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

After the match, Santino gets in the ring and congratulates Beth. He says let's send a message to Kofi Kingston and Mickie James and tells her to do another move, the one he likes. Beth goes to grab Kelly again when Mickie and Kofi rush the ring, chasing Santino and Beth to the ramp. Santino challenges Kofi to a match right now and Kofi accepts. Santino says he wasn't talking to Kofi, he was talking to Mickie. He says he needs practice if he's going to wrestle a woman at SummerSlam so he can know where and where not to put his hands. He points out that this is Mickie James' hometown and says her parents are in the house. Kofi interrupts and says no way. Mickie takes the mic and accepts Santino's challenge as the crowd pops and Beth Phoenix smiles. We go to a commercial break.

Santino Marella vs. Mickie James
Back from commercial and the WWE Women's Champion is preparing to face Santino Marella as he backs her up into the corner. Mickie ducks his attack and he taunts her some more. Kofi and Beth watch at ringside.

Mickie locks Santino in a headlock and he pushes her off. She takes him down with a scissors move but he rolls out. Santino sweeps her legs out from under her and gets a 2 count. Mickie does the same and gets her own 2 count. Mickie with another drop toe hold. Mickie straddles Santino like a horse and spanks him. More kicks from Mickie until Santino catches her and slams her.

Santino misses a knee drop on Mickie. She kicks him in his leg and down he goes. Santino talks trash to Kofi and distracts the ref. Beth Phoenix comes up and pulls Mickie's shoulder into the ringpost. Santino turns around and rolls Mickie up for the pinfall and the win.
Winner: Santino Marella

After the match, Santino runs around the ring like a crazy man and rubs the win in to Mickie's parents who are at ringside. Santino celebrates some more with Beth Phoenix as they make their way to the back while talking trash to Kofi and Mickie.

- We go backstage where Mike Adamle and Todd Grisham are talking. Adamle has a photo of Ronald Regan on the wall. Adamle tells Grisham good job on ECW last week when Kane walks in. Adamle proposes a SummerSlam Spectacular match on RAW tonight with Kane vs. Chris Jericho. Adamle says after the match, Kane can hand over the bag. Kane says Adamle doesn't want to do that. Kane tells him he is making a huge mistake and walks off after Adamle attempts some humor. Back to commercial break.

- Back from commercial and we cut right back to a promo for WWE's 24/7 service with a match between Ivan Putski and Tito Santana and the Valiant Brothers.

- We go backstage with Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. Cody talks about the Putski/Santana match where they won the belts and says they won because they were a team. Cody says Cena and Batista aren't a team. Cody says tonight they take back their titles. Ted says he and Cody's careers are further along than any Hall of Famer's at their age. Ted says this time next year, it could be Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes for the main event at SummerSlam as they could be the man. Ted says unlike Cena and Batista, he and Cody respect each other and tonight they will win their belts back.

- Still to come tonight, a SummerSlam match on RAW with Kane vs. Chris Jericho and JBL's special challenge for CM Punk. Back to commercial we go.

Cryme Tyme vs. The Highlanders
Back from commercial and everyone's favorite, Cryme Tyme is making their way to the ring where their opponents, The Highlanders, wait.

Big Shad starts the match with Rory and dominates him. JTG comes in and unleashes some moves of his own. Rory dumps JTG on the floor to get double teamed. Back in the ring Rory gets a 2 count on JTG.

JTG counters a move from Rory and tags in Shad as Robbie comes in too. Shad lifts Robbie for a high suplex and drops him, then kicks Robbie in the face. Shad hits another big move on Robbie and covers him for the pinfall.

Winners: Cryme Tyme

- We get another preview for JBL's challenge to CM Punk which is coming up as we go back to another commercial break.

- Back from commercial and Michael Cole talks about Randy Orton's motorcycle accident and says Orton was thrown 300 ft. from his bike. Cole says the accident happened last night.

-The music hits and JBL makes his way to the ring via his white limousine. The ring has a red cover over it and there's a table and chairs setup in the center. Out next is the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk to a nice pop.

JBL tells Punk before he beats him at this contest, he's happy to know that Punk's reign ends in six days. Punk stops him and tells him to shut up. Punk says he's been listening to the same tired argument ever since he won the Title. Punk says he has the belt because he earned it. Punk says we are one week away from the 20th anniversary of SummerSlam and says he will walk away still the World Heavyweight Champion. Punk says when he does, he will prove he is the man.

JBL takes the mic, runs his mouth and says Punk has no merits to be champion. He says Punk breaks in a little organization in Chicago, talks about his stint in ECW and says somehow he's here on RAW as the Champ. JBL says in six days Punk's fairy tale comes to an end but gives him props on his MITB match at WrestleMania and says he has talent. JBL says he can beat him at anything he chooses to do and takes his jacket off. JBL asks Punk to sit down to a drinking contest where a shot glass and a bottle of Jack Daniels is.

JBL pours Punk a shot of whiskey and tells him if he takes that drink, he will win this contest. Punk lifts the shot and asks him if he wants him to drink this. JBL tells him to show he will do anything to win and throw the morals and principles out the door. JBL taunts Punk some more with the thought of beating him. Punk says if he drinks this, then he's just like JBL, is that it? Punk says JBL don't get it, he's not like him. He's not JBL, he's CM Punk. He says he's not willing to compromise his beliefs because they've gotten him this far. The crowd pops. Punk sets the shot back down and tells JBL thanks, but no thanks.

JBL grabs the shot and says he will toast to CM Punk and the footnote that is his pathetic World Title run. JBL goes to toast him and CM Punk stops him. He says he has a change of heart and change of mind. He grabs the shot and says if anyone is going to have a shot around here, it's the Champ. Punk says here's to JBL and throws the shot in his eye. Punk moves the table and hits a running knee on JBL in the corner.

JBL tries to recover from the knee and the shot on the mat as CM Punk celebrates with his World Title and declares he is Straight Edge. Punk's music blasts, he makes his way to the back and we go to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Kane
Back from commercial and we get a promo for Shawn Michaels' announcement at SummerSlam. Chris Jericho is out first with Lance Cade at his side. As Jericho's music plays, the pyro explodes and Kane makes his way to the ring with his bag in hand.

Kane takes the bag and sits it on the apron as the bell rings and the match is underway. Jericho backs Kane in the corner to start the match but Kane shoves him to the mat and hits a big dropkick. Kane unloads on Jericho in the corner with big right hands. A big hip toss by Kane but he misses an elbow drop as Jericho rolls. Jericho fights back with right hands and kicks of his own but can't over power Kane. Jericho gets dumped tot he floor as Kane goes after him with big right hands.

Kane climbs the top rope and after fighting Jericho off, nails a big right hand from the top rope. Kane signals for a chokeslam as Mike Adamle and a big team of security comes down the ramp. Kane looks confused but grabs Jericho for a chokeslam. Y2J counters but gets dropped by a big boot anyway. Kane grabs his bag from the apron and holds it close to him. Jericho hits the Codebreaker and gets the pinfall for the win.
Winner: Chris Jericho

After the match, Mike Adamle looks on with a microphone in hand. Kane gets to his feet, looking crazy and still clutching his bag. Adamle gets in the ring and says he knows its difficult for Kane, but they need to resolve this and he is here to help. Adamle says he knows what's inside the bag and he knows who Kane is referring to.

Adamle says the "he" Kane is referring to is the monster within himself. Adamle says when Kane said "he is dead" he proved that he can exercise his demons and live a normal life. The crowd is going crazy with "What's" to Adamle. He tells Kane to give him the bag. Adamle says he knows what's in it and says the people deserve to know. He tells Kane to stop fooling around. Kane just stands there and clutches the bag. Adamle promises him he will live a normal life. Kane walks towards Adamle, grabs his microphone and says there is a mask in the bag and the man who wore it has been scarred, tortured and damaged beyond all human recognition. The problem is, he says, it's not his mask. He shoves the mic back at Kane.

Kane opens up the bag and pulls out a Rey Mysterio mask. Kane laughs at Adamle before hopping out of the ring and making his way to the back as we go back to commercial.

Jamie Noble vs. William Regal
Back from commercial and Jamie Noble is waiting in the ring. We see a clip of the brawl between him and William Regal from last week's RAW. Out next is William Regal.

Regal goes to work on Noble early on, brawling with him. Regal throws him outside and uses the ring apron as a weapon. Back in the ring and Noble turns it around, getting a 2 count on Regal. Noble hits a nasty flip move on Regal in the corner and gets another 2 count. Noble nails a cross body from the top for another 2 count. William Regal catches him in an overhead suplex, a knee to the side of the head and gets the pinfall for the win.

Winner: William Regal

- Back from commercial and we get the results of tonight's Mobile question. 73% of the fans thought John Cena is the biggest Superstar while 27% voted for Batista.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: John Cena and Batista vs. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase
John Cena makes his entrance first followed by his tag team partner Batista. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase will make their way to the ring after we return from commercial break.

Back from commercial and we're ready for the main event. Cena and Batista finally decide on Batista starting the match. Cena slaps Batista's back and tags himself in. Ted DiBiase runs over and decks Cena to start the match. Rhodes comes in and they go to work on Cena. Cena finally fights back with a shoulder block, side slam and a forearm for DiBiase. Cena goes over to Batista and does the "you can't see me" as we take another commercial break.

Back from commercial and Ted DiBiase has Cena in a side headlock. Cena tries to fight out but can't. Batista tags himself in and comes in with a knee for DiBiase followed by a big forearm. Batista thrusts DiBiase in the turnbuckle but gets hit by a big boot. Batista hits a big spine buster on DiBiase and gets the crowd hype.

Batista taunts Cena this time. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb but Cena comes in and throws DiBiase to the mat. DiBiase tags in Cody and he hits Batista's knee from behind, taking him down. Cody in the ring now, working on Batista's knee. 2 count by Cody. Batista catches Cody off the ropes and nails a powerslam but is also looking to be hurt as he limps to Cena to make a tag. Batista tags Cena but does it by slapping him in the face like Cena did last week. Cena comes in but argues with Batista. DiBiase comes from behind, rolls up John Cena for the win and the pinfall!
Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cena calls Batista back in the ring. The two come face to face but stop to attack Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase who are coming back in the ring to attack them. Cena and Batista throw Rhodes and DiBiase into the steel steps. Batista gets in the ring and tells Cena to come back to the ring. Cena starts walking up the ramp and the crowd boo's him heavily. Cena stops and heads back to the ring.

As Cena rushes to the ring, Mike Adamle's security team comes behind him and stops Batista and Cena from brawling in the ring. Mike Adamle comes to ringside and checks on Cody Rhodes. The crowd does not like the security holding them back. Cena breaks through the security and he and Batista start to brawl. Security tries to break them up to no avail as the two keep brawling right in the middle of the guards and WWE officials. RAW goes off the air with WWE officials and Adamle's security pulling Batista off of John Cena.