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Thread: WWE Battle of the Decades - Year 1

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    WWE Battle of the Decades - Year 1

    This is the first edition of a planned a weekly thread for the next 7 weeks. I will be looking back at the 1990's and this decade of the 2000's. Each year will be compared to the other decades single year (ie 1995 vs 2005).

    Battle of the Decades - Year 1 - 1990 vs 2000


    Top Superstar: The Ultimate Warrior - Warrior began the year as the second (Some could argue top) face of the WWF. He also began the year as the IC champion. In one of the biggest matches of the decade, he would defeat Hulk Hogan for the WWF World Title at Wrestlemania 6. After being forced to drop the IC title, Warrior spent the rest of the year defending his World Title against the likes of Rick Rude, Randy Savage, Haku and Mr Perfect.

    Top Tag Team: Demolition
    - Having just lost their tag titles a couple weeks before 1990 began, Ax and Smash set forth to win back their tag titles from Haku and Andre the Giant. In the Toronto Skydome, they regained their Tag titles for a third time. Soon after, they turned heel with the addition of a new member, Bryan Adams as Crush. Using the Freebird rule, Demolition would use any combination of the three to defend the titles. Eventually, through the help of new comers, The Legion of Doom, Demolition would lose the tag titles to The Hart Foundation at Summerslam. After the loss, Demolition would continue to feud with The Legion of Doom which would include wrestling in 6 man tags (With LOD teaming with The Ultimate Warrior) all across the country at house shows.

    Returning Superstar: Sgt Slaughter - After years of wrestling as a patriotic American, Slaughter made his shocking return in the Summer. He quickly revealed that he was siding with Saddam Hussian in the upcoming Gulf War. With the heel turn, Slaughter would begin to wear similar boots that Iran's Iron Sheik would wear. Sheik, now known as Col Mufasta would being to accompany his former rival to the ring. Slaughter made it clear that his main goal would be defeating the American puke of The Ultimate Warrior for the WWF World Title.

    Top Midcarder: Mr Perfect - Curt Hennig began the year as being a common enemy of both The Ultimate Warrior and WWF World Champion, Hulk Hogan. Perfect would even smash the World Title on one edition of Saturday Night's Main Event. After those dual feuds, Perfect would begin a feud with Brutus Beefcake. During that feud, Mr Perfect would defeat Tito Santana to win the vacant IC championship after Wrestlemania 6. Before the feud with Beefcake could finish, Brutus was in a terrible boating accident that nearly altered his face forever. With Beefcake out of the picture, new comer Kerry von Erich stepped in and won the IC title at Summerslam. Hennig would spend the rest of the year battling von Erich with him eventually regaining the title with the help of Ted Dibiase.

    Sudden Departure: Rick Rude - Since his arrival in the WWF in 1987, Rick Rude had been an up and coming heel. He had spent the previous year feuding with The Ultimate Warrior over the IC title and battling Roddy Piper. 1990 began with Rude as one of the top heels of the company. By the Summer time, he had restarted his feud with The Ultimate Warrior, this time over the World Title. After loosing the World Title match at Summerslam, Rude would only stick around the company for a couple more months. Due to pay issues, Rude would make the shocking departure from the WWF. One year after leaving, Rude would shock the wrestling world again by showing up in WCW.

    Breakout Superstar:
    Kerry von Erich - 1990 began with Texas Tornado being a name that most WWF fans didn't even know of. However, starting in the Summer, The Modern Day Warrior would make his debut in a series of squash matches. With Brutus Beefcake's injury, Tornado was able to get an instant IC Title match. At Sumerslam, von Erich would defeat Curt Hennig for the title. He would spend most of the remaining year defending the title until finally losing the title back to Perfect. Although, 1991 would see a drop in the rise of von Erich.

    Top Feuds:
    • Hulk Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior - Who was the true top wrestler?
    • Dusty Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase and Randy Savage - The common man against power and money
    • Hulk Hogan vs Earthquake - Could Hulkamania finally be killed?
    • Rick Martel vs Jake Roberts - Arrogance can be blinding


    Top Superstar: The Rock - The Rock set his sight back on his main goal, the WWF World Title. The first couple months, Rocky had to deal with The Big Show and his sudden heel turn. Until the Summer, the Rock would then be battling Triple H over the World Title at virtually every major show. Having coming so close to winning the World Title at Wrestlemania, Rocky won the World title at Backlash. However, he would lose it back to Hunter the following month at Judgment Day. However, for the third month in a row, the title would change hands at a ppv. After King of the Ring, Rock would successfully defend his title against Chris Benoit, Triple H, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker and Kane. However, his run of good luck would run out at No Mercy losing the title to Kurt Angle. For the rest of the year, Rocky would be in a bizarre feud with Rikishi over the fact that 'Kishi ran over Steve Austin in 1999 for the Rock.

    Top Tag Team: E&C, Hardy Boyz and Dudley Boyz (3-Way Tie) - 2000 was the year of the rebirth of the tag division through specialty matches. All three "Brother" teams would compete against each other in table matches, ladder matches, TLC matches, Survivor Series elimination matches and normal tag bouts. All three teams would hold the tag titles throughout the year. Although Edge and Christian would pick up the most wins, due to all three teams making the tag division important again, it's hard to give any of the teams the edge (no pun intended) to being top team.

    Returning Superstar: The Undertaker - 'Taker had left the previous year after being suspended by Vince McMahon. A few months into 2000, a series of unusual promos began to air. Little did people realize that those promos were leading to the birth of the American Badass. Gone were the long slow walks, the little talking and the overall goth feel. The Undertaker was now wearing leather pants, riding motorcycles and talked about his 'yard. After years of being the Deadman, 'Taker had revived his career with a fresh change.

    Top Midcarder: Canadian Chris' - Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho had both jumped over to the WWF months from each other. Their 2000 careers would be almost exact copies of each other. At Wrestlemania both men defeated each other to win one of Kurt Angle's IC/European titles. They would also both defeat the World Champion (Triple H and The Rock) and be named the World Champion. In both cases, the title was given back to the World champion. Although they had flirted with the main event scene, both men ended the year in a solid midcard scene.

    Sudden Departure: Mick Foley - Perhaps no one had made such an impact on his arrival in the company, than Foley did in 1996. No one before Foley had manhandled The Undertaker for as long has he did. As the years progressed though, Foley had evolved from bizarre character to beloved comedy wrestler. 2000 began with Foley wanting to regain the World title from Triple H. What followed was a match at the Royal Rumble which to this day is loved by many fans. After failing to win the title, Foley had one more chance at No Way Out. In the Hell in a Cell, Foley would either leave that night as champion or would leave the ring forever. Although he did lose, Foley would get one final world title match at Wrestlemania 16. Once Foley was eliminated (First). He would then disappear from WWF TV for months before finally returning in a non wrestling role.

    Breakout Superstar: Kurt Angle - Having debuting in November 1999 and staying in the lowcard for a couple of months. Angle would suddenly start his amazing run of gold. First it was the European title, then it was the IC title. After loosing both titles at WM, Kurt Angle would win the King of the Ring. Two months later, Angle would wrestle in the main event at Summerslam. Although he didn't win the title, Kurt would get another chance at No Mercy against The Rock. With just under a year under his belt, Angle had won the IC, Euro, KOTR and now the World Title. During the course of all this, Angle would be involved in a love triangle with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Ignoring his love problems, Angle would finish up the year with picking up a win against The Undertaker at Survivor Series and defeating 4 of the top stars of the decade and Rikishi at Armageddon in a 6-man Hell in a Cell. Who would have figured at Survivor Series '99 that Angle would have went on to having one of the best rookie years ever.

    Top Feuds:
    • Triple H vs The Rock - Top face vs Top heel. Return to the feud that made them stars
    • The Dudleys vs Hardys vs E&C - Tables, Ladders and Chairs = Fans caring again
    • Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho - Two of the top Canadian stars of the era
    • The McMahons vs The McMahons - The feud that never died, but took up plenty of TV time

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    Call me biased but 2000 is one of WWE's best years ever and I enjoy it very much. It wins hands down for me.


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    Yeah, this maybe unpopular among fans of older stuff (Jim, SS) but I'm standing firmly behind 2000. I may kinda biased towards it because it and '99 were the years that turned me from a casual fan into watching it week in week out.

    I can't comment on on 1990 really, but what I have seen from there (like the Hogan/Warrior match) I thought was pretty good, but 2000 has just so much going for it. The great Rock/Triple H fued which produced alot of great matches and had a lot of hate in it. The ending of Foley's career was very emotional and the build up to it was so well done, with him returning to his Cactus Jack persona. The HIAC match is almost as good as it gets if you ask me. The whole angle with Show and Rock trying to prove who eliminated who from the Rumble was also quite orginal.

    The tag team division was probably at it's highest that its been since then and probably before then for a while too. All three teams worked so well together and stipulation or not, put on a lot of great matches that were very memorable. Three of the best technical wrestlers in wwe history fighting tooth and nail in the mid-card scene, then Angle breaking away to put on some great main event matches with The Rock. Plus the return of the re-invented Undertaker. Honestly, probably one of my favourite years in wrestling ever.

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    2000 wins hands down. I honestly think that the WWE was pure crap for most of the 90's. Wrestling has come a long way since then, and if it was still like it was in the 90's, I doubt wrestling would be as big as it is.


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    I've been having a hard time in deciding a favorite. Both years had a lot of good about them. They both are good tag team years and both would be one of the last good tag team years for the decade. Both had to endure not having some of their main eventers around while creating new main eventers. PPV wise, their corresponding ppvs are the same in quality. However, basing it on strictly weaknesses, 2000 has the least amount of them.

    2000 saw the WWE debut of 4 men that really increased the in ring quality of the WWE compared to 1999. Benoit, Guerrero, Saturn and Malenko all put on some great matches in 2000. 1990, on the other hand lost 2 of their most talented wrestlers just a month before 1990 began. Then loosing one of your other top wrestlers later on in the year is another huge blow. Losing Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and Rick Rude would be like the WWE never getting Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko and having Chris Jericho leave midway through the year.

    So although it was close, I gave the nod to 2000.

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