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Thread: Looking Back at Armageddon 2006

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    Armageddon Looking Back at Armageddon 2006

    Just hours after returning from the Pay Per View, I typed up the following report of what happened for another board:

    Quote Originally Posted by "Jim" Dec 18th, 2006 3:19 AM
    Before the ppv there was a dark match of a new Russian guy by the name of Brutus (?) wrestled Scotty 2 Hottie. Somewhat of a short match with Brutus getting good amount of heat. Brtutus won with The Shocktreatment.

    They were having alot of problems with the fire around the ring. The entrance side kept going out. Then another side kept getting parts of the ropes catching on fire.

    The fans we very happy to see the tag match be turned into a 4 way ladder match. As soon as MNM came out people started chanting for the Hardys. Hardys were very over, with Jeff getting the most cheers. Mercury bled alot when he got hit. He was only in the ring for a few moments before rolling out and there was alot of blood. Nick Patrick after seeing him quickly held up the X sign. Another scary moment was when Kendricks hit the Slice bread Number 2 on Regal from the top of the ladder. It looked like he landed on his head.

    The Miz vs Boogeyman got very little reaction. Miz's Hoorah gets more reaction than anything else. For whatever reason, the fans love shouting that.

    For some reason a decent amount of people around me left afterwards and missed some of the US title match. Chavo and Vickie got alot of heat with the fans cheering the most during the 8 German Suplexes.

    The fans were pretty dead during the CW match. Which is a shame since they always put on good matches.

    The Undertaker was very over. And for the most part the people loved to boo Kennedy. 'Taker defiantly has one of the best entrances, and it's much better in person.

    After the match I got up and got some food since I knew it was when the women's thing was going to happen. I have no clue if it was actually a match or not. I was coming back and suddenly alot of people were coming out of the arena, then I heard the music going of Big Dick Johnson. I knew I made the right decision

    Both Cena and Batista were massively over. Finlay and Booker got a bit of heat, but nothing exceptional. One of the biggest reactions was when Little Bastard came in. In the end everyone (but me, the Finlay mark) went home happy.

    Cena earned some respect after the show when he and Dave were celebrating. Someone in the front row asked Batista to sign his poster, and Dave just shook his head no. Cena went over and signed it. About 5 min after the show ended with all the wrestlers out of the main arena and the crew taking everything down, Little Bastard came out and ran to the back. I love that little guy

    After the show I went to buy an Armageddon t-shirt, and the stands were swamped. Then I made my way over to the exit of the parking garage and joined some people waiting to see some wrestlers leaving. First one I saw was Kane. He's very big in person especially in a normal size car. Teddy Long came past us and just waved. King Booker gave us a pinky salute and just drove by. Jimmy Wang Yang actually stuck his arm out of the car to let people touch it. I was one of them. Mr. Kennedy was in the backseat of a car and the entire time just had his arm outside the door flicking us off. I personally found it pretty funny. John Cena came by in a nice SUV.

    Overall, for an Armageddon ppv which at least for me is known for sucking, this one was very good. I think had the main event been a title match and maybe got rid of Boogeyman vs Miz it would of been an excellent ppv. The lack of crowd reaction was a downer though.

    Biggest pops:
    1. John Cena
    2. Batista
    3. The Undertaker
    4. Hardys
    5. Start
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    Cena outpopped The Undertaker? :0

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    Nice review.

    UT > everyone else their.


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