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How would you guys feel about implementing an "Injury Bug" simulator into your diaries. My idea for the concept is that every 3 months, you get a randomizer with every name on your active wrestling roster, if you're doing Raw and Smackdown, perhaps 1 from each brand. You then can get a list of injuries with the lowest possible time frame for injury could be for a month where the wrestler can still appear on the show but just can't wrestle leading up to the next PPV and the most extreme case being that the wrestler ends up being out for 12 months. I think it would add a touch of missing realism to a diary. Injuries randomly occurring in EWR were one of my favourite features of the game because it could have such a huge impact on your booking plans and cause you to reconsider who you push, etc.
It's something I have always planned to do when I finally settle on - and get around to - getting back in to the BTB game. I even set up how I would divide everything out for a random generator. I'd prefer that than just having an injury every three months because injuries could happen whenever. You could have a spate of injuries, or you could go months without one.

The downside is obviously getting an injury to an integral part of a storyline that has been running for months, or one half of your Mania main event. But, the fun is in dealing with it and figuring out something else that still works brilliantly.