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Thread: WWE Draft 2008

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    WWE Draft 2008

    As of late we've been seeing wrestlers from all three brands show up on other shows, and with the WWE 2008 Draft rumored to be weeks away I'd like to get your opinions on a few subjects:

    Is this random showing of different branded wrestlers showing up on all three shows just until Wrestlemania or will it continue after Wrestlemania?

    Dio you feel there is any really need for a draft this year?

    Are you enjoying the WWE wrestling product more now that there is seemingly no structure in regards to what show a wrestler can perform on?

    What wrestlers could use a move to a different brand?
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    I don't really think a draft is necasary to be honest. On the RAW side of things atleast, we still have lots of potnetial options and fueds that can come around. The problem seems to be that Smackdwon lacks big stars. Outside of 'Taker, Edge, MVP, Batista, Khali and one or two others, they have a pretty thin roster with too much undercard talent. There are also some guys getting wasted on ECW.

    I don't think a full blown draft is needed, though I do think they should find some way of sending some talent elsewhere. For example, I would send maybe Burke to SD because he's being wasted on ECW and SD lacks names.

    I think they should go in another direction with this, instead of having a draft as such, maybe just a series of matches to determine where the talent involved gets sent.

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    I think there should be another draft this year.

    I'm getting bored with the current line ups and they need to change it up a little bit. Not a whole lot, but a few changes. Like send CM Punk and Umaga to Smackdown. Put MVP on Raw then. Then send Kennedy to ECW and also have Hardy go to ECW to be their top face. The draft could start some really nice feuds, and will keep the brands fresh.

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    If they keep moving people, then yes. And please, hopefully not like last year's disaster. SD should get better. RAW shouldn't be boosted again. I see Marella moving. I see Kennedy moving. I see MVP, Burke, Delaney, and Punk moving
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    Last year's draft was an absolute disaster on many levels, and more than any other action exercised by the WWE...showed how much they care about the "B shows".

    I had extremely high hopes and like always, I was let down.

    Here's hopeing Smackdown doesn't get butchered again.

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