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Thread: Better as Champion?

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    Better as Champion?

    When discussing the best wrestlers to never win the World Championship, three of the top heels that I always hear are Rick Rude, Mr Perfect and Ted Dibiase. While Rude and Perfect found success elsewhere (Perfect being AWA Champion and Rude holding the NWA Title) none of them were able to win the World Championship in the WWF. All three man have a lot in common, they have all battered Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior at one time or another and all have links to the Intercontinental Championship.

    If it wasn't for Ted Dibiase, there wouldn't even be an IC title. When Dibiase came into the WWWF the first time, he was the reigning North American Champion. Once he became a wrestler for the company, the title was renamed the WWWF North American Championship. However, once he lost the title to Pat Patterson, it was renamed the Intercontinental Championship and a faux tourney in Brazil was created. Rick Rude held the IC Title in between two Ultimate Warrior runs, but once Warrior won the WWF World Title, he was stripped of the title and Mr Perfect won it in a tournament.

    Getting back to all three mans feud with Hogan and Warrior. This was the only time any of them had a a run in the main event. Ted Dibiase was the first when he came into the WWF for the second time, he let everyone know that he was after the World Championship. After several failed title matches against Hogan, Dibiase found a way to buy it through Andre and Dave Hebner's twin brother, Earl. For the rest of 1988, Dibiase would stay in the title picture until finally dropping out in the beginning of '89. From then until he retired in 1993, Dibiase was stuck wrestling with not as talented wrestlers who needed to be carried (I'm looking at you Virgil) or old timers who while great at one time, were no longer as great as they once were (Dusty Rhodes). With the exception of Dibiase's own Million Dollar Title, he would never come close to being a singles champion again.

    For Rick Rude, his main World title push came in his final active year as a wrestler for the WWF, 1990. His 1989 IC title feud with the Ultimate Warrior now became a feud over the World title. However, Rude failed to become champion on a few dates including Summerslam 1990. As for his fellow Minnesota native, Curt Hennig, Perfect began 1990 in a feud with Warrior and Hulk Hogan as the middle man to begin their feud for Wrestlemania 6. On one edition of Saturday Night Main Event, Hennig destroyed Hogan's World Title (Rumored to later on become the Hardcore Title). Once Warrior won the World Title, the two of them had a few Champion vs Champion matches across the country, however; Hennig never won the World Title. Sadly, for Hennig, his body began to give out on him the following year and he was forced into an unknown break from the ring or even a premature retirement. By time he came back more than a year later, things were changing dramatically for the company and Hennig didn't quite fit in there. It doesn't help matters that his body never truly recovered though.

    So there's a little background on all three wrestlers and how close they came to winning the World title. Which one do you feel would have been the best World Champion and why?

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    Can't say I'm too familiar with Rude's work. From what I have seen of him and read about him he kinda seems like a mid-card or maybe high mid-card for life guy. I could be wrong in that assumption but thats the impression Ive got. Perfect was just great all round, but I really don't know how he'd fare as the top guy in a company. I would haved loved to have seen him win the title as a fan, but I'm really not sure wether he was that big of a draw or not. He was the perfect IC champion but as for World Champion I'm not sure.

    DiBiase seems the safest bet to be. The guy was great in the ring, on the mic , he had a unique persona that you could easily recognize and he got loads of heat. He was a classic heel who could buy and worm his way out of situations, which would have got him mega heat which would have rubbed off and gotten pretty much any face he fueded with mega over. DiBiase had a real superstar look to him, he was superb all round, I would say he's make the best champion.

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    I share most of your opinion. Hennig is a guy who was greatly overrated after his death. Every company needs some solid midcarders, he filled that void. But I don't think he could of even come close to being a legit World Champion.

    Rick Rude is a guy who at one time looked like he was a shoe in to be World Champion. However, his second run with Warrior (the World Title feud) wasn't as successful as his IC feud. So I doubt he could of ever been a good WWF World Champion.

    Ted Dibiase is a guy that the WWF really missed the boat on. He should have won the title in his first year with the company. Whether that means winning it at WM 5 or later on. The window was open a lot longer for Dibiase than it was for the other two though. The feud with Virgil I believe really just ended any chance of him being a realistic World Champion. Not surprisingly, after that he was put with IRS until he injured his back and was forced into retirement.

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