I've never really seen the point of allowing some wrestlers to have control over the direction of their character and in some cases the direction of others. I recently saw a report on HBK & Triple H sitting in on creative meetings, and Triple H swaying Vince from allowing the creative team to do "toilet humor."

In my opinion, Vince McMahon pays his creative team to come up with storylines, angles, and gimmicks for the wrestlers. The wrestlers are paid to go out to the ring and put on a good show. Having wrestlers call creative shots limits what the creative team is able to come up with.

No wrestler should be allowed to sit in on creative meetings. If they have any concerns with the direction of their character, they should take it up with a Road Agent and let the Agent take it from there.

I'm not saying a wrestler shouldn't be able to give suggestions, but only Vince McMahon and his immediate family, not including son in laws, should have final say in what gimmicks, storylines, and angles get shown on television.