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Thread: Joey Nicholas

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    Joey Nicholas

    Joey Nicholas

    Nick Name
    "The Real Deal"

    December 16th, 1985


    Place of Birth
    Long Beach, CA

    Currently Resides
    Los Angeles, CA


    223 lbs

    Arrogant Veteran


    Outside the ring:
    dresses in jeans and a button down shirt along with Oakley sunglasses.

    In ring: Wears long legged tights.

    Wrestling Style

    Wrestling Abilities

    Basic Moves
    "Highlight of The Night" (Famouser)
    "The Road to Destiny" (C4)
    Standing Moonsault
    Fishermen suplex
    Release Belly-to-belly suplex

    Signature Strike Moves
    Flying spinning heel kick
    Back-flip kick

    Signature Submission Moves
    Single legged Boston Crab
    Argentine leglock

    Finishing Moves
    "The Deal Breaker" (Super kick)

    Submission Finishing Move
    "The Realization" (Cloverleaf)
    CWA W-L-D Record

    Career Highlights
    • Returned to the CWA at Uprising 2011 and cost the Ultimate Pain the World Heavyweight Championship
    • Left the CWA in mid August to pursue an acting career
    • Formed the first version of the Elite with the Future in early 2010
    • Lend a helping hand in banishing the Ultimate Pain from the CWA in 2009
    • First ever CWA X-Fly Champion
    • First and Last ever CWA World Lightweight Champion
    Previous Experience: Wrestled the Indy circuit from the age of 18 to present

    Injury History
    Current Entrance Theme:

    Hate Me Now - Nas ft. Puff Daddy

    Previous Entrance Theme(s):

    Justice - Rev Theory

    Past Merchandise


    A F450 Ferrari is seen approaching down the block, coming to a halt with the driver side in front of the camera it's engine purring, then coming to an abrupt halt as the car turns off. The door swings open and Joey Nicholas slides out of the driver's seat, a slight breeze runs through his hair as he momentarily takes off his shades while fixing his white buttoned down collared shirt and blue jeans.
    Finally sliding the aviator sunglasses back onto his eyes, Nicholas proceeds to gaze at the camera with a smirk.


    The name's Joey Nicholas, and I've come to the CWA to capture Gold and give the fans someone they can truly cheer for because lets face it, each and every one of them needs someone who is completely better then they are in every single way, shape, and form to look up to and who better for them than The Real Deal Joey Nicholas? soon, you will all witness what true greatness really is...

    Joey smirks whilst the camera fades to black
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    Re: Joey "The Real Deal" Nicholas

    December 31st 2008

    The camera pans on Michelle Kelly and Joey Nicholas, who’s back is to the camera. The CWA banner can be seen behind the two on the wall.

    Michelle Kelly:
    Ladies a Gentleman I am Michelle Kelly, and joining me now is one of the contenders participating in the Four-way Elimination bout for the CWA Lightweight Championship, Joey Nicholas! Joey, how do you…

    Suddenly before Michelle can finish her sentence Joey twirls around, aviator sunglasses covering his eyes, grinning cunningly into monitor

    From everyone in attendance to those watching at home on their lazy asses, feast your eyes on pure greatness! You are all witnessing the highlight of the night! The real deal sex appeal, Joey Nicholas! And it will be my pleasure to be crowned the first ever Lightweight Champion in CWA history!

    Joey pauses for a moment to the ensuing of boos throughout the arena

    The three losers against me have no
    chance at winning . First you have Tony Burlom. The half tard that seems to be stuck in eighth grade and can’t seem to grasp the harsh reality that he is indeed a complete and utter failure. Hey Tony! Here’s a clue, go back to playing World of Warcraft in your parent’s basement maybe then for the first time in you’re pathetic excuse of a life you can feel a sense of accomplishment!

    Takes a moment to check out Michelle before continuing

    Next you have Doc Adams, the man crippled an innocent man in a no named organization and then supposedly experiences an epiphany that he was jus going to walk all over the competition in the CWA. Listen Doc, I’m going to tell you this one time, your place is backstage handing out business cards and offering happy endings to all the boys in the back, not in the squared circle with the likes of me. You’re a fluke! And you will never amount to anything more than a failed chiropractic turned wrestler if you continue living a lie.

    Pauses briefly

    Lastly you have Akmed…

    Michelle: (Interrupts) Abdul Akbar Aslam?

    Joey: (Looks to Michelle) You should know The Real Deal doesn’t speak Arabic Michelle! (Looks back into the camera) As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Akmed hails from the Middle East, and from the looks of him he has never heard of a hairstylist either as he looks like a cross between Doc Adams and Carrie-Anne Moss! (Laughs) What a joke!

    Pauses once more and chuckles

    Joey: But rest assure I am better than each and every one of my three opponents in every single way, shape, and form. There is no question that I will be walking out of New York City tonight with the gold around my waist. I’m going to be the one to set the bar and set in stone that I Joey Nicholas am the best performer this company has yet to see!

    Joey gazes into the camera with a cunning smirk for a moment before turning his attention to the two gorgeous valets turning the corner heading his direction. Nicholas then proceeds to put one at each arm and begin toward the sage. While the trio makes their way to the entrance ramp, Nicholas looks back over his shoulder and gives a flirtatious smirk toward Michelle. Michelle in turn is shown looking in disgust and shakes her head while the camera fades to black
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    Re: Joey "The Real Deal" Nicholas

    January 14th 2009

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the new CWA Light weight champion, Joey Nicholas!

    (Cue Joey’s theme) Joey saunters through the curtains, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with aviator sunglasses along with the gold belt over his right shoulder. He grins as he struts his way to the ring steps. Once at the top of the ring apron Joey turns to the crowd with the title in his right hand and swings the title overhead. Confetti falls from the rafters and begins to swirl around the arena. Joey looks through the crowd for a few moments before throwing the title back over his shoulder and proceeds through the middle rope. Joey then casually walks over to Lindsay and takes the microphone in his hand as the confetti ceases.

    Joey: Ever single one of you here in Chicago should relish the very fact that such a great performer such as I, Joey Nicholas, am here at this time and juncture because lets face it, the Bears are not the ones to look to for talent!

    Joey smirks at the members of the Chicago Bears in the front row as boos ensue throughout the arena

    Joey: Last week I, Joey Nicholas, became the first ever CWA Light weight champion! I gave my word that I was going to walk out of New York City last week with the gold around my waist by beating three of the best talent that this company had to offer. In doing so I solidified the very notion that I am indeed the Real Deal in this industry!

    Pauses as the crowd belittles him

    Joey: I await the next challenger to fall before me, as I foresee no one with the capabilities to dethrone me! This marks the beginning of the Real Deal Sex Appeal Joey Nicholas’ era! It’s my time to shine! Greatness is indeed my destiny and there is no one here to stop me!

    The mic is dropped with a loud thud onto the mat whilst Joey grins on exiting the ring, his music drowning out the boos as he heads up the ramp and to the back
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    Re: Joey "The Real Deal" Nicholas

    January 28th 2009

    (The camera pans in on Orlando Maxwell, his back to the door of the Champions locker room)
    Orlando Maxwell: Ladies and Gentlemen, later tonight Joey Nicholas will be participating in a triple threat with Mike Crotch and Logan V! Now lets get a few words from the CWA lightweight Champion.
    (Orlando knocks rhythmically on the door and awaits the champ. Suddenly, the door is thrown open and Joey advances out smirking, wearing his ring attire along with aviator sunglasses as well as the Lightweight championship slung over his shoulder)
    Orlando Maxwell: Joey, what are your though…
    Joey: (Scowls) Hold up Orlando! What the hell is your deal knocking on the Real Deal Sex Appeal’s locker room like a complete and utter artard!?
    (Orlando shakes his head before answering)
    Orlando Maxwell: I don’t know what you mean Joe…
    Joey: Shut your trap! First off, you have the audacity to knock so ridiculously on the Real Deal’s door and now you don’t even have the capability of introducing me correctly!? I may have to stick to interviews with Michelle Kelly at this rate! Now try your absolute best to repeat after me! Ladies and Gentlemen, with me now is the…
    (With a puzzled look at Joey, Orlando obliges)
    Orlando Maxwell: Ladies and Gentlemen,with me now is the…
    Joey: Current CWA Lightweight Champion, The Real Deal Sex Appeal…
    Orlando Maxwell: Current CWA Lightweight Champion, The Real Deal Sex Appeal…
    Joey: Joey Nicholas!
    Orlando Maxwell:(dryly)Joey…Nicholas.
    Joey: Good job virgin Maxwell! And yet you wonder why you still reside in your Grandma’s basement playing dungeons and dragons!
    (Orlando looks down at his feet in dismay)
    Joey: Anyways, what do you want?
    Orlando Maxwell: Wellfirst off I wanted to get your thoughts on what transpired last week on Adrenaline Rush between you, Dr. Jack Adams, and Abdul Akbar Alsam.
    Joey: Well both of those incompetent fools tried to rain on my parade by running in and attempt to make a statement to boss man Anderson. Well in doing so they stole my spotlight! And well, we all know I couldn’t let that happen. (Smirks) So I took matters into my own hands and clocked them both over the head with my championship to remind them just who the better man is. That was indeed a triumphant moment for the Real Deal as I positioned myself conqueringly over their motionless bodies for a second consecutive week! You see what they both fail to realize is that I’ve already beaten the both of them to be crowned champion. And even though both of those men believe wholeheartedly that they were screwed out of the Lightweight title match two weeks ago, their opinion isn’t worth a damn, every one around the world knows just as well as you do Orlando, that the superior man walked out of New York City with the gold around his waist.Doc Adams along with Akmed must now go to the back of the line just like everyone else. I made the announcement last week that I have since moved on from my past foes and declared last week, that I await the next challenger.
    (Grins into the camera)
    Orlando Maxwell: Well now onto your opponents in that triple threat match, first your thoughts on that (shudders) masked devil Logan V.
    Joey: (Chuckles) Honestly anybody that has to conceal themselves behind a mask just to hide from their own pathetic excuse of a life is not worthy of stepping in the ring with someone of my stature. You see Logan, whining and complaining about not getting any wiser with age is not doing you any favors in this business, so what I’m going to help is you out by giving you some advice old man. Hang up the boots while you’re ahead, trust me you don’t want to embarrass your self again by stepping in the ring with the likes of Joey Nicholas!
    Orlando Maxwell: Now then, what are your thoughts on Mike Rotch?
    Joey: (Taken back for a moment) Excuse me?
    Orlando Maxwell: You know Mike Rotch
    Joey: I don’t know what the hell you’re trying to insinuate Orlando,The Real Deal doesn’t hang out with that kind of crowd, so we are not going to talk about (points below Orlando’s belt) your crotch!
    Orlando Maxwell:Bu…
    (Joey interrupts Orlando with a repulsive look on his face)
    Joey: No! You sick freak! Let me make this very clear to you Orlando, what you do on your own time as Roberto’s fluffer is completely your business but don’t ever once mistake me for having a limp wrist!
    (Orlando face turns cheery red with embarrassment)
    Joey: Now onto my opponent for tonight, Mike Ock!
    (Orlando frowns while shaking his head)
    Joey: Don’t give me that look Orlando, I’m sure you yourself would love to see Mike Ock in action!
    Orlando Maxwell: Wha…
    Joey: No, no, no, I’m done hearing anymore of those creepy innuendos from your mouth Maxwell! The fact of the matter is, I’m going to wipe the floor with little Mikey and Logan V thus silencing all those naysayers who claim my title win was a fluke, adding yet another win under my belt! Furthermore, I will once again prove why Joey Nicholas is the Real Deal in the CWA and there is nobody here to say otherwise…
    (Joey Smirks and then proceeds to make his way down the hallway to the entrance ramp)
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    Re: Joey "The Real Deal" Nicholas

    February 11th 2009

    The camera pans on Michelle Kelly who is in front of the Champions locker room

    Michelle Kelley: Ladies and Gentlemen, just a few moments ago it was announced by Mr. Anderson that on February 11, at the upcoming Pay Per View Uprising, Joey Nicholas will be defending the distinguished CWA Lightweight Championship against Dr. Jack Adams and Abdul Akbar Alsam. These three were involved in an elimination match to crown the very first Lightweight champion on the first Adrenaline Rush show, in which Joey was the victor. However, the end result was not one without controversy and for the weeks that soon followed, the three have been at each other’s throats over who is the rightful owner of the championship through constant berating and attacks to one another. Astounding enough as that is, the championship belt itself has even been involved in the recent brawls that have ensued recently, leaving the CWA chairman no choice but to institute a triple threat match for the championship to end this dispute once and for all. Now lets get a few words from the champ, shall we?

    Michelle Kelley knocks on the door, awaiting an answer. After a moment the door is thrown open and Joey pops his head out glancing at Michelle and proceeds to give her a smirk

    Joey Nicholas: Well hello there sweetie! Are you here to warm me up before my match?

    Michelle Kelley: (Clearly disgusted) Uh no Joey, I don’t date guys like you, much less sleep with them. I’m only here to get an interview with you to get your thoughts on your match at Uprising and that is it, nothing else!

    Joey Nicholas: (smiles) You keep telling yourself that you’re not attracted to the Real Deal Michelle, and I‘m sure one day you will be able to convince somebody, someone!

    becoming frustrated, Michelle looks over at Joey with the microphone in hand and continues with her teeth clenched

    Michelle Kelley: Anyways, what…are your…thoughts…heading into one of your biggest challenge thus far?

    Joey Nicholas gazes at the interviewer in awe before replying

    Joey Nicholas: Good thing you are cute Michelle, because you’re clearly lacking the ability to determine who is greater in the equation.

    Joey laughs as Michelle Kelley looks away rolling her eyes

    Joey Nicholas: You see Michelle, every one is talking about how Doc Adams and Akmed…

    Michelle Intervenes quickly to correct Joey

    Michelle Kelley: Abdul Akbar Alsam!

    Joey Nicholas: (To Michelle Kelley) Why are you yelling at me in Arabic again? (to cameraman John) Is she cussing me out in Arabic or what?

    (John shakes his head all the while Michelle becomes absolutely enraged)

    Michelle Kelley: No… it’s his…ugh! (Looks to the cameraman) You know what John, forget this! (Looks to Joey) You can do this interview yourself, you ass!

    Shoves the microphone in Joey’s hands and stomps away

    Joey Nicholas: Well isn’t she just full of her self! (Chuckles)

    John starts to look at his watch in dismay

    Joey Nicholas: Well as I was saying both Doc Adams and Akmed…

    (From down the hallway Michelle can be heard as she is storming away)

    Michelle: It’s Abdul Akbar Alsam, you babbling idiot!

    Joey Nicholas: That girl has quite the mouth on her, insulting me in two languages, very impressive!

    John: (Clearing his throat) Hey champ, I have to go...

    Joey Nicholas: What? You late for a date with Orlando Maxwell John?

    John shakes his head

    Joey Nicholas: Then shut the hell up! I’m going to take as long as I need to get my point across! Anyways as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted AGAIN, both of these idiots have been constantly claiming that they are indeed the rightful owners of my Lightweight championship. First you have Akmed who has been bitching left and right that the only reason he has not received a rematch is because he comes from a Jihad family and that he is only perceived as a terrorist. Well let me tell you two of the real reasons why Akmed, first you come off clearly smelling like a cow’s ass and no one can bear the stench of you! Second and more importantly, Besides evidently Michelle Kelly, no one understands what the hell you are demanding, I can't tell whether you want a rematch or for me to take your pet goat for a walk down the entrance ramp!

    Joey smirks before continuing

    Joey Nicholas: Doc Adams on the other hand, seems absolutely delusional to the fact that I beat him in our first encounter to become champion with his shoulders on the mat for the three count fair and square! Now he somehow feels entitled to a rematch as well? So here I'm asking you Doc Adams, why oh why can you not seem to grasp the harsh reality that you will forever and always be a complete and utter failure not only in your career but in your future endeavors as a man! Never experiencing that defining moment that makes you the best in this business today. Hell, even your children with one day look down upon you as such the worthless piece of crap that you are!


    Joey Nicholas: It also seems that the both of you have been engulfed in quite the rivalry over the past few weeks. (looks sternly at the camera) However, I do suggest that the both of you don’t primarily act on your impulses to tear each other apart in this match because it will only take one slight hesitation from either one of you, and before you know it, you’re knocked out cold on the ground by my boot, your shoulders on the mat, and me covering you (puts his right hand up to the camera in a fist and following the numbers with his fingers) 1...2...3, beating the both of you once again! (Puts his hand down) Come Wednesday February 11, I’m going to hit the Jackpot by beating the both of you and proving to the World once again why I am The Real Deal Sex Appeal Joey Nicholas and will be walking out of Las Vegas with MY Lightweight championship, still the very best!

    Joey grins at the camera a moment before handing the microphone back to John and heads down the entrance ramp for his match
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    Re: Joey "The Real Deal" Nicholas

    February 25th 2009

    *February 11th just minutes after Uprising goes off the air*

    Joey slams the Champion’s locker room shut and storms down the hallway with his luggage in tow and begins to advance quickly towards the heel locker room going over what had just occurred out in the ring in his mind, all the while walking past both Michelle Kelley and Orlando Maxwell.

    Michelle Kelley: (to Maxwell) Go get the scoop Orlando!

    Orlando Maxwell: Why me?

    Michelle Kelley: Because I absolutely despise the guy and I am not going to spend a night in jail for killing him!

    Orlando Maxwell: Well I don’t like him either! He constantly berates me and makes gay loser jokes about me!

    Michelle Kelley: And that’s something new?

    Orlando glares at Michelle

    Michelle Kelley: Go interview him already!!

    Orlando Maxwell: Fine! But you owe me a caramel mocha chino for this!

    Michelle Kelley: Fine! Now go!

    Orlando Maxwell motions for John the cameraman to follow him as he rushes to catch up with Joey calling after him

    Orlando Maxwell: Hey Joey! Can we get your thoughts on what transpired earlier in your triple threat match?

    Joey comes to a halt in front of the heels locker room and throws his luggage against the wall to the right of the door and turns towards Orlando with fire in his eyes

    Joey Nicholas: You want to get my though…

    Before Joey can finish, he notices Orlando wearing a t-shirt which has a picture of Roberto with the text reading Roberto Superstar and proceeds to frown

    Joey Nicholas: What in the hell are you wearing?

    Orlando looks down at his t-shirt before replying

    Orlando Maxwell: It’s the new CWA Roberto Superstar t-shirt available exclusively on!

    Joey Nicholas: You’re still riding on Roberto’s nuts?

    Orlando Maxwell: (stammering) Wh…What!? Joey no it‘s…

    Joey Nicholas: (intervening) I mean you might as well go to the local liquor store down the block, buy some tequila…

    Orlando Maxwell: Well that does sound pretty good!

    Joey Nicholas: Grab one of those little plastic cowboy hats, with the little star you can pin on your little (looks down to Orlando‘s attire in disgust) t-shirt…

    Orlando Maxwell: (Smiling) OhI love those!

    Joey Nicholas: (nodding with a grin) Oh I’m sure you do! Go back to the champion’s locker room, turn off the lights, put on the hat and the little star and play a game that I’m sure you’ll grow very fond of Orlando!

    Orlando Maxwell: What game is that?

    Joey Nicholas: It’s a little game called what’s in your mouth! Roberto, Doc Adams, Jerry with the glass eye, even that little bitch Precious are all playing it already in the champion’s locker room as we speak! It would really help you give in to those needs that you have constantly with men and little animals!

    Joey chuckles all the while Orlando just shakes his head in dismay

    Joey Nicholas: Anyways, enough about your lifestyle choice Orlando, now onto the travesty that occurred earlier tonight. Going into it, Doc Adams knew without a shadow of a doubt that he could never beat me in the ring on his best day, no matter how long he and his gimp Jerry “trained.” He took the cheapest way out by pinning the weaker link in the match, which was that useless piece of billy goat crap that was Akmed! But now with him completely out of the equation Doc, how in the hell do you ever expect to retain the title you so valiantly stole from me? For on the next Adrenaline Rush in two weeks time I will enact my automatic rematch clause. You will have to beat me somehow, someway and that is a feat you’ve never been able to accomplish in your entire career, and as I recall back at the very first Adrenaline Rush back in December, I made history by pinning you to become the very first CWA Light Weight champion! So it only seems right that I beat you once again to relinquish my title! I do hope you celebrate this victory tonight for the next and only two weeks of your pathetic reign as when the date marks February 25th in Detroit, we are both going down in history again Jack! I, Joey Nicholas will become a two-time champion and will relish in glory all the while your fifteen minutes of fame will come to an abrupt end as you will go down in CWA history as the very first and shortest transitional champion!

    Joey smirks before turning around, picking up his belongings and walking into the Heel locker room as the camera fades to black.
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    Re: Joey "The Real Deal" Nicholas

    The scene opens with Jim Taylor sitting on a comfortable armchair in a dark room with a microphone attached to his shirt staring intently into the camera

    Jim Taylor: Welcome CWA fans, I’m Jim Taylor and exclusively on, I will be interviewing the newly crowned CWA Lightweight Champion, Joey Nicholas to get his thoughts on his previous match to regain the Lightweight Championship, where he will go from here and much more!

    An opening segment begins to play highlighting a few historic CWA moments thus far and ending with Roberto climbing the turnbuckle at Uprising with the CWA Heavyweight championship in hand before fading to black with the CWA logo. The camera lights up on Jim Taylor’s face

    Jim Taylor: Joining me now is the man who recently relinquished the CWA Lightweight championship after a minor setback, he is the Real Deal, Joey Nicholas!

    The camera turns to Joey wearing aviator sunglasses and is sitting in another armchair to Taylor’s left, the championship facing the camera on the table in between them

    Joey Nicholas: First off what minor setback do you speak of hillbilly Jim?

    Jim Taylor: Well you lost the match at Uprising did you not?

    Joey Nicholas: No Jimmy boy, the person who lost that match isn’t even apart of the roster anymore, he couldn’t cut it in this business so he took his ball and went home, and as far as I’m concerned I have never been pinned in the CWA since it’s inception. The only reason I even lost my prized possession was not because I had a minor set back or whatever trailer trash expression you used or even that Adams was the better man. It’s solely because Anderson has no clue what he is doing and decided to put the Real Deal in a match that he couldn‘t possibly ever win. Hell, he’s already got people complaining about his decisions by going on strike and even going as far as threatening to leave the CWA. I personally don’t blame them at all. The man goes strictly on what he wants to see and not what’s better for his true stars like me and those within the brotherhood.

    Jim Taylor: Speaking of Adam’s, what are your thoughts about the chairman’s decision to put him at the bottom of the list following your bout?

    Joey Nicholas: All I have to say is, finally someone is listening to me! I declared the very exact same thing right after the first Adrenaline rush for him to go to the back of the line, but apparently Charlie’s ego got the best of him, and he decided to cost me my title! But now that I have reclaimed my Lightweight title and have rid myself of that pain in the ass Doc Adams, I can now look onto my future to solidify my legacy as the best Champion in the CWA, because you’re looking at the crown jewel in this business today!

    Joey proceeds to beam in the camera

    Jim Taylor: Well I hate to break it to you Joey, but you may have to share that spotlight with the Heavyweight Champion Roberto, as the CWA fans seem to adore him.

    Joey Nicholas: (taken back for a moment before answering) You honestly believe that butt plug has anything on me, Joey Nicholas? Let me tell you something, if I wanted to take that title off him I could always make the weight to move up to heavyweight and add another belt to my resume, as it’s all a matter of time before I deplete all of the competition here in the Lightweight division. I’ve sometimes wondered if I should move up to the heavyweight division soon anyways to hold both titles consecutively as I’m just that damn amazing!

    Joey grins cunningly all the while Taylor shakes his head in disapproval

    Jim Taylor: Well with that being said, what does everyone need to expect from the Real Deal come March 11th from Dallas, Texas?

    Joey Nicholas: Well I will be making an open challenge to anyone in the back with the balls to enter the ring to be utterly embarrassed by the skills and amazement that is Joey Nicholas. As I said before, the closest person who even resembled a threat was Doc Adams. And now with him out of the way who even comes close to a threat to me in my division? That star wars geek Hawk Bonsen? Or even that dike Toxic Rain? (Laughs) What a joke! I mean if there is anyone else that’s even eligible to fight me for my title, I will be more than happy to put it on the line to prove that I am better than everyone here and that my time is indeed at hand. My destiny is greatness and there is no one in this business with the ability to say otherwise. I am the two-time CWA Lightweight champion, Highlight of the night, The Real Deal, Joey Nicholas! And no one’s going to stop my pursuit to superstardom!

    Joey stares contently with a smirk into the camera before Jim continues

    Jim Taylor: (to the camera) Well that’s all the time we have here tonight folks, thanks for joining us Joey, and we all will be looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday on Adrenaline Rush to see what will transpire, good night Ladies and Gentlemen!

    The copyright box appears at the bottom left corner of the screen before fading to black

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    Re: Joey "The Real Deal" Nicholas

    The camera opens up to Bruce Mollard attempting his second interview in the parking lot awaiting Joey Nicholas’ limo.

    Bruce Mollard: Greetings CWA fans, Rich Stone has answered Nicholas' open challenge to a bout that will be featured in the main event on tonight's Adrenaline Rush in Burbank, California. Both of these men have been on quite a roll since the inception of this company and have only been defeated on only one occasion in their careers. I am here now to get a word from Joey Nicholas!

    Bruce stands eagerly outside of the vehicle for Joey. After a few moments the limo driver moves to the limo door and opens for Joey to pop his head out

    Joey Nicholas: (Sternly) Who the hell are you?

    Bruce Mollard: (Stammering) M… my … name

    Joey Nicholas: (Mockingly) Y… your … name is wh… what half tard!?

    Bruce Mollard: It’s Bruce Mollard, I am the time keeper. I’m filling in for Michelle, as she apparently fell terribly ill after she was informed that she would be interviewing you.

    Joey Nicholas: (taken back for a moment then grins) Oh that silly girl, she still can’t get over me so she acts too sick to interview me anymore! (laughs as he steps out of the limo) So what is it that you want?

    Bruce Mollard: Well I wanted to get your thoughts on tonight’s main even…

    Before Mollard can finish Joey intervenes

    Joey Nicholas: Oh just shut the hell up you babbling moron! Go back to ringside and do what you do best, which is counting how long it’s been that you still haven’t scored with your wife of twenty odd some years!

    Bruce Mollard: (With his head down in dismay) It’s been thirty

    Joey Nicholas: (busting out laughing) ha ha What!? That’s so pathetic! (Reaches in his bag and pulls out hand lotion, and putting it in Mollard’s hands) I really only use this for my hands when they get dry but you are going to need it for a whole other ball field

    Bruce Mollard: Oh yeah I know, I do that all the time when I sit down and think about my Mother and her cooking

    Joey Nicholas: That's just sick man! Go Inside!

    Bruce Mollard: Do what?

    Joey Nicholas: I said go inside or I'll smack you upside the head so silly you get a hard on for Jay Leno more so than Roberto does everytime he's on his damn show!

    Bruce hesitates a moment before Joey snatches the microphone and raises his hand to swing.
    After a brief moment Joey swings at Bruce who dodges it and sprints toward the backstage area

    Joey Nicholas: That little freak can move! (To the Limo driver) Alright Anthony, take these bags carefully to the champion’s locker room. If they have so much as a scratch on them I will make Chris Brown's beat down on Rihanna look like child's play on ya! (Joey Proceeds to gives the driver a single dollar to which the driver crumbles it up and takes Joey‘s bags towards the arena mumbling to himself) Now follow me John.

    Joey motions John the camera man to follow him to the barricade that divides the parking lot from the fans waiting to be let into the arena. Once a couple of fans see Joey heading their way a crowd forms against the barricade.

    Joey Nicholas: (to the crowd) Tonight I will be facing Rich "The Jobber" Stone. And I would like to get your opinion on who you think will walk out tonight victorious!

    Joey puts the mic to the first person he sees

    CWA fan # 1: Rich Stone doesn’t stand a chance! You will win like you always do!

    Joey Nicholas: Damn straight, The Real Deal doesn’t lose to a man that can’t even gain contendership for the title in his division much less someone who can't even get a match with the champion who's idea of a finishing move was previously named the gay crab! (Laughs) What a joke! (Puts the mic up to the next person in line) What about you?

    CWA fan #2: I see Rich stone finally making it big by defeating you and fulfilling his destiny!

    Joey Nicholas: (taken back in shock before continuing) Rich Stone actually has a fan who isnt deaf and blind?! It has to be a miracle! Well I will direct this to you one and only Rich stone fan, clearly you don’t see that the man who can't even spell Destiny will for sure come up short to accomplish such a task. Plus that whole fulfillment of destiny he always rants on and on about is a rip off of my destiny to greatness along with his whole “Future” persona to which the very tag team, "The Future" are called is clearly gimmick infringement and should not go unpunished! So All I have to say to that Rich, is that the least you could do is come up with something original instead off leeching off of others for a small pop! (Puts the mic to the next fan) You?

    CWA fan #3: I came to see Roberto!

    Joey Nicholas: (Sighs) You’re kidding right?

    The fan nods their head to which Joey takes their Roberto wristband and throws it into the trash bin near the arena to the owner’s dismay

    Joey Nicholas: Don’t worry those items are on clearance anyways! Alright next!

    CWA fan #4: I have no doubt you will win and stay unbeaten in single’s action!

    Joey Nicholas: Ah my good man! Trust me on the fact that I will not be beaten by a man that will never exceed a midcard status! (To the camera) You see what you will fail to realize just like everyone else before you Stone, is that all of those who have stepped up to the plate to face me have all fallen victim to the bitter taste of defeat while I tower over them with my championship belt overhead. A recent example is Doc Adams who I even spit on after the match. This was the man who was so embarrassed after our series of encounters that after his transitional reign as Lightweight champion, he had to make that lame ass excuse that his wrestling license is now “Revoked” to save any sort of face. (chuckles) I've heard you bitching and moaning about not receiving much competition during your entire tenure here in the CWA Stone, which is why I accepted your challenge without much hesitation at all. But mark my words I will be the one standing over your motionless body at the end of the show tonight basking in yet another victory all the while you are succumbed to the realization that your place is indeed with the Jobbers and not competing with the true stars of this business like the Real Deal Sex Appeal, Two-time CWA Light Heavy Weight Champion and your Highlight of the Night, Joey Nicholas! (Smirks) I look forward to the warm up you will give me tonight before In Exile where I will retain my title in the same fashion that I regained it in, by making you look like a complete joke and leaving you in the ring alone in all your misery!

    (Joey grins cunningly into the camera fading to black)

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    Re: Joey "The Real Deal" Nicholas

    The Morning of “In Exile” April 8th

    The scene opens up early the morning prior to the event known as “In Exile” at St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto, Ontario, Canada blanketed in snow and still wth the dark sky looming overhead. The streets are seemingly dry and empty as the wind rattles against the stained glass windows swiftly. Suddenly without warning the screeching of tires pierces the air to which the camera shifts dramatically towards the ruckus, which turns out to be a taxi rounding the corner of Queen Street onto Church Street and making a beeline toward the church. Once at the entrance way, the taxi locks its brakes throwing smoke into the air from rubber being seared away from the tread. Once stopped the back door is thrown open to which the camera focuses in on Joey Nicholas sporting a heavy white fur coat jumping out of the back seat, staring eerily at the Cathedral looming over him. His breath can be seen as Joey grasps his luggage from the driver and then proceeds to give him payment for the hurried trip from YYZ Toronto International airport. Joey begins to advance along the slippery pavement to the black wrought iron fence. After slipping through the gate, Joey makes his way cautiously down the walkway and up the two steps, grimacing at the sight of the pair of the statued saint’s faces glaring back at him within the columns before continuing through the short corridor to the set of mahogany doors leading into the church. Joey begins to frantically hammer on the entrance to which after few moments a head pokes into the window at the side of the door revealing an Archbishop. He then proceeds to open the door just a crack.

    Archbishop: Is everything alright?

    Joey Nicholas: Not quite Father, I need to speak with you.

    Archbishop: Come in, come in! Out of the cold!

    The priest opens the door to which Joey obliges by walking through the doorway. Once inside the camera zooms out to fit the entire sanctuary with its marble pillars, and magnificent ambulatory, including the high altar at the end of the benches.

    Archbishop: Follow me my son, we shall go to the chapter stalls to speak in a more confidential manner.

    Joey follows suit with his luggage in tow along the red silk carpet down the aisle. As Joey passes a few nuns praying in one of the booths, they start glaring at him hesitantly and whispering to one another before finally moving down the row to the farthest side. Joey completely confused by this event, continues to follow the priest without a word. Once at the chapter stalls, the clergyman points Joey to the direction of the stall that he needs to go into. Joey walks in, shutting the door behind him before shitting down and awaiting an answer from the other side. After a few moments the screen opens up revealing the Archbishop.

    Archbishop: What seems to be troubling you my child?

    Joey hesitates before answering

    Joey Nicholas: Please forgive me Father for I have sinned. I have made a career so far out of banishing those before me into poverty. My first victim was a man by the name of Akmed who I drove insane by preventing him from ever winning the gold and making fun of him and his family during his entire tenure in the CWA. Secondly Jack Adams, who resigned after I beat him for the third time we had an encounter inside the ring where I even went as far as spitting on his motionless body.

    Archbishop: (Seemingly ignoring Joey’s last comment) Ah yes both Dr. Adams and his friend Jerry Black come to Sunday service quite frequently. They are so grateful and caring, it’s real…

    Joey Nicholas: (Muttering) Yeah, I’m sure those two are just a prize!

    Archbishop: Come again?

    Joey Nicholas: Nothing father, sorry for interrupting you.

    Archbishop: (Sternly) Was coming here this late and after service hours all just for this meaningless confession? I really have a lot on my plate so if you‘re done you may leave!

    Joey Nicholas: Not At all father, my apologies.

    Archbishop: No worries, go on.

    Joey Nicholas: Well you see Father, ever since I debuted in the CWA I’ve beaten down all of those who have opposed me, leaving them laying in all their own ruins all the while I flourish as a title holder getting paid one of the biggest salaries all because of my greatness. However I cannot help but feel that after last week I am somewhat being punished for my sins.

    Archbishop: How do you figure?

    Joey Nicholas: An evil force has claimed that they were on the horizon to rise within the CWA only known as Demon Deeds and Shadow Equinox. Under normal circumstances I would have no problem going into that arena and showing both those Star Wars freaks just who they are dealing with, but I can’t help but feel that I am not strong enough to overcome this obstacle. Just last week Deeds sent his minion to set an example by blinding me with some kind of black mist after an exhausting bout.

    Archbishop: That its quite disturbing.

    Joey Nicholas: And it’s not just that attack father, every time Deeds says my name, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I feel entranced in his words. It’s as if Deeds will bring fourth the end of the era that I have reigned supreme over for so long come later at In Exile!

    Archbishop: My son not only do I have much faith in your abilities as champion but I must remind you that the Lord works in many ways. What you must do is follow the light that the Lord brings fourth and then I guarantee you shall subdue this evil that opposes you.

    Joey takes a moment to take the advice into consideration before

    Joey Nicholas: You are exactly right Father, a day of Reckoning will be witnessed tonight at In Exile as the Real Deal will be walking out of Toronto still champion! Amen!

    The clergyman nods his head in agreement

    Archbishop: Amen! Now go my child, defeat this force that wishes to oppose you!

    Joey gets up from the booth confidently proceeding to exit the chapter stall and sauntering down the middle of the aisle with the camera facing him as he advances towards the entrance of the church

    Joey Nicholas: (To the camera) Fate has put me here in Toronto to face your minion Demon Deeds! And I was seemingly chosen by the hierarchs to disembark on a crusade to destroy the evil that you plan to purge throughout the CWA! I will have you know that it will take a lot more than Equinox spraying mist into my eyes to intimidate me, as I will not succumb to the fear to which you wish me to fall into! What the both of you fail to understand is that I Joey Nicholas, tackle the seemingly impossible and succeed! That is why I am a two-time CWA champion! I hope you get a look at what pure greatness looks like at In Exile Deeds, for when that bell rings you will bare witness to your apprentice’s complete and utter demise!

    Joey stares contently into the frame whilst in the doorway of the church’s entrance as the camera moves slowly out of the building with the sun peaking over the horizon as Dawn approaches

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    Re: Joey "The Real Deal" Nicholas

    We are in the hallway within the arena from Providence, Rhode Island one hour before Adrenaline Rush goes on the air. Joey Nicholas with his Lightweight championship strung over his shoulder saunters through the corridor with a purpose. He begins to look around each walk way until finally spotting John the cameraman making small talk with Michelle Kelley. Joey smirks before advancing towards the two.

    Joey Nicholas: Hey bum chum, get that camera rolling, as The Real Deal has something to get of his chest and you will record it! So get off your ass and lets go!

    John: Uh…do what now?

    Joey Nicholas: You heard me get up before I smack you so hard that you…

    Michelle Kelly quickly intervenes

    Michelle Kelly: Uh no, he’s coming with me to interview the newly crowned CWA Heavyweight champ once he arrives thank you very much!

    Joey Nicholas: Silly little girl, do you not realize that standing before you is a man that is a shoe in for the CWA Hall of fame? Can you even fathom the success that will come fourth to me in the coming years as I become the greatest entity on the face of this planet?

    Michelle Kelly: Hmm as I recall in recent weeks you’ve lost to Rich Stone in embarrassing fashion that included a beat down afterwards. And to top it off you barely retained your title in your most recent bout at In Exile. What makes you “the Real Deal” as you constantly rant on and on about?

    Joey Nicholas: You really want to know Michelle?

    Michelle nods her head

    Joey Nicholas: It’s because of this! (raises his title) And I can put up with you acting like a cold hearted bitch to everyone you interview just to cover up that you are a indeed a failure and a loser to everyone here. Hell you sleep with the entire technical staff including John here just so they will even bear your existence!

    John snickers whilst Michelle gives him a cold glare

    Michelle Kelley: That never happen…

    Joey Nicholas: Michelle don’t deny the fact that your back has been on more hotel sheets than a hotel pillow mint just to get the satisfaction you want from your peers in the back!

    Joey and John proceed to burst into hysterical laughter whilst Michelle storms off . After a moment Joey looks to John

    Joey Nicholas: Get the camera rolling John, The Real Deal has something to say.

    John: We are on in 3... 2... (puts his finger up for 1)

    Joey Nicholas: I, Joey Nicholas your highlight of the night, and the Real Deal two-time CWA Lightweight Champion, am here to inform all of you at home sitting there slumped on your couch with your obese little kids that a great atrocity has occurred. Just mere days after I overcame the odds at In Exile in maple country to retain the very title that is my life, my sweat, and my blood; boss man Anderson has decided it is in the best interest to put me in a match with Canada’s own retard Kennif LeBlanch. My question is how can someone who spends his whole afternoon yanking it to World of Warcraft even participate in the same organization with the likes of me!? Or should I say: Eh what’s that Aboot? Who’s next your list of opponents for me Anderson? Ricky “the amputee” janitor? Or better yet, the ten year old Roberto fan in section 104 seat 22? It’s getting really ridiculous. The fans flock to see me, cause they now that they are going to see something spectacular when they see Nicholas on the card against a compatible opponent. I hope you watch this bout Anderson, as I will make an example of Leblanch to show you that my skills are not to ever be over looked ever again! Get with it!

    Joey storms down the hallway to the Champion’s locker room, disappearing inside whilst the camera fades to black.

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas

    May 6th Just moments after Equinox Attacks Nicholas

    Joey storms through the curtain, his face and referee uniform stained from the mist Equinox sprayed at Nicholas during the bout with Enzo. The cameraman recording this transpire seemingly cannot back up fast enough as Joey advances too quickly and decides to shove him down to the floor

    Joey Nicholas: Get out of my way you useless piece of shit! Arrggghhh!

    Joey screams in agony as he begins to wipe his eyes with the uniform

    Joey Nicholas: Is it so much to ask for some freaking water around here!?
    I am the Two-time Lightweight champion and I demand some water now!

    Michelle Kelley witnesses this scene and begins to smirk. She then glances over at John who is currently chuckling at Joey’s misfortune

    Michelle Kelley: (Grinning) C’mon John lets go get the scoop!

    John: I like your thinking!

    John proceeds to start up the camera and hoist it atop his shoulder

    John: (to Michelle) Ready when you are!

    Michelle with her microphone in hand advances toward the distressed champion who has finally received a cloth and water to wipe his eyes clean

    Michelle Kelley: (Mockingly) Are you alright Joey?

    Joey Nicholas: What are you blind!? Of course I’m not!

    Michelle Kelley: (snickering) No, but it sure seems like you are!

    Joey Nicholas: Wow did you come up with that one yourself Michelle?

    Michelle nods her head smirking

    Joey Nicholas: (Laughing) Did it really take you this long to come up with that one? I mean for sure you had something else stored ready to unload on me after all these weeks?

    Joey continues his puzzled stare at Michelle for a moment with no answer

    Joey Nicholas: You are so pathetic Michelle! At least come up with something good! I should might as well of said in retaliation that your hair looks stupid!

    Joey Laughs hysterically all the while Michelle begins to grow furious

    Michelle Kelley: You think I’m pathetic!? You of all people shouldn’t dare think of such lies! I’m going to take off my heel and stick it straight up your…

    John quickly intervenes

    John: Michelle! Not now, get the scoop!

    Michelle’s lip twitches as she regains her composure

    Michelle Kelley:(Takes a deep breath before continuing) What is your reaction to Shadow Equinox’s attack on you just moments ago?

    Joey Nicholas: (Sternly) Deeds continues to make my life a living hell at every chance he gets, but what he fails to realize is that over and over again the result will always be the same, whether it be for my beloved championship or for respect, Joey Nicholas will always come out the victor! And come Hostile Takeover in Tokyo, Japan, I will raise my gold high above my head all the while Lindsay Monahan declares me the winner and STILL CWA World Lightweight Champion!

    Joey arrogantly smirks into the camera before Michelle continues

    Michelle Kelley: With that being said Mr. Anderson has just announced that you will be competing next time on Adrenaline rush in Knoxville Tennessee against the only active woman wrestler on the CWA roster, Toxic Rain! What are your thoughts on this upcoming bout?

    Joey Nicholas: So, I’m scheduled to face off with the dike of CWA huh? Should be a fun warm up. Hell, maybe I’ll smack some of the ugly off her so she may one day look half way presentable. (Laughs) But in all seriousness I really do want you to bear witness me destroying the man in your relationship Hawk Bonsen because lets face it, Toxic Rain is the better of you two and it will be The Real Deal’s pleasure in beating down one half of the number one contenders for the tag titles and taking back at least one of the titles back to my comrades in the Champion’s Locker room!

    Joey grins cunningly into the camera as it fades to black

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas

    The scene opens up to the front gate of a cemetery. Night has fallen in the area and a storm has seemingly passed, now in the distance. With a flash of lightning, a dark figure is shown briefly at the gate to which the camera rotates to the front of, thunder resounding in the distance. With another flash of light the figure is revealed as Joey Nicholas staring sternly at the wrought iron gate. After a moment Joey draws closer to the gate and proceeds to slip into the entrance to the cemetery. The scene cuts to another camera following in front of Nicholas who can now be seen clearly down a path of gravestones.

    Joey Nicholas: The rain has now stopped, but it’s only the quiet before the real storm in Tokyo, Japan, Deeds! Your obsession for your minion Shadow Equinox defeating me for my Lightweight Championship has seriously impaired your ability to decipher what is fantasy and what is reality, and once the date strikes June 3rd your apprentice will come up short yet again! Looking back you and I have had quite the history in just a two month span Equinox, dating all the way back to your debut in the CWA on March 25th

    The scene cuts to the Adrenaline Rush episode: Nicholas remains distracted by Deeds as a figure slowly climbs out of the tear in the ring. Black liquid oozes from its mouth as Nicholas senses something isn’t right and turns around. Nicholas comes face to face with Shadow Equinox. After a tense stare down Nicholas is blinded by a black mist that is sprayed from the mouth of Equinox. Nicholas falls backwards holding his eyes as Equinox returns to where he came from and crawls back into the tear in the ring. The medics quickly come to Nicholas aid and try to clear out his eyes. The scene cuts back to Joey with a shovel in hand, beginning to dig up the earth in front of a tombstone.

    Joey Nicholas: I took that stunt of yours to be a challenge to my Lightweight championship in which you and I would then partake in one of the most grueling bouts of my career at In Exile. However in the end, The Real Deal was just too much for you Equinox.

    Footage from In Exile is now shown: Nicholas off the ropes, Equinox sprays the Black Mist at Nicholas but misses. Nicholas ducks it and spins Equinox around before he hit’s the Deal breaker. 1, 2, 3. The camera comes back to Nicholas a few feet below the earth continuing to shovel

    Joey Nicholas: After that bout I figured I was rid of the both of you for good and on to my next challenge. However, that was not the case as the weeks that soon followed, your mind games began yet again after one of my matches and again while I was refereeing your match with Frankie Enzo.

    Equinox comes from under the ring and sneaks up behind Nicholas. Nicholas turns and is face to face with the man he beat at In Exile. Neither man moves until the lights go out. When the come back on Equinox has disappeared to leave a confused and maybe even worried Joey Nicholas alone in the ring.
    The camera cuts to the following episode: Equinox confronts Joey the referee, spinning him around. Nicholas was caught off guard and blinded with the Black Mist of Equinox who has seemingly had enough. Nicholas swings blindly trying to catch Equinox. Equinox thinks quickly and sends Frankie Enzo to the wolves. Nicholas grabs Enzo and hit’s the Deal Breaker thinking it was Equinox. Equinox stood back and took advantage by pinning Enzo and taking the fast count for the victory. Camera fades back to Joey nearly six feet under throwing dirt topside.

    Joey Nicholas: Everything I have accomplished in my career, I’ve done so by seizing the opportunity and always staying one step ahead of my opposition and I did just that when you tried to attack me on the last Adrenaline Rush, I was more than ready for you!

    The scene from the last Adrenaline Rush is shown: Joey kicks the middle rope up just as Equinox climbed through it. Nicholas pulled Equinox the rest of the way into the ring and hit another Deal breaker to leave his opponent at Hostile Takeover down and out. The scene cuts back to Nicholas above the grave next to the tombstone leaning on the shovel wiping sweat above his brow with a rolled up sleeve.

    Joey Nicholas: Lo and behold a fresh grave has been dug, surrounded by the darkness. No, this grave isn’t for me Deeds, it’s for your minion‘s CWA career.

    A flash of Lightning strikes yet again revealing the Tombstone to read: Shadow Equinox March 25, 2009 - June 3, 2009

    Joey Nicholas: Come this Wednesday at Hostile Takeover, I promise you Equinox will be in for the most brutal evening of his pathetic life. Not only will he be fearing the end, he will be praying for it! You have already failed to dethrone me from the top of the Lightweight division back in April and come June in Tokyo, I will pull through like I always do, all the while you’ll come up short in your crusade of darkness yet again. The Deal Breaker shall seal Equinox’s fate as it’s echoed all throughout Tokyo: The winner and still World Lightweight Champion, Joey Nicholas!

    The shot shifts to one inside the grave looking up at Joey whilst he picks up the shovel and proceeds to bury the camera laughing cunningly.The camera is slowly covered in dirt and before long the picture finally goes black and silent.

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas

    The scene opens up to downtown Los Angeles in Joey Nicholas’ loft inside the hallway leading to his bed room. The camera draws nearer to the doorway and slips into the room where Joey Nicholas and a stunning woman lay under the sheets both staring intently at the ceiling. Joey suddenly turns his attention to the naked beauty under the covers and begins to speak.

    Joey Nicholas: It’s depressing to think that just two days ago I was the most sought after champion at the top of my game, beating all of those who opposed me and even retaining my title against that parasite Shadow Equinox, only for Anderson to blindly throw me right back down to the end of the line out of jealousy making me to claw my way back up for a title even though I never even lost mine!

    The girl nods her head listening intently

    Joey Nicholas: I mean not only was I the first ever Light heavy weight champion, I was in fact the only two-time champion that the CWA has yet to see! It’s such a disgrace to my legacy! And what is to be my reward for such a compelling feet?

    The woman shakes her head, anxiously awaiting an answer

    Joey Nicholas: Anderson has forced me to partake in the most demeaning tournament of jobbers to crown the first ever X-fly championship! What else do I, Joey Nicholas have left to prove to my insane boss Sarah? I have constantly demonstrated time and time again that I am indeed the Real Deal of the CWA! I’ve only been pinned once in my entire career and this is how he dares to treat me!?

    Sarah sits up rearranging the covers to shield her breast from the camera

    Sarah: On the flip side just think if you win this tournament Joey, you will go down in the books as the first holder of both of those championships! And with that great addition to your resume all that could follow is more fame and money!

    Sarah grins while Nicholas takes in her statement with a smirk and gives her a long sensual kiss

    Joey Nicholas: You’re absolutely right it’s time for Joey Nicholas to evolve with the times!

    Joey leans over to his bag and takes out the CWA Lightweight championship and places it before him on his lap

    Joey Nicholas: I’ve grown into a bigger star than this championship entitled. I need to be competing in a league with no weight limitations! Anderson has me facing some Jobber named Brett Storm in the first round of the tournament. He thinks he’s the next Hitman or something. It really is pathetic to see a grown man play dress up for a living.

    Sarah snickers while Joey lets out a laugh

    Joey Nicholas:I’ll be making that annoying Canadian my bitch when I kick his teeth right down his throat and advance closer to my new championship! History is going to be made when Joey Nicholas is written down in the books as not only the first ever CWA Lightweight Champion but also the first ever X-Fly champion!

    Sarah bites her lip and gives Joey an aroused look

    Sarah: It’s so sexy when you make these declarations Joey!

    Joey gives Sarah a playful smirk

    Joey Nicholas: Well show me what you’d like to do about that then!

    Sarah takes the covers with her off the mattress as she gets up from the bed and walks closer to the door, all the while the camera zooms out into the hallway while this transpires. Sarah with her back to the camera drops the covers revealing her bare back along with a black G-string before she slams the door shut, ending the scene.

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas

    The scene opens up to a private pool on the rooftop of Joey Nicholas’ complex. Women are flooding the area in jaw dropping bikinis whether they be waitresses serving beverages or are the ones entertaining their sugar daddies. The camera zooms into the patio focusing on an elevator door for a moment before it opens up revealing Joey Nicholas in his swim trunks, and a towel draped over his shoulder. Before Joey is even able to take a step out onto the patio, a group of four stunning beauties break their neck to check the former champion out. Joey gives them all a playful smirk to which they all turn to each other smiling and begin to talk Joey up to one another. Joey grins into the camera and finally steps out onto the patio

    Joey Nicholas: The last Adrenaline Rush saw history in the making. Not only did I defeat that little puissant Bret Storm, I did so in record time! And if that wasn’t historic enough, the newly formed Brotherhood debuted putting the entire locker room on notice.

    Joey walks to one of the loungers at poolside and sets his towel over it before putting some sunglasses on and lays down on the chair, his face towards the camera

    Joey Nicholas: On July 1st, Adrenaline Rush will be live from the middle of nowhere in North Dakota where all those poor ass mountain people will spend their life savings to come out from their meth labs or their trailers to see me partake in the second round of the X-fly tournament. I just recently attempted to look at videos of my opponent Don De Vries but unfortunately I never got through the entire tape as it put me to sleep faster than a Roberto promo. But from what I witnessed while I was awake De Vries, you seem to be all talk and little to nothing else. The only notable thing you’ve done in the CWA was partake in a Jobber battle royal at Hostile takeover, eliminating three talent less nobodies that will never amount to anything in this business and yet you’re already claiming the title to be yours?

    Joey chuckles and motions to a waitress wearing a skimpy pink bikini over to him to take his order for a drink after he whispers it in his ear he gives her a little smirk while giving her ass a slap with his hand to which she giggles and walks away to get his drink. Joey looks back into the lens and continues.

    Joey Nicholas: Just last week you finally beat some no name talent in St. Deuce to pick up your first and only victory in the CWA.

    Joey claps a few times

    Joey Nicholas:That’s really cute of you to think so highly of yourself so early on “Elephant man,” as you claim yourself to be. And if that’s not pathetic enough, you even go on and on in some fantasy that you are on top of some animal kingdom as an ugly, fat, disgusting elephant. Here’s a news flash Don, this is a wrestling business not the Lion King, so feel free to join us back in reality at anytime! The one thing that is for certain De Vries is that you aren’t even fit to breath the same air as me much less step alone in a wrestling ring with me! So I will be waiting in Fargo for your sorry ass to stumble to the ring and get your ugly ass handed to you! I may actually feel pity for the embarrassment that you will succumb to once you and I lock horns De Vries, because when it comes down to it, Joey Nicholas is the hottest commodity to ever grace the CWA and I’ll prove just that when I raise my hand in victory over your lifeless body and go on to Redemption to take what I am destined to have, the X-fly championship!

    Joey gleams at the camera for a moment before the waitress brings the drink that he ordered. As the two begin to strike a flirty conversation the camera fades to black

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas

    *The victor from the match celebrates as his theme roars throughout the arena. As he marches towards the top of the ramp his music cuts short, and the lights in the arena go dark. Supernaut suddenly begins to blare through the speakers all the while spotlights zoom around the crowd, increasing in pace before finally everything goes dark again. A moment later a spotlight appears at the top of the ramp revealing two posing figures. Joey Nicholas showing off his chiseled stomach through his unbuttoned shirt his fist clenched in the air, the other; Ultimate Pain, with his World Championship belt overhead. The two begin their descent down the ramp, ignoring the crowd as they attempt to insult them. As they make their way into the ring they are both handed microphones from Lindsay Monahan. Joey puts the mic to his mouth first to speak.*

    Joey Nicholas: "Alright, alright. Time for all you obese maggots to shut your traps! The epitome of greatness, also known as Pain and myself, have something to say!"

    *The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as Joey turns his attention to Pain who has since slipped his aviators off, whilst slinging his World Title over his shoulder.*

    Ultimate Pain: "Well, well, well. Seems old Charlie boy has decided it was in CWA's best interest to sanction a main event match involving the Brotherhood's two hottest commodities, myself and Joey. Yeah, yeah, that sounds great and all I hear you say, but it seems he managed to forget to tell us that we're also teaming teaming up with some no-name, low-life, eh...damn, I seriously still don't know his name?"

    *Joey comes over and whispers something in Pain's ear, to which Pain nods.*

    Ultimate Pain: "...So yeah, thanks to Charlie, we're teaming up with some no hoper by the name of Judy Waltzers. Are you sure that's it Joey?"

    *Joey nods whilst smirking, clearly amused at his own joke.*

    Joey Nicholas: "Yeah, that's definitely it Pain. Thanks to Charles' "clever" idea, we now have a chance of actually losing our first match together."

    *Ultimate Pain laughs a little.*

    Ultimate Pain: "Well, that is until you look at our opponents Joey."

    Joey Nicholas: "Good point Pain. Even so, we don't want some chance defeat thanks to Waltzers. So for his, and our sake, lets hope CWA’s newest acquisition can step up his game because let's not forget he's not in Washed-up Society anymore. The 'Hood's advise to you Judy is to make sure you keep Adams busy whilst we beat down McCoy and Roberto respectively. We want to make an example of our opponents heading into Redemption and we can’t do that if you mess up and cost us the match!

    Ultimate Pain: "And of course I want my undefeated streak, the longest in CWA history incase you didn't know, to remain intact."

    Joey Nicholas: "It'd be pretty hard for people not to know by now I'd say, you do mention it quite a lot."

    *Pain narrows his eyes at Nicholas.*

    Ultimate Pain: "Clearly someone's been spending too much time with Matt. Anyways, how about we have a little run-down on our opponents? First we have Doc Adams."

    *Joey looks thoughtfully at this name, stroking his chin, apparently trying to imagine who Adams is.*

    Joey Nicholas: "He sounds familiar, tell me more Ulti."

    Ultimate Pain: "Oh I'd say he is quite familiar to you Joey. He happens to be the man who you beat twice, to become a two-time Lightweight Champion here in CWA."

    Joey Nicholas: "Ahh yes. Two of the many times I handed his ass to him! Hell even Waltzer's put a beating on him last Adrenaline Rush. I’ll actually be surprised if he even has the cojones to lace up his boots tonight!"

    *Those in attendance boo this, showing their obvious love for Adams, as Joey and Pain chuckle at their mocking "run-down" of The Doc.*

    Joey Nicholas: "And then of course there's my Redemption opponent, Ralph McCoy."

    Ultimate Pain: "Ralph McWho? I don't believe I'm familiar with him?"

    Joey Nicholas: "Ohh, you know him. He's that slow moron that everybody loves because he's such an underdog! Between his hideous accent, and his even more horrible teeth he simply disgusts me. Don't even get me started on how he insults my intelligence. Everytime I hear him speak I feel like I'm getting a little stupider."

    *Ultimate Pain is seen pondering this description behind Joey.*

    Ultimate Pain: "Still isn't ringing any bells over here."

    Joey Nicholas: "Maybe you'll get to meet him with his back on the mat as I pin him 1-2-3 tonight. It'll be my way of telling him that he has no chance of winning my X-Fly Title."

    Ultimate Pain: "And maybe if he's lucky, he'll get to meet the Ullllllllltiiimaateeee..."

    Joey Nicholas: "Too early Pain. We haven't even got to Roberto yet."

    Ultimate Pain: "Ahhh, my old buddy Roberto. How could I possibly forget your good self? You'd think I'd get tired of getting into the ring with you, wouldn't you? But you know something, I'm not. Who could ever get tired of picking up easy victories everytime they step in the ring?"

    Joey Nicholas: "Haven't you only beaten him once?"

    *Pain simply ignores Joey.*

    Ultimate Pain: "Anytime I look at that card, and see myself and you in the same match, I know I'm going to walk out on the winning side."

    *Joey can be seen in the background with a conveniently placed iPhone in hand.*

    Joey Nicholas: "No, seriously Pain, you've only beaten Roberto once. It says right here on my iPhone!"

    *Pain gives Joey a cold stare.*

    Ultimate Pain: "Really? How much time have you been spending with my brother?!"

    *Joey continues on regardless of Pain's obvious anger.*

    Joey Nicholas: "Hell, even Kennif has as many victories over him as you do."

    Ultimate Pain: "Wow, no kidding? Really? Can I see that for a minute?"

    *Joey hands Pain the iPhone which Pain then slams onto the mat and begins to jump on repeatedly. Pain then picks the iPhone up and has a look.*

    Joey Nicholas: "Ugh, dude...That was kind of expensive...?"

    Ultimate Pain: "Man, not even a scratch. Whoever makes this amazingly fabulous's definitely Brotherhood approved!"

    *Pain flashes a huge grin at the camera and gives it a thumbs up whilst showing the still perfect iPhone as well.*

    Joey Nicholas: "Nice way to work in an Apple plug. That's bound to get us a raise in our contract."

    Ultimate Pain: "Here's hoping. Anyways, where was I? Ah yes, Roberto. All I'm going to do is wish you and your little crew of misfits luck tonight. This match may be seen to some as nothing more than a warm-up for Redemption, but the losers will have this defeat in the back of their mind at the PPV.

    Joey Nicholas: "All three of you better think about that when you're in the ring with "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas...

    Ultimate Pain: "...And the Ullllltiiimaaaaateee...PAAAAAIIIN!!"

    Joey Nicholas: "And I guess Jay Walters?"

    *Pain looks puzzingly at Joey*

    Ultimate Pain: "Wait...who?"

    However Joey is too busy climbing a turnbuckle taunting the crowd. Pain then shrugs, slides his aviators back on and joins Joey, holding his title over his head, as Adrenaline Rush cuts to a break.*

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas


    The scene opens up to one inside The Real Deal Joey Nicholas’ loft at the entrance looking in. The camera slowly moves down the hallway, proceeding to round the corner to where Joey is standing with his back to the camera, staring intently to a wall of credentials that have come thus far in his young career. The camera slowly peaks over the man’s shoulder to reveal the contents hanging from the wall. The most noticeable object is the defunct CWA World Lightweight Championship laid out across the wall at the top with various pictures of Joey with the belt throughout the months of his two reigns below it. The camera zooms back out to show Joey turning around to face the camera.

    Joey Nicholas:My oh my how time flies! It seems like just yesterday my name was resounded throughout New York City as the first ever CWA Lightweight Champion.

    Joey is seemingly in a daze for a moment as the camera pans in on a photo of Joey holding the defunct title overhead after his win. As Joey begins to speak the camera returns on him

    Joey Nicholas: I would hold onto that very title until February, at the Extravaganza known as Uprising, in Las Vegas where I would be robbed of my very livelihood by the most despicable man I’ve ever known in Jack Adams!

    Joey frowns at the thought before he continues

    Joey Nicholas: That would only be a minor hiccup in my extraordinary journey as Lightweight champion, for just two weeks later I wiped the floor with Adams and not only regained what was rightfully mine but also became the only two time champion in CWA history to date!

    The camera zooms at yet another photo, this one however shows Joey spitting on Adams. The shot captures the saliva in midair before it lands on the Doctor’s motionless body. Joey smirks before continuing.

    Joey Nicholas: Soon after I ran through the ranks of the Lightweight division untouched and unscathed to the point of boredom with my position in the company. Charles soon took notice of my overwhelming dominance, and felt it better to strip me of the very title that defined who Joey Nicholas was! And if that wasn’t torture enough, he might as well had slapped me in the face when he made the title defunct and somehow deemed it necessary that I partook in an eight man tournament for a newly developed championship belt!

    Joey looks around his loft for a moment as if to carefully think of what to say next

    Joey Nicholas: The whole process was clearly meant for me to scratch and claw my way back to title contention, but with no surprise I tore through Brett Storm and Don De Vries with ease in the pathetic tournament.

    Joey then starts to advance down the hallway, the Lightweight Championship slowly becoming distant as the camera backs away from it

    Joey Nicholas: It is now time to look ahead towards my new goal, The X-fly Championship! What’s in the past is done now as it is time for The Real Deal to evolve and move one step closer to superstardom!

    Joey rounds the corner before suddenly stopping to the front door, his suitcase at his feet.

    Joey Nicholas: This brings me to my opponent at Redemption, the charity case Ralph McCoy. I’m sure you feel all high and mighty right now that you were for once actually on the winning side in a high profile match much less actually partake in the main event for the first and only time in your pitiable career! (Laughs) But let me remind you McCoy, you will not have Adams nor Roberto in your corner when I tear you apart in our bout. Come Redemption, you will succumb to the realization that I am completely better than you in each and every humanely way possible!

    Joey begins to grasp the handle for his luggage and begins to stroll out of his room shutting the door behind him. He turns again towards the camera with a content grin on his face as he begins his stroll down the hallway.

    Joey Nicholas: I’ll also have you know McCoy, that you are not even a taste of championship material. Yes, you always impress, you always shine, and make the crowd cheer for you. But the difference here between you and me is that I always win irregardless of what the people out in the stands think of me!

    Joey proceeds to step onto an elevator as the camera cuts to one on the first floor just as The Real Deal begins to step out of the elevator and progresses towards the front entrance of the complex, his eyes in the camera.

    Joey Nicholas: The wins, the loses, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the very problems within my life I can handle as long as I have that one prestigious title around my waist which mark my words, will be the X-fly championship! I was already the inaugural holder of the now defunct Lightweight championship and it only seems fitting that I do the same for the X-fly championship and cement my legacy in the CWA. No pathetic excuse of a human being like yourself Ralph, is going to deny Joey Nicholas of his destiny!

    Joey has since walked outside where the ‘Hood Express is waiting on him to take the group to LAX to fly to Moscow.

    Joey Nicholas: And how fitting is the name of the next PPV Redemption, for come July 29th I’m redeeming myself in becoming a champion once agai…

    But before Joey can finish his declaration Matt Jones slides open a window on the ‘Hood express and calls out to Joey.

    Matt Jones: Are you almost done Joey? God you take longer than Ulti to finish a damn promo!

    Joey ignores Minimal pain’s attempts to distract him

    Joey Nicholas: The Real Deal with leave Moscow the first eve…

    Matt Jones: Joey , I’m not kidding this is taking way too long. We’ve got a flight to catch!

    Angrily Joey snaps back at Pain

    Joey Nicholas: I’m not you’re brother Matt! If you don’t shut you’re mouth, my boot is going to knock your teeth out!

    Joey awaits for a response from Minimal Pain who has now sat back in his seat as Nicholas begins to load his bags in the under carrier. Unbeknownst to Matt the window is still open

    Matt Jones: (Under his breath) I’d kick your ass

    Joey’s head jerks towards the window suddenly

    Joey Nicholas: (Furiously) Oh yeah!? We’ll see
    about that! I’m going to make you my bitch!

    Joey runs up the steps onto the bus as the doors close behind him. Matt Jones then lets out a shriek that pierces the camera as the bus presses forward down the street ending the scene.
    Just mere moments after Redemption goes off the air
    The scene opens up with Michelle Kelly standing next to Joey Nicholas with a exclusive box at the corner of the screen

    Michelle Kelly: Good evening ladies and Gentlemen, Michelle Kelly here with the newly crowned X-fly champion, Joey Nicholas! Joey has requested to publicly share his thoughts on what transpired during the mainevent bout between Rich Stone and Ultimate Pain just moments ago.

    Joey sternly looks into the camera

    Joey Nicholas: The match was going great and dandy for my man Ulti and I wanted to get a better view from ringside, so I decided to make my presence known. Many ask well weren't you trying to bash Stone's skull in with the chair?

    Joey chuckles

    Joey Nicholas: I was merely giving Ulti a chair to rest on as he was completely toying with Stone and he looked absolutely bored out of his mind. But as you may guess it was taken the wrong way and CWA's "Hero" Doc Adams had to make the save!

    Joey begins to scowl

    Joey Nicholas: I'm starting to grow very tired of your interference with the Hood's business old man. I suggest you mind you're own business next time or the people you love may be getting a visit from The Real Deal personally, and you and I both know that wont turn out pretty! You have been forewarned Jack!

    Joey storms off the set as the picture turns black

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas

    The scene opens up to Joey Nicholas standing in a field of sorts, wearing a brown trench coat and an umbrella in hand to cover himself from the downpour of rain overhead. Joey gives the camera his signature smirk before speaking.

    Joey Nicholas: I Joey Nicholas, accomplished at Redemption what I promised I’d do, in that I became the inaugural holder of my second CWA championship to date by triumphing over Ralph McCoy to become the first ever holder of the X-fly championship! The Russian fans blindly cheered him on until the very end where he would ultimately fall victim to my boot knocking his ass out and me pinning him in the center of the ring. I celebrated for what was sure to be the match of the night!

    Joey’s smirk soon fades and his replaced with a scowl

    Joey Nicholas: However, my moment of glory was soon overshadowed by Walters completely decimating an old ass man in the upset of the night! I’ll tell you this Jay, the entire locker room including myself, saw Adams walking out that night as the victor. I mean who in their right mind could possibly predict that you a man who wets the sheets at the mere thought of doctors could be any real threat in the CWA?

    Joey looks away from the camera taking a deep breath seemingly recollecting his thoughts before continuing

    Joey Nicholas: What do you think your late crack whore of a mother would think of you beating up on the elderly Jaime? I’m sure she would not be too proud of a her son tormenting those weaker than yourself now would she!?

    Joey shifts hands in holding the umbrella as the rain continues it’s descent atop of him

    Joey Nicholas: That victory has seemingly impressed you upon Charlie boy nonetheless as he has sanctioned the match that I personally asked for between you and I be contended for my X-fly championship on the next Adrenaline Rush.

    Joey shakes his head in disgust at the mere thought

    Joey Nicholas: A man who gets night terrors from doctors and decides to lash out on innocent ones for their career choice alone is the scum of the earth in my book Jay. You’re Mother just couldn’t put that crack pipe down and it’s her own damn fault not the doctor who had something better to do rather than help someone who didn‘t want their assistance in the first place! Mark my words I’m going to make you realize that you are not exempt for your sins when my shoe is down your throat!

    Joey then proceeds to crack his neck a few times as if to relieve some tension

    Joey Nicholas: And to top it all off you not only effected my CWA record by costing us the main event tag match a few weeks back, you also managed to tamper the Hood‘s leader, Ultimate Pain’s streak in the process! Now two big “L’s” have been added to our resumes that will never be erased, and it will indeed be my greatest pleasure in redeeming the brotherhood by whoopin’ that ass all over Wisconsin! I will take great gratification in disciplining you like the filthy dog that you are for ever thinking you could compete with the likes of me or Uliti!

    Joey’s grin returns as quickly as it had gone

    Joey Nicholas: I’m already hearing you now claim how Joey Nicholas will be nothing more than a paper champion and that my title win in Moscow was a fluke! Well let me remind you just who I am Jay. I am the man who has only been beaten once in his entire career in singles action and the only three time title holder ever in the CWA! You think your win against Adams impresses me in the least bit? 2008 marked my first victory over him, so please feel free to join us in 2009 at anytime Jay Boy! Adams was at his peak long before you came to this company! Come August 12th the new chapter in Jay Walters’ pathetic story of a life will be entitled, “Failure” as I retain my gold all the while exposing you as the fraud that you truly are!

    Joey expressions soon turns to one that is grim as puts his hand into his coat pulling out a single red rose. The camera focuses out revealing that Joey has been standing beside Jay’s Mother’s grave this entire time

    Joey Nicholas: Please forgive me for the pain and suffering your little jack ass of a son will soon endure Ms. Walters. Rest in piece.

    Joey throws the rose towards the grave to which the focus of the camera becomes solely on the flower as it slowly falls atop of the grave soon revealing the tombstone to read: Nancy Walters 1949-1991. Soon afterward a stream of yellow liquid can be seen damping the stone. The camera focuses out to soon see Joey urinating on the tombstone cackling as the scene fades to black

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas

    *We cut backstage where the camera is following what appears to be a backstage worker along the corridor. Eventually the man stops outside a door, marked in rather unique fashion, "The Brotherhood". The man knocks and awaits an answer. Some rumbling and other strange noises can be heard from behind the door. Finally Matt Jones pokes his head round the door, not allowing the camera or the CWA employee to see past him into the room.*

    Matt Jones
    : "Yesssss?"

    Employee: "What's going on in there?"

    Matt Jones: "Oh you know, nothing out of the ordinary. Typical Brotherhood gaming warm-up for tonight. There is definitely not any unauthorized animals in here, that's for sure."

    *The employee looks in confusion at Matt who appears proud at so "cleverly" putting the employee off his questioning.*

    Employee: "Um, right. Well, the boss sent me. He says you, Joey and Pain have to head to the interview set and give Michelle a few words on tonight's match. You know, the usual hype."

    Matt Jones: "A few words? Pah! This is my return to in-ring action! Do you know who I am guy? I'm the undefeated Matt "Mini Pain" Jones! I'm going to need a whole lot more than a few words sir."

    *All this while, not only have the strange noises continued to have been heard behind the 'Hood door, but it appears Ultimate and Joey have decided to find out who was doing the knocking as they open the door entirely. Behind the door, the place is turned upside down, a total mess. There's a mini mountain of Mountain Dew cans in one corner, pizza splattered everywhere, a sofa turned upside down. Axl and Daren seem to be asleep in the middle of all this, whilst Kennif is sitting playing the 360 as ever, with what appears to be a chicken clucking away beside him. The employee looks in complete and utter amazement at what is happening behind the door, before it is quickly shut. Pain and Joey have ushered Matt out, who amongst the rush appears to have forgotten to put any trousers on.*

    Ultimate Pain: "Did I hear someone say they wanted an interview with us? Waitaminute, you aren't Orlando or Michelle."

    Employee (still a little bewildered): "Eh, yes. You, eh, have to go and meet Michelle at the interview set."

    Joey Nicholas: "Wait, we have to go to her? What is this company coming to when the Champs have to go to some stupid interviewer? She should be coming to us!"

    *Matt has since realized he is trouser-less.*

    Matt Jones: "Awh guys, you're going to have to give me a second, I need to get some pants on."

    *As Matt begins turning the knob to open the door, both Pain and Nicholas fumble around with pleas to prevent the hood member from entering the room once again

    Joey Nicholas: “Matt don’t go…”

    Ultimate Pain: “I wouldn't if I was yo..."

    *Matt opens the door, ignoring both men’s advice when suddenly a huge roar can be heard from the room. Matt jumps back and slams the door shut. Whilst Joey and Ultimate chuckle, presumably at their idea of a joke.*

    Matt Jones: "Damnit! You idiots let it out?"

    Ultimate Pain: "What? It escaped!?"

    Joey Nicholas:Oh yeah now I remember guys, I opened the cage to see if it would eat some of that pizza you guys ordered. But even he wouldn’t eat that disgusting filth. However, I don’t recall locking the cage afterwards…My bad."

    *Matt stares from Pain to the Real Deal baffled to say the least.*

    Matt Jones: "What about the others!?"

    Ultimate Pain: "Oh forget it, they'll be fine. Now c'mon. We'll tell John to capture you from the chest up. Isn't that right John?"

    *A muffled yes can be heard from behind the camera as the three 'Hoodlums head off towards the interview area, leaving the CWA employee standing in a state of shock at what he has just witnessed. The camera whirls around to follow the ‘Hood members as the trio makes their way toward the interview set where Michelle Kelley is impatiently waiting, constantly glancing at her watch. After a few moments Ultimate Pain comes onto the set with Joey to his right and his brother to his left, all three grinning cunningly*

    Michelle Kelly: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the three men to my right collectively known as the Brotherhood will be participating in the main event against the unlikely trio of Nickolas Arsen, Rich Stone, and Doc Adams. Can you give us your thoughts on tonight’s bout gentlemen?”

    *As Michelle goes to put the mic towards Ultimate Pain, Matt Jones intervenes and passionately takes Michelle’s hand*

    Matt Jones: “My darling, I give you my word, on my triumphant return to the ring I will be continuing my illustrious winning streak by making the winning pin tonight exclusively in your honor!”

    *Michelle quickly retracts her hand before Joey grabs the microphone away from her*

    Joey Nicholas: “C’mon Matt, don’t waste your time with this tramp!”

    Michelle Kelly: “Excuse m…”

    Joey Nicholas: (ignores Michelle)“I mean just look at Rich’s wife, Victoria Stone. She’s an elegant women that never gets pleased by her man because he’s too busy off in his own little world trying to become CWA champion. Clearly she would be the better catch am I right?”

    Matt Jones: “Hmmmm Victoria Stone eh? She’ll be mine for the taking after I beat down her pathetic husband!”

    Michelle Kelley: “ I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth”

    Joey Nicholas: “You’ve had worse in there”

    Matt Jones: “Zing! Got her!”

    *Both men laugh completely hysterical at Michelle’s expense for a moment before quieting down*

    Michelle Kelly: “All this wasn’t even the question at hand!”

    Joey Nicholas: “Do you ever keep your disgusting mouth shut?! The big boys are talking right now! Go ahead Ulti.”

    *Michelle Kelly perplexed, uncharacteristically cooperates and quiets down. Meanwhile, Ultimate Pain strangely silent through all of this finally speaks up.*

    Ultimate Pain: “Tonight marks the first step in terminating this “revolution” of sorts against us!”

    Joey Nicholas: Doc Adams has been a thorn in our side since we captured every title this business has to offer. I’ve warned him constantly that his interference will get him and his friends hurt but to no avail. Now tonight I will make your life turn full circle when I confine your ass to a wheel chair Jack!

    Matt Jones: Lest you both have forgotten by now I wish to keep my undefeated streak alive and well. Lets not repeat what happened in Miami, when the both of you lost to the Doc on your very first time teaming with one another!

    Ultimate Pain:"Enough with the undefeated streak Matt. And everyone fine rightly knows, the only reason Joey and I lost to Doc last time was because we were teaming with that idiot Jay Walters who cost us the match!"

    Joey Nicholas: "We definitely don't want a repeat of that now do we Pain?"

    *Both Pain and Joey stare at Matt, insinuating he is the weak link.*

    Ultimate Pain: "No doubt! It's time we put a stop to this "revolution" of sorts. Joey has the Doc's number, we all know that, so I'm expecting him to be as useless as ever in this match. Has he even won a singles match since his return?"

    Joey Nicholas: "Of course not. I can't even remember the last singles match he actually won."

    Matt Jones: "Might have been that one he beat you for the CWA Lightweight Title."

    Joey Nicholas *angrily*: "That wasn't a singles match, and he didn't even pin me!"

    Ultimate Pain: "As for Stone, he won't be the same man since I beat him. Heck, even the Doc seemed to be getting the better of him last week. That pretty much sums up the sortof form Stone's in right now doesn't it. In fact I can't even remember Stone winning a high profile match...?"

    Matt Jones: "Well, he did beat Joey that one time, but yeah, I agree, I can't remember him winning a high profile match either."

    *Matt chuckles away contently at his joke, as Joey stares infuriatedly at him. Pain simply ignores the quips from Matt and continues on giving Michelle his thoughts on his opponents.*

    Ultimate Pain: "That just leaves Arsen then. I'm not even going to lie, I like what I've seen from him so far. He definitely has potential, unfortunately for him Anderson's decided to feed him to the lions tonight. He puts him in a team with two bumbling idiots, against two members of the greatest faction of all time...and Matt obviously. Now that's a recipe for your first loss in CWA Nick, but hey, at least you had a one match unbeaten streak. If you were Matt, you'd brag about that for the next two years."

    *Everyone stares expectedly at Matt, waiting for his usual smartass comment about the opponent, and presumably Joey.*

    Matt Jones: "Yeah, I actually got nothing on this guy. Somehow, even Joey hasn't been defeated by him."

    *Joey finally snaps and swings for Matt, but Matt ducks and Joey instead hits the camera, knocking the picture off.*

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas

    The scene opens up to a local bar in Atlanta, Georgia a few hours after Adrenaline rush went off the air. The camera pans around the building showing various couples and groups of friends enjoying their various beverages, a few customers are even enjoying a few rounds of pool on multiple pool tables strewn about the place. The camera zooms in on the actual bar area passing countless consumers who are ordering their drinks or enjoying them before it finally stops on Joey Nicholas sitting at the bar atop a stool, drinking from his cold mug and facing a man on his right. Only the back of the man’s head can be seen

    Joey Nicholas: Matt sure has a lot of nerve to question my ability when he was the one to take the losing pin tonight! You and I both know that had I not been worried about Ulti, I would’ve had that match in the bag!

    Joey takes a swig of his beer as the man still not shown nods in agreement

    Joey Nicholas: The kid went and showed off during the entire match tagging himself in when Ultimate Pain was supposed to be sending a message to the Doc before Meltdown! And if that wasn’t embarrassing enough for the ‘Hood, that little runt went as far to taunt the crowd instead of fighting when he was actually in the ring! I don’t ever see how he won his one and only match, at least now I wont have to hear him preach every damn day that he is undefeated!

    Nicholas laughs before gulping down a little more of his cold one

    Joey Nicholas: I swear if I get any crap from the ‘Hood for going off on him in the locker room I’m going to absolutely snap!

    Suddenly a loud snicker can be heard a couple of stools down the row from the men to which Joey quickly turns his attention to. The camera turns to face a heavy set man with red hair, and sweat stains on his green t-shirt, zits checkering his face.

    Joey Nicholas: Can I help you lard ass?

    Man: I couldn’t help but notice that you are Joey Nicholas, current CWA X-fly champion and the Ultimate Pain’s associate.

    Joey seems annoyed

    Joey Nicholas: Okay so? What do you want an autograph pepperoni face?

    The overweight man chuckles ignoring Joey’s attempts to rile him up

    Man: Oh God no. I just noticed that there seemed to be trouble in paradise amongst the most “dominant” stable in the CWA universe considering how the three most unlikely trio of rebels triumphed over the Brotherhood juggernaut in such dominating fashion earlier tonight!

    The man puts his mug up to his mouth for a drink all the while Joey smirks and looks over to his companion

    Joey Nicholas: This guy sure has some funny jokes! I should get to know him better!

    The Real Deal abruptly jumps off the stool beer still in hand, and proceeds to sit next to the surprised fat man putting his arm around his shoulder. The obese man begins to sweat profusely

    Joey Nicholas: What is your name?

    Man: K…Ke…Ken

    Joey Nicholas: And what is your profession Ken?

    Ken: I’m a comic book clerk.

    Joey Nicholas: Wow who would’ve guessed you were a cartoon nerd?

    Ken: They’re not car..

    Joey cuts him off

    Joey Nicholas: Now I have to ask, just who in the hell was it that poisoned you with these ridiculous thoughts of the Bro’Hood Ken?

    Ken: I was told of the tale through Nickolas Arsen when he came into my store earlier today asking for the newly released Avenger comic. He opened my eyes to the evil that you and the ‘Hood have purged throughout the CWA! I’ve never watched a single Adrenaline Rush until tonight when I witness Arsen, my newly found hero vanquish the Goliath known as the Brotherhood! Your guy’s luck looks to have run out as Arsen has set his sights on decimating all of you once and for all!

    Joey bursts into hysterical laughter making everyone in the bar stop and stare over at Nicholas and Ken in annoyance for a moment before continuing what they were doing

    Ken: I don’t see what’s so funny, you seemed scared shitless of Arsen when you were tagged in, you went as far as to feed the smallest one of your group to save any sort of face!

    Joey’s grin fades quickly to a scowl

    Joey Nicholas: So you like to be a smart ass eh? Well let me ask you this Ken, Who out of your newfound set of heroes would come to your rescue at this moment in time?

    Ken looks at Joey with uncertainty

    Ken: What do you mean?

    Joey Nicholas: This isn’t some comic book where they can sense when an innocent bystander is in trouble Ken, do you think they would hear your screams of terror if you were to say get into any sort of trouble, ya know?

    Ken’s smirk turns to one that is horrified whilst Joey takes his arm off of Ken as he takes the final gulp of his beer

    Ken: I think I have to go!

    Ken sets down his mug and places some cash down on the table before quickly getting off his stool. Joey turns around grinning cunningly before grabbing and twirling Ken around by his shoulder

    Joey Nicholas: Wait Ken, you forgot something!

    As Ken is forced to turn toward Joey, glass is suddenly scattered across the bar room floor as the glass mug that Nicholas finished is smashed over his skull. The big man falls to the floor instantly in a daze as blood begins to trickle down his forehead. The entire bar room becomes dead silent as everyone watching the scene take place. The bartender immediately confronts Joey

    Bartender: Hey! You need to leave sir!

    Joey ignores the bartender as he begins to stand up a dazed Ken

    Joey Nicholas: Where’s Nick Arsen to help you now Kenny boy!?

    Joey takes a pool stick from one of the guys playing near by and snaps it over Ken’s head, widening the gash atop his head

    Bartender: Sir! I will only ask you one more time to leave!

    Joey merely glares at the bartender as gives Ken a swift kick to the gut. Ken writhes around the floor in pain gasping for breath. The bartender starts heading over to the scene but Joey stops him in his tracks

    Joey Nicholas: You want to end up looking like this as well!?

    The bartender shakes his head no and backs away from the ordeal as Joey picks up Ken yet again and walks him over to a pool table and positions him against the side of it. Ken has a crimson mask now and is trying to catch his breath as he lies against the side of the pool table, blood continuing to stain his clothes, a few drops even landing onto the floor beneath his feet. A woman screams in the background at the sight of Ken as Joey then puts his mouth to Ken’s ear to speak to him

    Joey Nicholas: Your “Hero” will suffer his very first defeat on the eve of his pay per view debut as in our next encounter, as there is no weaker link between myself and the Ultimate Pain!

    Ken losing an alarming amount of blood is dozing in and out of consciousness to which Joey quickly grabs his chin in the palm of his hand preventing the big man from falling

    Joey Nicholas: Pain and I will not strike out teaming with one another. In Pittsburgh we will prove once and for all why we are the best in the World today when we dispose of Rich Stone and Nickolas Arsen, diminishing any hope of anyone stopping us from taking over the CWA!

    And with that Joey lets go of Ken’s face, draws back, and delivers a Deal Breaker to Ken’s lifeless head. Ken goes airborne onto the pool table and lands with a thud. Joey wipes off his hands on a spectators shirt to their dismay and heads to the door as the camera pans out to reveal Kennif Leblanch sitting at the bar the entire time this all occurred

    Kennif Leblanch: Now that’s what I’m talking Aboot!

    The camera focuses again on Ken’s motionless body as blood from his face seeps onto the pool table forming a puddle to end the scene

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    Re: "The Real Deal" Joey Nicholas

    September 23rd 2009

    The scene opens up to the set of Chelsea Lately with it’s host Chelsea Handler and her round table of comedians.

    Chelsea: When we return, I’ll be joined by CWA star Joey Nicholas to talk about his upcoming match and arrest.

    The scene fades before footage of Joey Nicholas, winning the X-fly championship at Redemption is shown: Ralph gets to his feet, and waves at Joey to follow. When he does, he grabs Joey, and lifts him, going for the Dusk ‘Till Dawn, spinning him- but Joey lands on his feet, shoves Ralph, and the hits the Deal Breaker! He goes for the cover… 1 …2…3!

    Lindsay Monahan:Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner, and the first ever CWA X-Fly Champion, the Real Deal, Joey Nicholas!

    Nicholas is offered the title belt but says no. He instead demands that the official put it around his waste and close it. Not wanting any trouble, the official does as he is told before Nicholas can start his celebrations. The footage fades to black and opens up to Chelsea Handler in a different set sitting next to an open chair with a smirk strewn across her face

    Chelsea: My next guest will be participating in CWA’s upcoming extravaganza Meltdown. He is the “Real Deal” of the CWA please welcome the X-fly Champion, Joey Nicholas!

    Joey wearing jeans and a t-shirt strides out on stage to the warmest reception of his entire career. He casually walks over to Chelsea Handler extending his hand out to her to which she takes before he pulls closer and kisses her on the cheek making her blush

    Chelsea: Easy now stud, save that for after the show!

    The crowd along with Joey all chuckle

    Chelsea: Please sit down Joey.

    Joey obliges and takes a seat next to Handler

    Chelsea: Welcome to the show!

    Joey: (Grinning) Well thank you for having me.

    Chelsea: You’re very welcome! Now on this upcoming Wednesday you will be defending your championship in a triple threat match. What are your thoughts going in?

    Joey: Well as many of you all know earlier this year I was put in a triple threat match for the Lightweight championship in February at the pay per view Uprising. Unfortunately I came up short in retaining my title during that bout, and my boss knowing this going in to this next event has now stacked the odds even higher on me by inviting all of the people I have embarrassed in the past to surround the ring this time around.

    Chelsea: He seems like a prick to me already!
    Everyone laughs

    Chelsea: Now who are your opponents for this match up again?

    Joey: Ralph “Road Runner” McCoy and The Elephant man Don de vries.

    Chelsea: Whoa Elephant man huh? I hope he’s not trying to over compensate for a little who who in his pants with that name.

    Joey: I wouldn’t put it passed him, he needs something to cover up for the fact that he absolutely sucks in the ring.

    Chelsea: And Road Runner? Seriously that sounds like a comedy act more than an athlete. Does he run away from a bunch of dynamite during the shows or what?

    Joey snorts

    Joey: No he’s just another man that will never have a chance at winning my title. He would be better off playing off to the kids in the audience by throwing out T-shirts during the commercial breaks rather than competing with the likes of me.
    Chelsea: Are you worried about the other guys surrounding the ring?

    Joey: No not at all. I’ll have eyes in the back of my head. I’ve beaten all the guys that will be around the ring before so it shouldn’t be an issue.

    Chelsea: Cocky much?

    Joey: I'd call it God given talent!

    Everyone snickers

    Chelsea: Well I have faith in you as does everyone here.

    The audience claps and cheers

    Joey: Thank you!

    Chelsea: Now on to your Twitter war with Rich Stone. What was this about?

    Joey laughs

    Joey: This all started when I told him I would beat him in a tag match on an episode of Adrenaline Rush. One thing led to another and now we are questioning each other’s talent all the way to sexual orientation. It’s been the topic at hand most recently backstage amongst everyone.

    Chelsea: Wait a minute isn’t this the guy that couldn’t spell destiny correctly in a promo of his when he first arrived? How the hell does he manage to function on such an intelligent site like Twitter?

    Everyone chuckles at Chelsea’s apparent sarcasm

    Joey: I’m shocked you remember that! Everyone gave him the hardest time backstage for months after he did that!

    Chelsea: Well we all know now his wife didn’t marry him for brains!

    The crowd is in hysterics now

    Chelsea: Now onto the Brotherhood’s leader Ultimate Pain. What are you’re thoughts on the CWA World Heavyweight champion?

    Joey: I have nothing but the up most respect for the man. He saw great potential in me and offered me a spot in the stable as a way to groom me for the future. Under his wing I’ve gained more experience than I ever would had I stayed solo in my career.

    Chelsea: Sounds like you’ve got a little man crush there Joey!

    Joey cracks up

    Joey: You aren’t the first nor will you be the last person to say that.

    Chelsea: Just throwing it out there again to remind you.

    Chelsea smirks whilst Joey shakes his head giggling before continuing

    Chelsea: Now you were recently “Arrested” in Georgia. Care to explain this angle?

    Joey: Well lets just say someone got on my bad side storyline wise.

    Chelsea: Uh oh, we’ve got a bad ass here!

    Joey: Yeah, right? But I was already pissed off at one of my teammates early that night, and the guy only added insult to injury. So in turn I left him laying in a pool of his own blood. It was a really good promo and all the guys all around did a great job in producing it to make it really effective.

    Chelsea: We may have to shoot one of these promos together Joey, I’m sure we could make an effective scene ourselves don’t you think?

    Joey: Absolutely! Name where and when baby!

    Both crack up at their innuendo

    Chelsea: Well thanks again for joining us Joey, and good luck in defending your title!

    Joey: Thank you! I wont let any of you down!

    Joey shakes Handler’s hand before they both gaze into the camera.

    Chelsea: Everyone be sure to order CWA’s next pay per view which airs live September 23rd on the Wrestling Clique Network. Good night everyone!

    The camera focuses out of the entire set to show Handler and Nicholas seated as well as the entire audience in attendance as the scene goes black
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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