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Thread: Jeff Hardy: From A Business Point Of View

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    Jeff Hardy: From A Business Point Of View

    I don't want a biased opinion on this. Look at it from Vince McMahon perspective rather than a Jeff Hardy fan/ hater.

    Weighing in all of his documented issues in the past, his work in the ring, his reportedly going to rehab, and other promotions in the wrestling industry, would it make sense for the WWE to allow Jeff Hardy to wrestle in a WWE ring ever again? If you answered yes, should they take a chance at pushing him again?

    Remember, think about this from the WWE's perspective, a business perspective, not a fan or haters perspective.
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    I'll try my best. If I'm Vince McMahon...

    1.) I'd push to have more drug tests on Jeff. Having a drug test every three months isn't enough. It needs to happen more often due to his past and due to the fact he may take them again sooner or later.

    2.) I'd put him in the mid card for a bit. Let's see if Jeff can stay clean this time around. Let's see if we're ready to trust Jeff again.

    3.) Get a mentor for Jeff beside his brother that can basically tell him 'No, you shouldn't do this or that' and convince him to steer clear of trouble'.

    That's all I as Vince McMahon can pretty much say while being unbiased.

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    April 2003: Due to claiming that he does not have a drug problem he is released from the WWE.

    May 2005: Misses TNA PPV

    December 2005: Misses another TNA PPV

    ---TNA eventually never brings Jeff back---

    July 2007: Suspended due to wellness policy

    March 2008: Suspended due to wellness policy

    In all honestly, how many chances do you give Jeff? Being over is great, but Vince would be a fool to give someone with the history like Jeff has such responsibilities as being World Champion. Every time he got in trouble, it was when Jeff was actually being used well and his future looked bright. Think about this: what if Jeff Hardy as World Champion no shows a ppv? That would be terrible for the company.

    With Jeff being as over as he is, he's worth the risk to be a mid-carder. However, after making a career of showing he's unreliable, it's time that the idea of a World Title reign ends.

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    Yah, Jeff has had plenty of chances but still finds a way to blow them all.

    But if I am looking at this situation in Vince's eye's, this is how I would play it.

    - I'd sit Jeff down and have a serious talk with him. I'd tell him he needs to get his meth addicted ass to rehab for 30 days. If he doesn't go to rehab, then he is being released

    - If he goes to rehab, I'd have him come back and have a pretty big feud, but not near the title.

    - I'd have him in the midcard for about another year, and if he stays clean and you can tell he is changing, I would give him another chance towards main event status.

    - If he fucks up again, he's gone with no more chances.

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    I want you all to keep something in mind.

    There is a reason why Jeff was fired the first time. There is a reason why RVD never got his title back. Jeff refused rehab the first time under the idea that "he does not have a problem." When RVD got busted, he played it up like it is "no big deal."

    Both may be right, but that is not the point. Sometimes you need to just shut up and admit you were wrong, even if you are not. Look at that New York Governor. If I was him, I would be pissed off that I was forced to quit. It was a private life thing. But again, sometimes you just have to step up and admit you were wrong.

    This is why Chavo can still be pushed, this is why others can get around it. If RVD admitted that he fucked up and if Hardy just went to rehab to make the WWE happy, this would never be a problem.

    In the end, I have to ask you, is there a reason why Jeff should not go to rehab?

    So, if people are not willing to make that minor sacrifice, can you trust them as future business partners?

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