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Thread: The BTB Discussion Thread

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    Re: The BTB Discussion Thread

    Currently laid up as I've had to have an operation but in a way it's proven to be a blessing in disguise. Sat down and thoroughly mapped out the next four months of my UK Brand shows. Not a bad result haha.

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    Re: The BTB Discussion Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Zoom-E View Post
    I love good comedy in projects. I don't know how often it happens on here, but it's some of my most favorite stuff I've ever done, midcard cheese and at times straight WrestleCeap.

    My personal two favorite arcs are Val Venis becoming gay in a WWF 99 project I wrote years ago, hooking up with D'Lo Brown and making a film called Down With The Brown or something else pun based on Brown, only to then cheat on him with Goldust in a co-produced project, The Golden Shower. It was the start of a great Tag Team run!

    My other one comes from WCW 99. Buff Bagwell fueding with heel Triad obnoxious DDP, going into Starrcade. The highlight of the storyline? Page and the NJ Triad making fun of The Stuff nickname and how Buff was saying he has The Right Stuff, by recreating the New Kids on the Block song and music video The Right Stuff, including the personality free Scott Norton Vogue dancing. It was so stupid, and seriously I loved it.

    What's your best comedy and WrestleCeap!?
    I think Curtis Axel and his “Id rather be lucky than perfect” shtick I did in my first BTB was my favorite. Just him winning with bullshit luck like his opponents shoe laces came undone, the other guy had a run in on to inadvertently help Axel, etc. The best IMO was mimicking his dad’s perfect vignettes with pure like, like tripping and a football landing on him or a basketball going in because another hit it mid air.

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