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Thread: Matt Hardy a serious player?

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    Matt Hardy a serious player?

    The anticipation for Matt Hardy's return is still awaiting. Once he returns, he will most likely continue his feud with MVP, but then what? Will he win the U.S title? Or will he move into main event status?

    I'm a fan of Matt, and I think he could do wonders in the upper card. If he finally can capture the U.S title, then that is just the start of things to come. If he can prove himself in the midcard, I think he will get his chance after all. There's not that many top faces on Smackdown other than Batista and Undertaker, and Hardy could just climb up there.

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    I've been singing the praises of Matt for a long time and I think he's not far from finally being a full fledged upper mid-carder. This will be the first step for him before someday becoming a full main eventer. Whether he wins the US title or the ECW title, it's a step in the right direction.


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    I love Matt Hardy, and I hope he returns soon, hopefully on the biggest stage of em all rather than Smackdown... the pop would be incredaible imo. But honestly, Matt Hardy deserves to be in M/E, alot more than other wrestlers stuck in mid-card, KK, MVP and even his own brother, well before the suspension, not only is Matt a great wrestler and decent on the mike he keeps clean, roids/drugs everything the E is cracking down on. Hardy is everything the E could ever wish for, and yet he's still in the mid-card/lower mid-card.

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