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Thread: Angle - After the title

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    Angle - After the title

    Now it seems as if theres a very high chance of Kurt Angle losing the World Title at TNA's next PPV, Lockdown, to his long time rival Samaoa Joe. But after he loses the title, where should he go from there?

    Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing him get a rematch for the title, then fade back down into a upper-mid card role. There's alot of potential fueds that Angle could work well in, a fued with AJ would be good, though I think the whole stuff with Karen would make it a bit garbage, a fued with Tomko in my opinion would be pretty great as Angle seems to work very well with big men, and even a fued with Jarrett if and when he returns would also be fun to watch.

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    Angle losing to Joe at Lockdown would be the best choice. Angle has been in the main event scene for a long time now, and it is time for a big feud that doens't have to revolve around the title. That being said, it's time for a big AJ/Kurt feud leading into Bound For Glory.

    You can tell this has been building up for awhile now, and what better to have it on their biggest ppv of the year. They have on big reason for the feud to happen, and that is Karen Angle. Love triangles can always be interesting and hopefully this one will pull through.

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