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Thread: The World Titles Switching Brands

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    The World Titles Switching Brands

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    We all know that HHH "doesn't work Tuedsays".
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    It could and it should, specifically Edge to Raw. I am not against him being on Smackdown like everyone else is, but I love the potential feuds he could have on Raw. With that said, I'd prefer Orton and Cena to move to Raw than HHH for several reasons:

    1) Edge vs. HHH
    2) Orton/HHH need to stay on different shows and besides Edge, he's feuded with everyone.
    3) Cena/HHH should be separate too and it'd open up many match types.
    4) Smackdown is a brand that builds guys, so HHH squashing the tag division/mid carders would hurt the show. P
    5) for me, Cena/UT, Cena/Batista, Orton/Batista, Orton/UT, etc. is more attractive than UT/HHH(which would be great), HHH/Batista (decent), and that's it for interesting feuds.
    6) Punk won't go to Raw probably and I don't want them on the same brand.

    Although this will be unpopular, I'd prefer Cena winning the WWE title and switch places with Edge.


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    yeah i believe it could
    i mean i mentioned it in you who is getting stale
    i think changing H and Edge around is a good idea because Raw is like the adults show so Edge is more comfortable there where as H should be better on smackdown because that focuses on the kids imo also get cena over on smackdown he was better over there anyway but bump him down to mid card for a while and try to make himself and others look good

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