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    Lockdown results

    Didn't feel the need to post this in the discussion thread, as there'd be concern for ruining it for some, this way, it can't.


    The Pay-Per-View kicks off with the X Division Xscape Match for the X Division Championship with champion "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal vs. Curry Man vs. Shark Boy vs. Consequences Creed vs. Johnny Devine vs. Sonjay Dutt! Dutt was first eliminated by Johnny Devine, followed by Shark Boy. Later, Curry Man hit an insane backflip off the top of the cage on Lethal and Devine. Curry then eliminated Creed with the Spicy Drop. On the outside, SoCal Val and Dutt cheered on Lethal. Devine then eliminated Curry Man after a piledriver - leaving Devine and Lethal as the final two in a race to escape the cage. Devine tried to get out through the door, but Dutt blocked his way.In a bold move, Devine taped Lethal to the cage so he couldn't move! However, while Devine tried to climb over the top, Sonjay freed Lethal - allowing the champion to leap out of the cage door for the win as he celebrated with Dutt and Val!

    Backstage, JB interviewed MMA star Frank Trigg about tonight's World Title match!

    Up next is the Queen Of The Cage match, with Christy Hemme vs. Salinas vs. Jacqueline vs. Angelina Love vs. Roxxi Laveaux vs. Velvet Sky vs. Rhaka Khan vs. Traci Brooks! All of the Knockouts start the match on the outside trying to battle their way in. The winner earns a shot at the TNA Knockouts Championship. Angelina Love was the first to make it inside the cage by climbing over the top, followed by Roxxi Laveaux - leading to a singles match between the two. After high-impact moves between the Knockouts, Roxxi got the win with her Barbie Crusher finisher!

    In the back, new TNA interviewer Lauren interviewed Samoa Joe about tonight's match!

    The legendary tag team turned bitter enemies started off the bout with Kip getting the best of BG and wearing him down on the mat. BG tried to battle back, but Kip continued to lay on the punishment. Kip then hit his jumping legdrop finisher, but BG kicked out! Kip went for the move again off the turnbuckle, but BG moved and hit him with a low blow. BG hit punches on Kip and rammed his face into the steel cage. Later, Kip went to splash BG in the corner, but BG reversed it into a roll-up for the pin and the win! After the bout, BG helped Kip to his feet, but Kip blindsided BG with a clothesline! A beaten Kip James left the ring with his former partner out cold in the center.

    Backstage, JB interviewed World Champion Kurt Angle about the big main event tonight.

    Up next is the Cuffed In The Cage match with The Latin American Xchange vs. The Motor City Machineguns vs. Black Reign & Rellik vs. Scott Steiner and Petey Williams vs. The Rock N Rave Infection vs. Kaz and Eric Young! Prior to the match, Reign and Rellik attacked Young in the back until Kaz made the save. However, Kaz was forced to start without Eric as a result. Scott Steiner was a one-man wrecking crew to start it until he was overcome by the numbers. Rellik, Reign and the Rock N Rave infection eventually handcuffed Steiner to the cage. Eric Young finally came out, but he couldn't climb in as Rellik and Reign kept him out - leading to Eric giving up and leaving! Shelley and Sabin were then handcuffed to the cage, followed by Petey Williams. Hernandez was then cuffed to the cage. Kaz hit a top rope Flux Capacitor on Jimmy Rave! However, Reign and Rellike eventually cuffed Kaz to the cage - leading to the arrival of Super Eric! Super Eric climbed to the top of the cage and hit a flying bodypress on The Rock N Rave Infection and Rellik and Reign! Eric was able to fight off the remaining teams by himself to get the win and the victory!

    In the back, Lauren interviewed Samoa Joe's family about his attempt to win the World Championship!

    Up next, it's ODB and Gail Kim vs. TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed. Kong and ODB started the bout matching power, with Kong winning the battle. ODB tagged in Gail Kim while Kong brought in Raisha. Saeed worked over Gail's arm and got several near-falls on the former Women's Champion. Gail battled back, but Kong interfered to stop her cold. Raisha continued to pour on the punishment, eventually tagging Kong back in. Later, Gail was able to come back, hitting a top rope hurricanrana on Saeed! Gail finally tagged in ODB, leading to a four-way brawl between the Knockouts. ODB then hit a splash from the outside on Saeed to get the win!

    In the back, JB interviewed Karen Angle, who was on hand to watch the World Title match between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe!

    Up next is Booker T and Sharmell vs. Robert Roode and Payton Banks. Roode and Booker started the bout, with Roode using underhanded tactics to get the upper hand on his nemesis. Roode continued to pour on the beating, wearing Booker down with a headlock. Booker battled back and hit a leaping kick, but Roode hit a spinebuster for a near-fall. Later, Booker gained the upper-hand with a spinebuster of his own and did the spinarooni, but missed the axe kick when Roode moved. Sharmell and Payton Banks got into the bout. As Payton was screaming at Booker in the corner, Sharmell rolled her up for the win! After the bout, Payton tried to apologize to Roode, but he screamed at her for costing them the match. Roode left Payton alone in the ring and exited on his own.

    Backstage, Lauren interviewed UFC star Marcus Davis on his take regarding the upcoming World Title match.

    Up next is the Lethal Lockdown with Team Cage vs. Team Tomko! Starting the Lethal Lockdown match were the two captains, as it was Christian Cage against his former friend Tomko - or so it seemed! As Tomko was about to enter the ring, AJ Styles surprised Cage by climbing into the ring from behind and attacked Cage. Styles started it off by wearing down Cage, with new team members entering every two minutes. Out next was Brother Ray of Team 3D, sporting a Yankee jersey. As Ray was about to enter the ring, he had AJ slam Cage's head into the door. Ray and AJ continued to pound Cage until Rhino was next out to help The Instant Classic. Out next was "Cowboy" James Storm to make the advantage 3-on-2 for Team Tomko. Cage and AJ battled on the top of the cage while Kevin Nash made his entrance. AJ tried to leap on Nash from the top rope, but Nash caught him in mid air and slammed him down. Cage then hit a huge bodypress off the top of the steel structure on Storm and Brother Ray! Out next was Brother Devon. Team 3D combined forces to brutalize every member of Team Cage. Out next was Matt Morgan, who took down every member of Team Tomko with power moves. Tomko was out next and he immediately went after Kevin Nash, then focused his hatred on Christian Cage. The final participant was the icon Sting as the Lethal Lockdown officially began with the lowering of the steel ceiling - weapons then came into play! It was an all-out war with every weapon being used. Cage and Storm fought on top of the roof, with Cage trying to smash Storm's skull in with a garbage can lid. On top of the roof, AJ and Cage battled on top of a ladder - but they went crashing down on top of a table! Back in the cage, Rhino hit the GORE on Storm to get the win for Team Cage!

    Up's the main event for the World Championship with Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe! In the epic main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, it was Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle defending against Samoa Joe. Joe was brought out by the firedancers. Karen Angle attempted to sit ringside to watch, but Kurt had her thrown out of the building! The bout certainly lived up to the build up, as Kurt and Joe went at it like two warriors in the ground-and-pound title bout. In the end, it was Samoa Joe hitting the Muscle Buster on Angle to become the NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion as the crowd went absolutely insane! The Pay-Per-View ended with Samoa Joe celebrating his win and being presented the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! Tune into Thursday's "iMPACT!" to see exclusive footage from the Lockdown event.

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    This late in the day and he didn't even think that they would be posted?



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    Pretty sure telling him its already posted is pointless and unhelpful unless you have the power to merge it.

    Yes, this post also falls under the unnecasary pile.

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