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Thread: Did they forget about Palumbo?

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    Did they forget about Palumbo?

    Palumbo was drafted to Raw during the supplementary draft. Since then, he has not appeared on the show at all. So, I'm really trying to understand why the drafted him to Raw, for him to just not even appear. At least on Smackdown he was getting some in ring time, and what not. If things keep going like this, I could see him being released by the end of the year.

    Thoughts on why Palumbo hasn't been used yet?

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    He isn't that good. When he was face, for whatever reason, he got a good reaction. Since he turned heel, nobody cares about him. He's not that good in the ring, sucks on the mic, and just isn't that enjoyable. I don't find him horrible, but RAW has plenty of other talent to showcase before him.


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