TNA: Impact March 20, 2008
- God this was a hard show to follow. There had to have been 20-30 segments on this show, if you count each promo and back stage segment.
- The only thing I remember after watching all of this is that Team 3D joined Tomko's Team and according to the clairvoyant announce team Sting will be on Impact next week. Thankfully I took notes.
- Okay I have to rant on this. At the end of the show, after mass run ins, the heels lay waste to everyone, Sting's entrance video hits and both Tenay and West scream, "Does this mean what I think this means? Sting will be here next week!". Where the F-ck did they get that? I've been a wrestling fan for a while now and last I checked a guys entrance video playing usually means he's here NOW!!!!! These guys must be the Kreskins of pro-wresting. The only guy more clairvoyany than Teney is Sting. Sting somehow knew that this "booked during the show" match would take place, and the heels would run in a lay waste to everyone to close the show. In knowing this he decided that instead of coming to Impact to help out, he would arranged for the guy in the truck, who cues the entrance videos, to hit his music at the right time, as a sign to everyone that he would be there NEXT week.
- To avoid a long rant I will complain about one last thing before closing with a few positive comments.
- The Jay Lethal skit was atrocious, and whoever wrote it should be fired. It's a NO BUYS segment that kills whatever credibility they managed to create for Lethal. Why have Jay Lethal pin Kurt Angle to win the X-Title, then have him beat 3D and Devine by himself to save the X-Division, and then make him a joke. Are we to beleive that a TNA SuperStar, the X-Division Champion can't afford to buy dinner out? He has to order water to drink and ask Sonjay (who is also appearantly enough of a jobber to need a side job) for a discount on his bill. I'm guesing this was meant as an inside joke because Randy Savage was notoriously cheap, but should Impact not be used to get people over, draw ratings and or drive PPV buys? Nope it's used to provide an amusing chuckle to those writing this show? Nice to see them rebuilding the X-Division.
- Okay I promised a few positive comments. The Knockouts worked hard and had a decent match as they almost always do. I think it was the only clean finish on the show too.
- While I didn't like the Kurt Angle MMA bit, I can see where others might think it was great and it certainly could work to get Angle some of his credibility back. I think it was an interesting idea that was executed well.
- I was glad they tried to explain the Christian - Rhino partnership. I really hate when old enemies just start getting along because one guy turned face since they last worked. Kudos to TNA for trying to offer an explanation.
- Next week's LIVE show should be interesting. If they try to do this many segments live, it could be an amazing ClusterF-ck!

Can't say I disagree, I hate angles like that Sting thing and I hate DW/Tenay in general.