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Thread: Joe's first big title feud

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    Joe's first big title feud

    Who do you think Joe's first big title feud should be with?

    He's got to finish up with Angle this week on Impact, where he will most likely win. Joe will then face Steiner at Sacrifice where he will most likely win again. Steiner is using his briefcase, so their probably won't be a feud after that.

    Who I would love to see Joe feud with is Sting. We haven't gotten to see them against eachother and I think they would work very well together. The promo's and mic time would be pretty good. Their matches could be great and could be the best for TNA in 2008. The feud should last a long time, and can put over Joe's reign.

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    I'd love to see a Sting/Joe feud. Obviously Joe being the fan favourite would be a face, but I can't see Sting a heel as he's just so over with the fans, I guess a face vs. face feud could be very interesting, and would work especially in this situation.

    This would be a perfect way to add credibility to Joe's reign, not only has he beaten Angle, and quite possibly Scott Steiner, but now Sting, so all top stars in the main event wouldn't be needed to be chasing after the World title, and can slowly be phased out while the originals can be brought back in.

    It goes without saying both are great at cutting promos and producing quality matches. There's no reason for this feud to not be great on all aspects.

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