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Thread: January 14th 2009 - Top Five Talents

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    January 14th 2009 - Top Five Talents

    After every show here in Clique Wrestling Alliance we will be giving special recognition to the five best performers (Promos). So without any further hesitation, the top five are:

    Position. [Previous Position.] Talent (Score) (Consecutive Appearances)

    05. [NE.] Logan V (7.1) (1)

    The masked man from England bounced back in tremendous fashion this week following his disappointment in the debut show. Things are suddenly looking much better for Logan.

    04. [NE.] Rich Stone (7.3) (1)

    Rich Stone had a nightmare debut in CWA, he made up for it big time this week. Many have put his poor debut down to nerves and now that Stone has gotten over them, the sky is the limit.

    03. [NE.] Vance Johnson (7.6) (1)

    The Figure of Destiny didn’t bother coming to the ring to compete on the debut show instead opting to pick his spot and attack at the opportune moment. Despite not getting the win this week, Vance Johnson showed everyone he is not to be taken lightly.

    02. [03.] Roberto (7.7) (2)

    Roberto was mere seconds away from his second consecutive win here in CWA, but the newly reformed Brotherhood had other ideas and decided to end the match pre-maturely. Roberto tried to fight the Brotherhood off, but the numbers game soon caught up on the number one contender.

    01. [01.] The Brotherhood (8.2) (2)

    The Ultimate Pain reigns supreme for the second time in a row. This time however he is sharing the spotlight with the now unbeaten at 18-0 Guardian Devil. Ultimate Pain and Guardian Devil along with the debuting Shaun Quinn and Minimal Pain reeked havoc on Adrenaline Rush as they put the entire roster on notice in just one night.

    Can these five continue to win and maintain their momentum or will they fall flat on their face and let someone else take their spot at the top of the card. We’ll have to wait and see.
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    Re: January 14th 2009 - Top Five Talents

    Promos for January 14th 2009.

    Quote Originally Posted by Logan V - The Half Boy
    The camera's cut to the back, to show Orlando Maxwell walking down the hallway, microphone in hand. He walks past a stack of crates, and we see Logan V perched on top, his head in his hands. Maxwell notices him out of the corner of his eye, and half jumps out of his skin.

    Orlando Maxwell: "Holy Crap! It's a skeleton!"

    Maxwell screams, and runs away, dropping his microphone. Michelle Kelly happens along, looks at the forlorn former champion, picks up the microphone, and turns to address him.

    Michelle Kelly: "Logan, you look a little crestfallen. Can I get your thoughts on your match up tonight?"

    Logan V slowly lifts his head from his hand, and fixes Michelle with what we assume is a hard stare, although the mask makes it hard to tell. His whole demeanour looks as if he'd rather be anywhere else in the World than sat in a hallway, answering questions, but he's resigned to his fate. He sighs, and answers.

    Logan V: "You wanna know what I think of my opponent? I'll tell you what I think. I think he's quite possible better than me. He'll probably even win. I came to this federation thinking I had a point to prove. Thinking that enough time had passed that shaking off the ring rust and lacing up my boots was an excellent decision. Now I'm not so sure. I put my body on the line, night after night, for years. It became too much, and I threw it all away. Now look at me. I'm a broken shell of the man I once was. Older, but no wiser."

    MK: "In my opinion, you're being a little hard on yourself. You had a good showing in New York, and if that was your fist match after a three year hiatus, I think you can be excused for a few miscues."

    LV: "A few miscues? I completely blew it. I might not have even been in that match, for all the impact I made. I mean come on, I'm a former World Champion, and I was the Goddamn curtain jerker!"

    Logan V starts slamming his hands down on the crate top as he talks, and Michelle Kelly flinches somewhat, but quickly regains her composure.

    MK: "Are you crazy? Putting you out first was a master stroke! The powers that be knew people would judge this show based on it's first few minutes! They needed to make a good first impression on these people, and that impression was you!"

    LV: "Really? That's why I went out first?"

    MK: "Damn right! And I don't think you could ever say you blew that! You got the very first pinfall in CWA History!"

    LV: "You're right! I'm history in the making! Rich Stone didn't know what hit him! And I'd have put away Devon Jones too, but that machivellian swine Ultimate Pain blindsided me out of nowhere! That match was mine to win, and he stole it from me!"

    Logan jumps down from the crates, and from his posture alone, back straight, hands on hips, you can tell he's a far more confidant man.

    MK: "I'm glad to see you're feeling a bit better. So why don't we start again? Logan, what are your thoughts on your match tonight?"

    LV: "My match tonight is nothing but a waste of my time. Frankie Enzo is a worm who hasn't even earnt the rights to touch the hem of my garment. I'll destroy him without even breaking a sweat. And anybody else this sorry excuse for a promotion wants to put in my way, until they give me Ultimate Pain. I promise you, he'll pay for his treachery, and pay it in blood. Because just when every single person in this place thinks they've found an answer... I'll go and change the questions."

    Logan V moves off down the corridor, stretching and flexing his muscles, clearly a pumped up individual. The camera pans back to Michelle, who's watching him walk down the corridor. Eventually, she mutters to herself:

    MK: "Why do I suddenly feel like I've turned into a cheerleader?"

    She shakes her head, as the scene fades to black.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Jack Adams - The Brain
    Dr. Adams is in the Hallway lacing up his boots. Orlando Maxwell sidles up behind him, microphone in hand and camera crew in tow.

    Maxwell: Mr. Adams? I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on your match tonight.

    Adams: That's Doctor Adams, you bumbling idiot. Are you so dim that you've not noticed my many impressive credentials lining the walls of this hallway?

    Maxwell takes a fleeting glance at Dr. Adams' credentials.

    Maxwell: Heh, sorry about that. As I was saying, uh, Doctor... do you have any comments on your bout tonight with Mike Rotch?

    Adams: I see your poor etiquette only indicates your inability to ask thought provoking questions.

    Dr. Adams finishes tying his boot and looks into the camera.

    Adams: I am the rightful owner of the CWA Lightweight Championship belt. Anyone with half a brain who witnessed my last match realizes this already.

    Dr. Adams grabs a roll of tape from his gear bag and begins applying it to his right wrist.

    Adams: Abdul Akbar Alsam has proven himself a very sore loser. He felt the Final Adjustment and, understandably, tapped out. Unhappy with his defeat, he continued to fight, allowing your current fluke of a Lightweight Champion to pin me. The measure of Mr. Alsam's discontent is so strong that he's gone as far as Mr. Anderson to whine and complain that his defeat was unjust.

    Dr. Adams cuts the tape with his teeth, and begins applying a layer to his left wrist.

    Adams: Mr. Alsam robbed me of my true place in the CWA. Since I won't be facing him tonight, I suppose I will have to vent my frustrations on the most unfortunate Mike Rotch. If I had the ability to feel compassion right now, I would be utterly heartbroken for for my opponent. The poor lad is coming off of a resounding defeat in his Heavyweight Championship qualifying match, and now he has to feel the initial burst of anger of a man who has been robbed of his true calling.

    Dr. Adams cuts the tape with his teeth and tosses the remaining roll into his gear bag.

    Adams: Mike Rotch, I hope you are well prepared for a rigorous examination.

    Dr. Adams pounds his right elbow into his taped left hand.

    Adams: The Doctor is in.

    Orlando Maxwell takes a step back.

    Maxwell: Thank you, Dr. Adams.

    Quote Originally Posted by Joey Nicholas - Paid Laid Made
    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the new CWA Light weight champion, Joey Nicholas!

    (Cue Joey’s theme) Joey saunters through the curtains, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with aviator sunglasses along with the gold belt over his right shoulder. He grins as he struts his way to the ring steps. Once at the top of the ring apron Joey turns to the crowd with the title in his right hand and swings the title overhead. Confetti falls from the rafters and begins to swirl around the arena. Joey looks through the crowd for a few moments before throwing the title back over his shoulder and proceeds through the middle rope. Joey then casually walks over to Lindsay and takes the microphone in his hand as the confetti ceases.

    Joey: Ever single one of you here in Chicago should relish the very fact that such a great performer such as I, Joey Nicholas, am here at this time and juncture because lets face it, the Bears are not the ones to look to for talent!

    Joey smirks at the members of the Chicago Bears in the front row as boos ensue throughout the arena

    Joey: Last week I, Joey Nicholas, became the first ever CWA Light weight champion! I gave my word that I was going to walk out of New York City last week with the gold around my waist by beating three of the best talent that this company had to offer. In doing so I solidified the very notion that I am indeed the Real Deal in this industry!

    Pauses as the crowd belittles him

    Joey: I await the next challenger to fall before me, as I foresee no one with the capabilities to dethrone me! This marks the beginning of the Real Deal Sex Appeal Joey Nicholas’ era! It’s my time to shine! Greatness is indeed my destiny and there is no one here to stop me!

    The mic is dropped with a loud thud onto the mat whilst Joey grins on exiting the ring, his music drowning out the boos as he heads up the ramp and to the back
    Quote Originally Posted by Vance Johnson - Griff0rd
    * Vance Johnson is walking alone in the dark hallways backstage. He hasn’t been available for comment after disappearing in last week’s main event, and nobody has heard or seen of him since. Michelle Kelly spots him with her camera crew and takes off at a half sprint pace to catch him as he rounds a darkened corner.

    MK: Mr Johnson… Mr Johnson can I please get a word! Hey I’m talking to you.

    * They round the corner and the camera is knocked to the ground with its carrier and miss Kelly lets out a shrill shriek. The attacker was not seen, but it is not hard to guess what happened. The camera lay on the ground out of focus and at an odd angle. The ankle of the over-curious and non-cautious can barely be made out like a white blur in the picture as well as a dark shadow which seems to have the form of a wrestler’s boot.

    MK: Please let go of me… Let go of my hair.

    * There is a silence before Johnson begins to speak in a low and mumbled whisper.

    VJ: Shhh. Do you hear that… Do you hear that…(Now screaming) Do you hear that?!

    * Johnson’s voice travels the length of the hall, and bounces back like someone thrown hard into the ropes. As it does a terrified gasp is released from Kelly’s pale face.

    MK: Hear what? I can’t hear anything.

    * Johnson’s voice is back to a whisper.

    VJ: Exactly my point. Nothing. The dead of silence. Does it not suit you? Does it make you nervous? Does it not caress you as it does me? You see the silence is what pleases me, it’s what I yearn for, it’s what gets me off. But the only thing that is better than the silence itself is forcing a chunk of it down the throat of someone whom isn’t. Now I think you and I are at an agreement at this point that the best thing for you to do right now is to be silent, and to let me talk.

    * Johnson waits for a response from the terrified reported, but to his glee there is none. All that can be heard is bone chilled breath after bone chilled breath as she waits for the next interruption of the dead silence.

    VJ: Last week I decided to take a little vacation. This week my opponent isn’t going to be so lucky. You see I’m the kind of man that really has nothing to live for. This makes me a dangerous man. That means there is no limit, nor any lines that I won’t cross to make sure that I get what I want and what I need. Nothing is sacred and nobody associated with this person is safe. Not anyone in his personal life or professional. And seeing as you are a person who works with him, that puts you right in the thick of things now doesn’t it? But don’t you worry your pretty little eyes. I’ve all ready gotten my fill for the moment.

    * The camera is picked up and is shaky. Vance Johnson points the camera at the unconscious cameraman on the ground, but not before getting a glimpse of one horrified interviewer. He then tosses her to the side and she takes off running in a panic. He points the camera towards his face. The light reveals a shadowy outline and never gets focused in on its target.

    VJ: Roberto. You question my toughness? You question the guts of the Figure of Destiny? Go ahead. It might be the last question you’ll ever get to ask. I have every intention of leaving you broken in that ring. You want to mock me and call me cowardly? When the dust settles and all is done January 10th, I will be the one who has imposed his will on the other. The will of a man-god. You have no idea what hell lies before you. This poor broken man before me has no idea. He was lucky enough to be knocked unconscious by my hands. The same hands that will ravage you and leave you in a state of permanent paralysis. I will make the ‘Beautiful Man’ a beautiful symbol of chaos and destruction.

    * Footsteps can be heard coming down the hallway, along with the former leader of the interview leading the authorities backstage to the site of fallen cameraman.

    VJ: They come for me now as I come for you Roberto. I will bring the sweet caress of silence to your soul and release you of the torment of your day-to-day life. All in sweet time… All in sweet time.

    * Johnson drops the camera and when the authorities arrive to the scene, just moments later, he is nowhere to be found.
    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie Enzo - Dr. Pr0xy
    The camera pans out from a black limousine outside of the CWA arena, Frankie's personal driver, Phil, opens the door. Tonight Frankie steps out of the limo alone, no attractive women, no expensive suit; infact, he is already in his in-ring attire. He looks like hes ready to fight, he is red in the face, his fists are clenched tight as he makes his way into the arena. He storms through the heel locker room like abull in a china shop, slams down his bag and takes out his own personal bottle of Jack Daniels and tumblar, he pours his self a large measurement of the beverage and drinks it all in one. it appears that Frankie is watching re runs of his match against Roberto, where he lost.
    "Why in Gods name did I let this happen?"
    Frankie burys is head in to his hands, pauses briefly, stands up and throws the half full bottle of JD against the wall. He breathes in and out heavily, then approaches the door, opens it and slams it shut, allmost knocking it off its hinges.
    *5 minuites later*
    Frankie approaches the boss' office and knocks heavily on the door.
    "What the...whos there?" shouts the boss, in complete and utter surprise (No one usually bothers him so early on)
    "Its Frankie, and I advise you open this damn door right now!"
    The boss opens the door and lets Frankie into the office.
    "What the hell is your problem, Enzo, you lost last week sosmellin' like a damn brewery and nearly knocking my damn door down, what makes you think I shouldn't get security to drag your ass outta here for good?"
    "Just listen, boss, last week was a fluke, Im not sure about you, but Im too damn good for..Roberto...or whatever his damn name is, ok, give me another shot at the title and I'll prove to you, and these hypocrits who call themselves wrestling fans, that Im the best in the business"
    Frankie turns to the camera.
    "Listen, Im the best in this business, there is absolutely no one out there worthy of competing against me, not here, or anywhere else,so you listen up...tonight, Im gonna prove to you all that im the best, and when I do, I expect a title shot!"

    Frankie leaves the room before the boss can get a word in, the camera then turns to the boss as he shakes his head, and sits back down in his chair.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Brotherhood - Guardian Devil and PeaceSells

    *It’s mere moments before the Brotherhood begin their return into wrestling in a tag team match against Hardcore Hell; when suddenly, the lights in the arena suddenly go out. The crowd fall into silence in wonder of what’s about to happen. There are even a very select few making Vance Johnson chants. Finally Holy Diver can be heard of the speakers, and any IWF fans know what is about to come. The Hoodamaniacs in attendance go crazy as out walks the man with the longest unofficial losing streak in the entire CWA at 17-0, the leader of the Brotherhood, The Guardian Devil, IWF X-Fly Title still in hand, although he seems to have renamed it, and alongside him is the number one contender for the CWA Heavyweight Championship, and fellow Hoodlum, The Ultimate Pain!*

    *Both men stand at the top of the ramp, looking deadly serious, soaking up the tremendous atmosphere, until GD finally gives a Fonzie style thumbs up to which the crowd pops for. Pain is wearing a much too tight casual shirt and trouser combo with his somewhat trademark over-sized aviators on. GD is wearing jeans and a brand-spanking new Milton Bradley Cubs jersey as they both make their way down to the ring. GD and Pain climb into the ring, and both men climb turnbuckles, GD is striking some cheesy poses and taunts which the crowd are soaking up whilst Pain looks unsure of what to do in return for this great reception which he’s clearly not used to. GD then makes his way over to pick up a couple of microphones. He throws one to Pain, who isn’t paying attention and it hits him in the chest. Pain looks angrily at GD before picking the mic up off the mat. Both men now have microphones in hand and are left waiting for the crowd to settle down before they begin this seemingly important announcement*

    Pain: “Alright, alright, shut it.”

    *In their currently crazed trance-like state, the crowd pops hard for being told to “shut it” by Pain*

    Pain: “We all know you’ve been waiting all night to hear from us, and yes, it is true, the Brotherhood…are back!”

    *Crowd pop*

    Pain: “And we are not only better, but we are also, bigger than ever before. You may only see before you, GD and Ultimate Pain, but backstage we got more men than even Elton John could shake a stick at.”

    *Pain waits for laughs which just ain’t coming*

    GD: “Best to leave the funnies to me guy.”

    Pain *ignoring GD*: For those who want a little history of the Brotherhood, we were the most successful stable in IWF history, we dominated, we held more titles than you could ever care to imagine and then IWF folded and wrestling lost its greatest faction. We’ve had a couple of years off now, we’ve recharged our batteries, and we are back ready to dominate everyone out there in the back, more than ever.

    GD: “Leave your sex life out of this Pain.”

    *Crowd goes into hysterical fits of laughter*

    Pain: “Really? That got the laughs?”

    GD: “Hey, what can I say? I still got it.”

    *GD gives his trademark “The Fonz” pose*

    Pain: “As I was saying, we intend to hold every title this federation has to offer, and we intend to do it, our way, starting at Uprising where I will become the first CWA Heavyweig…”

    GD: “Alright Pain, enough about you, let’s get down to business. Introduce the real reason the people are here, the main event…”

    Pain: “Vance Johnson versus Roberto?”

    GD: “Me, you idiot!”

    Pain: “Ohhh, right.”

    *GD rolls his eyes*
    Quote Originally Posted by The Brotherhood - Guardian Devil and PeaceSells

    Pain: “Here he is folks, the smartest, strongest, toughest, best looking man in CWA’s best friend, yes that’s right, my right hand man…The Guardian Devil!”

    *GD raises his arms as the fans go wild*

    GD: “That’s right pee pee ehl, GD is back in action and ready to cause a reaction……or something. And seeing as this is my hometown…..”

    *Crowd goes nuts for the hometown boy*

    GD: “Ah yes, sweet home Chicago….home of some of the worst sports franchises in history!”

    *At this the fans furiously boo GD*

    GD: “Now now, no need to get sensitive. I mean after all, we are…RIGHT HERE in Chicago, Illinois! *pops the thumbs up, crowd goes crazy yet again as Pain mumbles in disbelief*

    GD: “So anywho, it’s time to get down to serious bidness. I am out here with my boy, the Ultimate Pain, to revamp The Brotherhood and bring our signified brand of excellencio to this promotion *peers at notecard in hand* the CWA. Now, before I get started on whatever retards we are gonna crush tonight, I gotta get some things off of my chest.

    *GD pulls the cameraman close to his face, in srs bizness mode*

    GD: “So as all of you may remember, our last group consisted essentially of me, this man behind me, his little bro, and a guy named Kennith Leblanc. And while lil’ Pain is in the back playing his Viva Pinata that I lovingly purchased for him, Mr. Leblanc is not. Kenny-boy, you dropped the ball. The Brotherhood was the most dominant force in the history of this business and when I ask you to get the band back together, what do I get? A whole lotta nada!”

    *The crowd boos at the notion*

    GD: “Shut up, the grown ups are talking!”

    *aaaaaand boo GD now*

    GD: “So now I am in control of this group! You dropped the ball and I’m here to shoot the J. I’m bringing in a new guy tonight that you alllllll will get to see in glorious Technicolor, and with him, we will be the most irresistible force v. immovable object…..uh…force in the wooooorld!” *GD looks over at Pain*

    Pain: “Um….RAWR!!! That’s right! GD and I run this ship now, don’t bother coming back…yannow, unless you like…..may possibly want to in the future, which seems perfectly acceptable also...”

    GD: “So yeah, now that THAT unfriendliness is out of the way, let’s talk about tonight.”

    Pain: “Tonight you say?”

    GD: *breaking into song* “Tonight! Tonight! A very special niiiiiiight!!!!!!! I’ve got three things to chat about. Firstly, Devon Jones. So apparently *mockingly* ‘this r my human form’ didn’t really help you out too much last week, so allow me to bring a suggestion to the table. Perhaps you should bring your ‘Demon’ form with you tonight cuz Pain and I are not just looking for a win, we are looking for a massacre and you need all the help you can get!”

    Pain: “That’s right, we’re gonna inflict some pain. You might even say some Uuuuuulllltimate…

    *GD cuts him off*

    GD: “Not yet d00d. Secondly, Tony Burlom. What the Eff kinda name is Burlom?? It’s like some bullish out of a terrible scifi movie. OH NO! Here comes the mighty Bur Lom to eat my babies! Well, whatever it is you do Burlom, you wont be doing it tonight. *Crowd looks on in bewilderment* Yes, I realize that doesn’t make any sense but um……gtfo! *Mild boos* But whatever, Burlap sack boy, it’s on like donkey kong. My third bit of news is that I AM still the IWF X-Fly champion.

    *GD hoists the belt to his shoulder*

    GD: “And as of approximately 25 minutes ago, this title is now officially recognized as this company’s secondary premier heavyweight title. And it is officially named the Brotherhood Heavyweight Championship! Official, official, officialness! Yippee!”

    *The fans cheer in amusement*

    GD: “No, BAD fans! BAD fans! Don’t cheer us, we’re tweeners!

    *Crowd erupts into boos*

    GD: “I’m kidding, cheer us! YAY!”

    *Crowd goes nuts again*

    Pain: “Man, these people eat out of your palm. It's ridiculous!”

    GD: “Inorite!? Isn’t it leet? Anyways, you know what I just realized? We haven’t had any off-beat shenanigans today. So with that, I leave you all with this!”

    *GD points to the heavens as and explosion of balloons and confetti blast out of the sky. From underneath the ring emerge a gaggle of clowns doing all sorts of trickery and fun ‘n games for the childrens.*

    Pain: “Dude, clowns?”

    GD: “Yeah guy, clowns are pretty winner. Oh and also, he’s…..”

    Pain: “Seriously? That's the best set-up you could come up with for me?

    GD: "Just get on with it gui."

    Pain *looking downhearted*: "...The Ullllllllltimate Paaain!!!”

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Stone - Sonic
    The camera opens up to a locker room in the back of the CWA arena. The room is empty but you can hear something faint in the background. The camera creeps closer and the sound can be made out. The camera reaches a door that leads to a gym in the back of the empty locker room. The camera goes through the door and the sound is made out to be a punching bag being hit over and over. The speed that the bag is being hit at sounds angry, like someone is getting out pent up anger out on it. The camera finally reveals Rich stone punching and kicking the bag. He sees the camera out of the corner of his eye and takes one final shot at the bag. He turns his full attention to the camera and grabs his towel off the floor. He wipes the sweat of his face and walks to the camera.

    Rich: What exactly is destiny? A lot of people sue the word and don’t actually have a true meaning of the word. The correct definition of it is predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events. The sad thing is that people don’t actually know what they have to do to achieve their destiny. When the definition is the way to achieve your destiny. It is a predetermined course of events. How stupid do you have to be to not recognize what you have to do? Act yourself and don’t do anything different from what you do. But here’s something that is not known. Destiny is and acronym. That’s right it is. For those who don’t know what that is I will help you find out. Each letter stands for something else and I will help break it down for each and every one of you tonight.

    Rich removes his towel of his shoulder and once again wipes the sweat of his face. His demeanor changes to a confident swagger.

    Rich: The D in destiny stands for doubt. There should never be any doubt that the person in question should ever no achieve their respective destiny. It will always happened and there is nothing that can done about it. Take me for example, Eoghan O’Neill you want to step in front of my destiny and think that you can stop me. Well you are surely mistaken because I don’t fail at things like this. But lets continue shall we…The E stands for evolution. To find out one’s true destiny they have to evolve and becoming greater then they once were. As I have because everyday I get better and better, and as you all know I am the walking evolution that can not be stopped, slowed, or contained. The S… that means strength. To get to where you need to be you need to be strong. You need to have to be tough and get through the hard times. To have the strength to rise up to the occasion and take what is yours. To be able to take what is given to you since the very second that you were born. As for the T… that would stand for time. Only time will tell when your destiny will fully arrive and when it does you have to take it. Also your destiny will only come one time so the moment will have to be seized. And I can assure you when my time arrives I will not falter and not lose my chance.

    Rich smiles and walks over to his bag on the ground. He opens the bag and puts on a shirt before walking back over to the camera.

    Rich: This is where it gets good. The I stands for Imminent. The destiny is imminent and there is nothing that can be done because destiny is an order of events that lead to a bigger higher purpose. All events are imminent and O’Neill you are just the first obstacle that I have to go through rather than around. The N stands for Never. Never does the person in question ever EVER think that they will not achieve their destiny because I never have and never will. I know what will happen and I will not stop until It is achieved.

    Now finally we get to my favorite one of all. The last one the Y. This is a little unconventional because there is very little few words that begin with Y but bear with me here ladies and gents. Well to stop myself before I get to far off topic… the Y stands for… WHY BOTHER! Why would you bother trying to stop what cannot be controlled? Stopping destiny is like trying to stop a train with your bare hands. It cannot happen. O’ Neill you are in your first match in CWA and you have to face me. I am going to embarrass you because people think that I am all talk. Ha I laugh at that thought. People don’t give me enough credit because I was eliminated from the match first last week. So what I had an off week big deal. I am still the number one man in CWA. I know that there is not a single person in that locker room, hell anywhere that can match me in all aspect of the game. Speed, power, technical, brawling, or whatever you can think of. I am the future of this business. That is not just a catchy title that is the honest to god truth. I am the future of CWA.

    O’Neill I don’t know that much about you, and you don’t really know that much about me as well. But I know that after this match along with the rest of the CWA locker room you will know who I am. You will know what length I will go to achieve my destiny. The CWA championship is not just something I want. It is something that I have to get. It is my destiny to have that title and there is not a person alive, and I mean not a person alive who will be able to beat me at my best. Hell on any given day. Destiny guides me through everything I do and Eoghan O’Neill’s destiny path leads him to being my first victim. This cocky attitude is not a façade. I know that everything I say I can back up. I back up my words with my blood, my sweat, and your tears. The future of wrestling starts now and I am the future. This company is mine now and everyone better get out of the way unless they want to get hurt. Its not arrogance… It’s destiny.

    Rich smiles and takes a deep breath. He comes to a slight chuckle before walking toward the punching bag he was hitting before. He walks past the bad and he hits it with a right hand. The light bag swings violently and the weak cable holding it up snaps slamming the bag against the ground. Rich stands behind the bag with his back to the camera as it fades to black.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rich Stone - Sonic

    Quote Originally Posted by Roberto - Fedor
    *Backstage Michelle Kelly is talking to the camera guy by the water cooler, when all of a sudden they spot Roberto and Orlando acting all mysterious*
    Quote Originally Posted by Roberto - Fedor

    Michelle: "Those two are up to something...let's go, we might have a scoop here."

    *Michelle catches up to them*

    Michelle: "Hey there guys, what's going on?"

    *Roberto looking all bothered, cuts off Orlando who's about to answer*

    Roberto: "It's you again. Don't you have anything better to do but bother us?"

    Michelle: I am a reporter, this is my job."

    Roberto: "You call bothering people a job?"

    *Roberto and Orlando both start laughing, until Orlando realizes that he is also a reporter*

    Orlando: "Hey, I am also a reporter."

    Roberto: "Ohhhhh I know sweetheart, and I think you're so cute when you're reporting."

    *Roberto gives Michelle a dirty look while consoling Orlando*

    Roberto: "See what you have done now, you've upset Orlando."

    *Michelle shakes her head and rolls her eyes*

    Michelle: "I'm sorry. So, can I come with you guys or not?"

    Roberto: "Whatever, just dont get in the way and don't ask any questions."

    *They all march down the dark hallway of the boiler room*

    Roberto: "So Orlando, are you sure this is the place?"

    Orlando: "This is it. My sources are never wrong. This is where he is supposed to be."

    Michelle: "Who is supposed to be here?"

    Roberto: "SHHHH!!! What did I tell you?"

    *Michelle rolls her eyes*

    Michelle: "Oh forgot, sorry"

    Roberto: "Ok let's move on"

    *As they keep making their way down the dark hallway, it looks like Orlando and Roberto are a little frightened*

    Orlando: "This place gives me the chills Roberto."

    Roberto: "Dont tell me you are scared of the dark Orlandino?"

    Orlando: "No, Im just saying, it's a little creepy down here, thats all"

    *All of a sudden a mouse jumps out of the corner and Roberto and Orlando both scream like girls and hug each other*

    Michelle: "Oh comon guys, it was only a little mouse"

    *Michelle kelly bursts into laughter*

    *Roberto looks at Orlando and shrugs him off*

    Roberto: "Oh I know, I was just conforting Orlando. I thought he was gonna have a heart attack"

    Orlando: "Me? I wasnt scared."

    Roberto: "Yes you were."

    Orlando: "Well, maybe a little."

    *As they keep arguing, Michelle spots a dark figure in the far corner*

    Michelle: "Hey fellas, is that the one you guys are looking for?"

    *Roberto now gets all serious*

    Roberto: "Oh thats him...stay back"

    *Roberto cautiously gets a little closer*

    Roberto: "Hello there Mr. Johnson, the time has finally come for me and you to go on our date. I can barely wait. You see Mr. Johnson, you attacked me in New York, with the delusion that your actions would have no consequences. Why? Do you not think I'm man enough to fight back? Would I be the number one contender if I wasnt man enough? Delusional is what you are Mr. Johnson...or maybe you attacked me, because you needed to justify an existence that's without meaning or purpose. The truth is, I feel sorry for you...sorry at your lack of intellect, 'cause only a simple mind could invent an insipid character such as the Figure of Destiny." *Roberto rubs his chin* "Figure of Destiny uh? Well the way I figure, your destiny tonight involves me kicking your poop shoot all over that ring. I've fought people like you before. I know people like you. Vagaries of your own perception is what drives you. But dont you worry honey, I will be your Saviour. I will slap you back into reality Mr. Johnson. You see, you have made your bed and now you're going to have sleep in it and guess what? I'm going to be the one tucking you in. Tonight Mr. Johnson your ass belongs to me."

    *The dark figure now turns around and starts walking towards Roberto. Roberto looks intense and ready to fight. As tension mounts, the dark figure gets closer to the light to reveal that he is not Vance Johnson, but just a middle age man*

    Mysterious Man: "Hey there, were you guys talking to me, I couldnt really hear you."

    *Roberto all confused*

    Roberto: "Who the hell are you?"

    Mysterious Man: "I'm the caretaker here. Are you guys lost?"

    *Roberto looks at Orlando*

    Roberto: "I thought you said he'd be here."

    Orlando: "Well this is where my source told me Mr. Rogers would be."

    *Roberto looking all confused now*

    Roberto: "Mr. Rogers?"

    Mysterious Man: "I'm Mr. Rogers, you guys were looking for me?"

    *Roberto now looking all frustrated*

    Roberto: "MR. ROGERS????? I told you to look for Mr. Johnson you fool."

    *Orlando looking like he doesnt know any Mr. Johnson*

    *Roberto jumping up and down in frustration*

    Roberto: "Vance Johnson?...The Figure of Destiny?"

    Orlando: "OHHHHHH! Then why are we here."

    *Roberto looking like he is about to blow*

    Roberto: "Beause you told me he'd be here."

    Orlando: "Well, I thought you said Mr. Rogers. Actually I saw Vance Johnson in the washroom right before you came and got me"

    *Roberto at this point turns around and walks back to the arena, mumbling and swearing*

    *Orlando turns to Michelle Kelly*

    Orlando: "It was an honest mistake. Do you think he's mad?"

    Michelle: "Well, maybe a little. Dont worry about it...let's go, I'll buy you a latte"

    *Orlando all of a sudden goes from sad to excited*

    Orlando: "A latte from Enricos?"

    Michelle: "Sure why not..."

    *They both start making their way back*

    Michelle: "Hey let me ask you something...did Roberto's promo remind you of anything?"

    Orlando: "mmmmm I dont think so...what you mean?"

    Michelle: "A movie or something?"

    *Michelle and Orlando both thinking*

    Orlando: "I dont think so"

    Michelle: "I thought I heard that from somewhere else...oh well"

    *Camera cuts out*

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    Re: January 14th 2009 - Top Five Talents

    Awh yeah, back to back weeks at the top.

    Everyone upped their game this week in my view. Promos were much improved. Keep it up.

    And he scores goals...!

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    Re: January 14th 2009 - Top Five Talents

    Yeah, great promos all around. I had fun reading them all.

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    Re: January 14th 2009 - Top Five Talents

    Aw bummer didn't even make the list

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    Re: January 14th 2009 - Top Five Talents

    Nice promos everyone looks like I got to step my game up

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    Re: January 14th 2009 - Top Five Talents

    I really liked Logan V's promo. He really told a great story and it was easy to read. His character is really coming to life.

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