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Thread: Tag team title scene

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    Tag team title scene

    How would you book the TNA tag team title scene right now?

    LAX are the number 1 contenders for the titles, and hopefully they will win them. Tomko/AJ are involved in a much bigger angle right now, and don't really need the titles at this time. I think it would be best to drop them on impact in the coming weeks. Even have Christian come out and distract them, so Tomko/AJ won't really lose momentum.

    I think LAX will win them soon enough and begin to feud with MCMG's. I think it could be a great tag team feud, and I would have MCMG coming out on top in the end. These two are probably the best teams in TNA right now, and why not let them have some matches together.

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    I can see LAX with the titles for another (short) run but probably not by a clean finish, I am not sure who else could carry the titles at the moment, I don't see Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave with the titles and I can't see MCMG beating AJ and Tomko, so I guess LAX as transition champs is a best option but then again I didn't expect AJ and Tomko to take them in the first place so who knows..

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