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    Backlash After Thoughts

    If a mod wants to move this elsewhere, go for it.

    Anyway I thought I'd just give a breif review of what I thought of this years Backlash. I had quite high hopes for the show and I'm glad to say it lived up to expectations. I shall try my best to keep spoilers out of it, but I am only human

    Matt Hardy vs MVP
    I was kinda dissapointed they had this first because I wanted it to be treated as a bigger deal, anyway I was hyped for this. They did the in-ring entrances which I loved because it just seems to add a better feel to it. Matt looked epic intense whilest MVP was his usual cocky self. Good match throughout with Matt trying to prove that he is better than MVP by out wrestling him, then with MVP doing some good bodywork. I really liked the way the commentators put over Hardy's previous head and appendix injuries and it made MVP's offence all the smarter and more focused. You could feel the end coming when MVP went for the boot, and the finish was pretty alright. I think I had my hopes up a little too high for this match and it didn't get as epic as I'd have liked it to. Overall it was a good opener that could have used more time to better it.

    You could argue that Matt came across as plain in his promo afterwards but I felt he came across as humble more than anything.

    Kane vs Chavo Guerrero
    From a match I had high hopes for to a match that I didn't really care about. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. Chavo working over Kane's leg was great and seemed a hell of alot more focused than most of Chavo's matches, and Kane sold it really well. Whilest Kane is no doubt broken down, he managed to pull out some good offence in this match as well as some great selling. Also, Chavo was mega over which made this match better. Hell, the crowd were fantastic throughout the night. Chavo's bodygaurd seemed pointless in every respect. Good finish too that came out of no where, though it was kinda unrealistic it was still fun. Overall it was alot better than I expected and hopefully Chavo can keep at the standard he was at on this night.

    The Big Show vs The Great Khali
    I know I rambled on about how this match could turn out interesting, but I was DREADING this match. Again, I was kinda surprised. At first it was just a bog-standard slugfest which bored me, but then Khali.....Khali bust out some actual body work. The first time Khali actually does something new and for that reason alone it interested me. Khali did a decent job of targeting Show's arm and once again the announce team did a great job of putting this over. Show sold it really really well. Finish was quite impressive too. This was no Ultimo/Liger, but it was better than anyone was anticipating.

    10 Diva Tag Match
    Just like the previous match, I was fearing for the worst. However the wwe made a good choice to have Mickie wrestle the majority of it for the face team and to have people like Melina and Beth wrestle mostly for the heels. Also on the positive side it was kinda fun when they had them all hitting their finishers one after another, but on the negative side Ashleys slopp-as-fuck hurricarana annoyed me. Though Beth did pwn her for the win which made me happy. This could have been terrible in ever way, but it was better than it had any right to be due to some fun parts.

    Batista vs Shawn Michaels
    I predicted this as MOTN and it was damn close. Fantastic start with Batista just powering at Michaels, then they both went for their finishers early on in quick sucession which was just awesome. Just like almsot every match at the show, this match revolved around bodywork. HBK worked over Batista's arm superbly with some nasty submissions and Batista's selling was awesome. Really good throughout with Batista having to use his power and HBK having to play smart. The finish however was very underwhelming. I thought HBK was legit injured at first so it was excusable, but now knowing that it was a work, I think it's sorely dissapointing. HBK going down completely killed the pace and tension of the match. Then having it come out of nowhere with no build up or tension, it was just so random and a totally wtf moment.

    Overall, a great match tarnished with a poor finish. If it had a better finish it would have easily been MOTN. After seeing this I really hope for more between the two.

    Edge vs The Undertaker
    Alot of people said this should have been a stipulation match but I felt it was refreshing to have a rematch just be a normal rematch. Again, this match featured heavily on Edge working over Undertaker's back. But in a night full of bodywork, my interest was more on the parts where Taker was just going all out and punishing Edge. Again, both mens' selling in the match was flawless, Taker made it look as if his back legit hurt and Edge's facial expressions where as amusing as always. Undertsker went for the elbow drop was pretty ftw! They did a good job of making me feel as if Edge was going to win towards the end. When one of his lackets hit Taker with the belt I was like "No! You motherfuckers!" The finish to this match was just brillaint, and had me on the edge of my seat. Overall, I felt it was another great match between the two, not on par with their Wrestlemania match, but still great.

    JBL vs Cena vs Orton vs HHH
    First of all, lulz @ how much heat Cena got. The crowd hated him. I didnt really know which way this would go. This could have been awesome or it could have be uber-lame. However I really enjoyed it. It was just made up of lots of moments that were well...awesome. Some great spots like the four man tower of doom and well as some great psycological moments like JBL not helping Ortpn whilest he was in the STFU and telling him to tap....then getting put in the crossface by Trips. Knock JBL's wrestling ability all you want, but the guy is an incredible heel. Also, Trips using the crossface regularly is just I don't know....humbling I guess. The first to eliminations were good and the second one especially came out of nowhere and had that shock factor to it (especially considering who it was who was eliminated).

    Then it came down to the final two and the crowd were going nuts for the epic staredown~! It definately had that epic encounter feel to it and the ol' *face punch, heel punch, face punch, heel punch* routine got me really into it. Really painful looking spot on the outside with the steps as well. Again, this finish was great and had me on the edge of my seat. One reversal after another and lots of build up and tension in it. Due to all this I would say I enjoyed it alot more than last years' fourway.

    Overall a great PPV as always from Backlash thanks to some smart booking, the undercard matches surpassing expectations and a RED HOT crowd throughout the night. MOTN honors go to the main event though Kane/Chavo, Taker/MVP and HBK/Batista could all take the spot to.

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    I personally loved Backlash and 08 has been amazing thus far for WWE PPVs in my mind.

    I agree with your views on Chavo/Kane. Really underrated. I said Chavo deserved more credit and he showed why @ Backlash. Let's hope both men can keep up the momentum.


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