There is a lot of contraversy and dissagreemants over Kurt Angle coming to TNA. But I would like this thread to be about Karen Angle's role in TNA.

I believe her character is one of the best things going for TNA right now. AJ/Angle could possibly be one of the best TNA feuds of all time if it can be booked right. This feud wouldn't be the same if it weren't for Karen Angle. She has improved a lot since first appearing on camera. The non-stop changes in the direction of her character is amazing and interesting.

It's one of the things that TNA has done right. The whole storyline of the Angle's and then beginning of a relationship with AJ and Karen has been built up very well. Karen's character will continue to change, thus adding to the storyline between Kurt and AJ.

So, what are your thoughts on Karen Angle's role in TNA?