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Thread: Steve Austin vs. The Rock (Their best WM match?)

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    Steve Austin vs. The Rock (Their best WM match?)

    Which is their best WrestleMania match?

    WrestleMania 15, WrestleMania 17 or WrestleMania 19

    15 was an allright match, nothing special imo.

    17 by far is my favourite, this was sort of the culmination of the attitude era if you like, and what better way to end it with its greatest successors, Steve Austin and The Rock. The match was built up well, 2 of the greatest entertainers in the ring, their was just so much storyline behind it, unfinished business and what not it definately gets a 5* out of me. I doubt any of their matches could ever top this.

    19 was a really good match as well but there just wasn't enough energy and passion going into is as in 17, by this time Austin/Rock weren't the top stars of the company, so it meant alot less, also, the Austin psycology at the end, where had no offense ruined a great part of the match.

    Both matches were great, but 17 meant a lot more for me, storyline wise.

    Which do you think was better? Discuss.

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    imo, I disagree with this entirely wrong post. 19 was an amazing encounter equal or even better than 17 and on the brink of five stars. I don't see how Austin getting all those finishers laid out on him in the end ruined the match at all. It served as a great buildup to the finish actually made the match more intense. It made you think "What the fuck does Rock have to do to beat this guy!?". Tho probably not as much energy because of the lack of title, it did have Austin nearly dying the night before, coming in vulnerable with all his injuries and Rock's one last chance to beat Austin at Wrestlemania.

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    All three were the main highlights of their Wrestlemania. 15 in fact was the only highlight of that Wrestlemania. Although I'm not a fan of the finish, 17 was my favorite. Unlike their previous match, they were truly the top 2 stars of the company battling each other. With both men being faces and The Rock having just winning the title the previous month, it was also the least predictable match they had.

    I will say WM 15 is an underrated match. Perhaps it's because their other WM matches were so good or the fact that WM was a rather terrible show.

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    This is tough. WM X-9's version was just so much fun to watch. It was done so well and really did a great job for being their last encounter.

    On the other hand, WM X-7's version was the highlight of the best Mania ever. A great way to cap off the night. I also believe, it was their best match. It really had the Rock fans versus the Austin ones. It was very similar to Hogan and Warrior from 11 years earlier. So in the end, I have to go with X-7.

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    Honestly, the best match was 17, but the most memorable and my favorite was 19. Two nights prior to this match, Stone Cold was in some sort of severe condition with his heart or blood pressure. On game time, Stone Cold didn't give a fuck and went out to put on a hell of a match, and also his last. The background story was awesome as well. Rock was back for one thing, and one thing only.. To beat Austin at Mania.

    In storyline purposes, I guess 17 was more dramatic.. As far as emotion goes, 19 takes the cake, especially with The Rock telling Austin after the match that he loved him.


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