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Thread: Eoghan O'Neill (RELEASED)

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    Eoghan O'Neill (RELEASED)

    Name*: Eoghan O'Neill
    Nickname: "The Celtic Warrior"
    Age*: 30
    Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
    Height: 6ft
    Weight*: 248lb
    Gimmick*: A Celtic Warrior who carries a sword and shield to the ring.
    Disposition*: Heel

    Wrestling Style*: Power
    Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best) Power, Brawling, Technical, Speed, Charisma Speed

    Signature Moves*: (Minimum of Two, Maximum of Five) Spear, Chokebomb Pin
    Finishing Moves*: (Maximum of Two) The Celtic Kill (Death Valley Driver)

    Previous Expierance: Wrestled in a few Irish/Northern Irish over the years. Now wants to make a break somewhere else.

    Picture*: (150x150, non-animated. If blank one will be chosen for you.)

    Introduction: (Short hype video)

    It shows Someone in a dark room sitting with their back turned.

    "For years and years, people have seen wrestlers coming up and down from places such as America or Canada or Japan....but no one has ever seen an Irish Warrior...A Celtic Warrior...demolish his foes in the ring. In CWA...I haven't come to win any Titles...I've come to unleash my pain on anyone who crosses my Irish Path while I then lead them to destruction."

    "The Celtic Warrior" Eoghan O'Neill turns around as he has Celtic gear on as he holds his sword and shield.

    "My name is Eoghan O'Neill...and I'm coming to send a message to CWA."
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