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Thread: Roberto Superstar

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    Roberto Superstar

    Former AMLL World Heavyweight Champion

    Former CWA World Champion (5 Times)

    2011 Royal Rumble Winner

    1st Pick for the High Voltage Brand in the 2010 Draft

    Roberto Superstar

    The Cult of Personality, The R Superstar, King of Wrestling, The Champ of the World

    Other (and Former) Nicknames:
    The Beautiful Man, The Rainbow Warrior, The Innovator of Style, Mr. Man Event, The Fight of the Night, The Headliner


    Los Angeles


    225 lbs

    Flamboyant Fan Favourite.


    Trained by:
    Super Mario Ganzo

    Outside the ring: Very flamboyant scarfs and unbuttoned shirts, dress pants and shiny white dress shoes.
    Inside the ring: Comes down the ring in a flashy robe and wrestles in tights ala Rick Rude.

    Graduated from Cal State a master degree in Psychology.

    New Entrance Music:
    Nelly - Champ of the World

    2nd Entrance Music:
    Living Colour - The Cult of Personality

    1st Entrance Music:
    Black Kids - I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend...Twelve rmx

    1. Say what you will, do what you want, but remember one thing...your ass belongs to me.
    2. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but I'll break your ass.
    3. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye sweetheart.

    Wrestling Style:

    Wrestling Abilities:
    Charisma, Technical, Speed, Brawling, Power

    Signature Moves:
    The Milkshake (Shake Rattle & Roll Neckbreaker), The Flavours of Roberto (Walls of Jericho), The Fruitilicious (Hunrancanrana & pin combo), The Colours of the Rainbow (The Canadian Destroyer), The Tutti Frutti (The Tazzmission), The European Uppercut

    Finishing Moves:
    The Ganzo Bomb (Power Bomb), The Edge (The Spear)

    Previous Experience:
    He is a backyard wrestler.

    Known for:
    Being the host of The Rainbow Room and for having his own perfume "The Scent of Roberto".

    Official Website:


    (Roberto in his cool red leather coat)

    (Roberto after winning his first World Title at Uprising '09)

    (Roberto sporting his custom made CWA World Title)

    (Roberto early in his career as the Saint with the XWP World Title)

    (Roberto Superstar at 5SA '09)

    Awards won:

    Full List of Awards:
    2009 CWA Babyface of the Year
    2009 CWA Feu of the Year (With the Ultimate Pain)
    2009 CWA Performance of the Year (Uprising versus the Ultimate Pain)
    2009 TRO Most Popular Wrestler of the Year
    2009 TRO Comeback of the Year
    2009 TRO Feud of the Year (With The Ultimate Pain)
    2009 TRO Match of the Year (Versus Nickolas K. Arsen at 5 Star Attraction)
    2010 CWA Feud of the Year (With Nickolas K. Arsen)
    2010 TRO Wrestler of the Year
    2010 TRO Feud of the Year (With Nickolas K. Arsen)
    2011 Comeback of the Year
    2011 Match of the Year (With Rolando and the Ultimate Pain)


    Roberto AMLL.jpg

    Roberto DVD.jpg

    2009 Sexiest Man of the Year


    Roberto Superstar

    Cristian Sant'Angelo (born on May 7, 1984), better known by his ring name Roberto Superstar, is a Canadian professional wrestler of Italian descent currently signed to Clique Wrestling Alliance (CWA).

    In professional wrestling, Roberto won numerous titles in the independent circuit before signing with CWA and winning the World Heavyweight Title.

    Roberto initially came to prominence through his career on the professional wrestling independent circuit, primarily as a member of the Xtreme Wrestling Planet (XWP) roster, where he won the XWP World Tag Team Championship, XWP World Championship, and was the first head trainer of the XWP wrestling school. In 2009, Roberto signed a contract with CWA and was crowned the its first ever World Champion after he defeated Ultimate Pain.

    Throughout his career, Roberto has used different gimmicks, but has always been a fan favourite. Before signing with CWA he used a Dark Angel gimmick and went by the name of The Saint.

    Many analysts, as well as former and current wrestlers, consider Roberto Superstar to be the best pure wrestler in the world today.


    Roberto was born in 1984 in the city of Naples, Italy. In 1987, when he was three years old, his family moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His mother, Teresa Raspucci, was a teacher and his father, Italo Sant'Angelo, was a welder. Roberto is the second child in the family and has an older brother and a younger brother and sister, including professional wrestler Davide Sant'Angelo, who is currently signed with XPW. His older brother Pietro has also trained but not competed at his brothers' level.

    Roberto finished high school in 2002 and graduated with honors from the University of California in 2007. While attending University, he also attended Mario Ganzo's wrestling school, also known as the Chamber, where he was one of the only three guys to ever graduate (2fon Tastic and Reverend Rudy being the other two).

    In 2008 he met his girlfriend Rachel Twist, whom he is still together with to this day.


    Roberto began wrestling while in the 10th grade at Ryerson Catholic High School. While in high school, Roberto achieved a 122–5 win-loss record and was a two-time Ontario high school heavyweight wrestling champion, earning the title in both 2001 and 2002. He was then accepted to attend the University of California where he achieved a 40-2 win-loss record. Moreover, while attending the University, Roberto was a two-time All-American heavyweight wrestler. In 2005, Roberto went 40-2 and made18 pins in the Big Ten Championship, in which he placed second. Instead of trying to qualify for the 2004 Summer Olympics, Roberto decided instead to keep pursuing a professional wrestling career and thats when he decided to join Super Mario Ganzo's wrestling school.


    Roberto, together with his brothers, began wrestling in backyards in his neighborhood. Not having the money for a ring, they used a trampolin. Also, a trampolin was way easier to carry around. More often than not, someone would get seriously injured. He would wrestle as I.M.Angel (I.M.stands for Italian Made). Roberto today speaks out against backyard wrestling.


    Right after University, Roberto dedicated all his time to professional wrestling. Wrestled in various promotions around the country, before signing for XWP. This is where Roberto made a big name for himself and became an internet sensation with hardcore wrestling fans.

    Roberto joined Xtreme Wrestling Planet (XWP) as The Saint, a vigilante gimmick and soon became involved in a feud with top villain Nick Corvo that featured numerous variants of no disqualification matches.

    Roberto started climbing the ranks of XPW, including coming in second at the Third Anniversary Show during the tournament to crown the first XWP Hardcore Champion losing to Brandon Banks in the finals and winning the XPW World Tag Team Championship twice with Reverend Rudy as the Divine Saints. Both times Roberto and Rudy defeated the Malone Brothers to win the championship.

    Circa May 2008, Roberto faced off against XWP World Champion Logan V for the championship in a three match series. The first match took place on May 12, 2008 at the Retribution PPV in Chicago, and resulted in a 60-minute time limit draw when neither Roberto nor Logan could pin or cause the other to submit in the 60 minutes. The second match between the two, took place on June 16 at the Journey to Hell PPV, where they again wrestled to a second 60-minute draw. In addition to Roberto vs Logan II becoming XWP's best-selling DVD at the time, the match received a five-star rating by Dane Neltzer's Top Rope Observer Newsletter. It was the first match in North America to receive a five-star rating in seven years—the last one being the Cage Match match between The Guardian Devil and The Ultimate Pain in 2001. Logan V ended the series by defeating Roberto in the third and final match on July 28, 2008 at Summer Havok 2 PPV in which there was a no time limit stipulation. To this day the three match series between Roberto and Logan V is considered to be some of the best wrestling matches ever witnessed.

    In September 2008, Roberto finally achieved his dream of becoming XWP World Heavyweight Champion when he defeated The Black Sheep and Frankie Enzo in a triple threat match to crown a new champion, when Logan V was stripped of the Title due to being suspended after failing a drug test. All of these men had a long history with each other. Frankie Enzo is the son of Beppe Enzo, the same man who was trained by the late, great Mario Ganzo. Ganzo of course is the same man who trained both Roberto and Black Sheep.

    Roberto successfully defended the Title on countless occasions defeating anyone who got in his way, until dropping the strap to former partner Reverend Rudy in a Table, Ladder and Chair Match on December 6th. This was Roberto's last match and soon after joined CWA. Roberto was given a 38 minutes standing ovation by the crowd in New York Madison Square Garden right after the match.


    After a long bidding war between FTW and CWA, Roberto finally opted to sign for the new company, as he saw FTW as a sinking ship. FTW not very long after, went out of business.

    In December 2008, CWA played a few vignettes of Christian whom was repackaged now as Roberto Superstar, a flamboyant and eccentric wrestler with questionable traits, whom sexual orientation made his opponents very uncomfortable. He started going by many nicknames, including The Man Event and The Innovator of Style, but mainly The Beautiful Man. Roberto utilized tactics such as groping his opponents and expressing affection towards them.

    In the first ever CWA Adrenaline Rush, Roberto faced Vance Johnson, Mike Rotch and Frankie Enzo in one of the two elimination ranking matches to declare the the two top contenders to the CWA Heavyweight Title. Roberto won the match which meant that at the first ever CWA PPV, he would be facing the winner of the other ranking match Ultimate Pain for the Title at the first ever CWA PPV Uprising.


    After short feuds with Vance Johnson and Frankie Enzo, Roberto and The Ultimate Pain finally squared off at Uprising to declare the first ever CWA Champion and Roberto made history when he defeated The Ultimate Pain by making him submit with his trademark move the Gay Crab. The move would later be renamed The Flavours of Roberto.

    Roberto's popularity soar to new heights, as he was now appearing on late night talk shows, commercials and magazine covers. He also became the new face of GAP when he signed a very lucrative deal with them. On top of all that, he started hosting a new talk show "The Rainbow Room" at various CWA TV Shows.

    Roberto defended the Title against all challengers, but on April 08/09 at CWA's second PPV In Exile, Roberto lost the CWA World Heavyweight Title to The Ultimate Pain. Their grueling match took place inside a Steel Cage and both man left In Exile with injuries. Roberto more so than Ultimate Pain and as a result had to take a few weeks off.

    Roberto returned and right away was given a chance to win the CWA World Title back, as he and The Ultimate Pain headlined yet another CWA PPV. At Hostile Takeover, their match ended in a Double Count Out and as a result of that, The Ultimate Pain was able able to retain his Title.

    On July 1st/09 at Adrenaline Rush, Roberto battled Rich Stone for a chance to face The Ultimate Pain at Redemption for the World Heavyweight Title. It was a hard fought match with Rich Stone on the offensive most of the match, but Roberto was victorious as he was able to catch the The Franchise with a very tight small package, when Rich Stone got himself distracted by arguing with the ref about a slow count.

    On July 15th/09 Roberto once again Main Evented Adrenaline Rush in a blockbuster 6-men tag team match. Roberto teamed up with his good friend Doc Adams and rookie Ralph McCoy to take on the team of The Ultimate Pain, Joey Nicholas and newcomer Jay Walters. All six men gave great performances, but in the end it was Roberto's team who walked out of the American Airlines Arena in Miami victorious, when Roberto was able to pin Jay Walters.

    The final stop in Roberto's quest to once again become CWA Champion was supposed to be at the Redemption PPV, but before the match, Roberto was brutally assaulted backstage by an unknown attacker. He was immediately taken to the hospital and was forced to pull out of the match. In the assault, Roberto suffered a severe neck injury that required surgery. Doctors estimated that he'd be out for at least a year.


    But on December 2nd at Adrenaline Rush, Roberto shocked the World, by not only returning early from his injury, but by beating current CWA Champion Kenneth Leblanc for the strap. It was a great moment for Roberto and for the millions of his fans who didn't know when they would ever see their hero again.

    Roberto was now back full time, but something was different, as it seemed he had dropped the "supposedly gay" gimmick he had going before he had to take time off.

    The decision to bring Roberto back early and hand him the Title, was due to the fact that CWA needed a blockbuster Main Event for their biggest PPV of the year, 5 Star Attraction. With The Ultimate Pain out, Doc Adams retired and the company having little faith in Kenneth Leblanc, CWA was desperate for a big name and Roberto was the only name that made sense.

    The original plan was for Arsen to take over Roberto's spot as the hero of the company and win the Title off of Leblanc at 5SA, but with Roberto back, management decided to turn Arsen heel.

    At 5 Star Attraction, Roberto and Nickolas Kennedy Arsen faced off and the match is still considered by many to be the best match in CWA history. Roberto retained, but Arsen went on to win the Royal Rumble Match, thus getting another Title shot at Uprising.

    During this time, Arsen formed an alliance with newcomer Steve Osborn and this was when the Submission Coalition was born. To this day this stable is considered the greatest in CWA history, even defeating the Shining Rainbows in an episode of Adrenaline Rush. The losing streak would also keep going for Roberto, as Arsen would defeat his arch enemy at Uprising with a little bit of help from senior referee Billy Stevens.

    Things would go from bad to worse at the March 10th, 2010 edition of Adrenaline Rush, as Roberto at the end of the six men tag between the R Superstar himself, his partners AMOA and their opponents Nicholas, Osborn and Arsen, would get laid out and cut open in the head with a chair by Arsen.

    But things would turn around for the Cult of Personality at the April 7th edition of Adrenaline Rush, as Roberto and Ralph McCoy would pick up a very important victory against Rich Stone and Nickolas Kennedy Arsen. This would give Roberto much needed momentum and at In Exile 2 inside a steel cage in an Ironman match, Roberto would regain the CWA World Title from Arsen. After the match, Stone would come down and begin his assault on Arsen and this is when Roberto would come to Arsen's rescue, showing the former champ much respect.


    As one war came to an end, another would begin as Roberto and Rich Stone waged war all through the summer.


    Official Record:
    W - L - D
    20 - 10 - 4
    Roberto beats Frankie Enzo & Mike Rotch to be declared #1 Contender to the CWA Title.
    Roberto and Vance Johnson fight to a no contest.
    Roberto & Vance Johnson defeat Ultimate Pain and Shaun Quinn.
    Roberto beats The Ultimate Pain to become the first ever CWA Champion.
    Roberto defeats Shaun Quinn.
    Roberto defeats Top Dog.
    The Ultimate Pain beats Roberto in a Steel Cage to win the CWA World Title.
    Shaun Quinn & Kennif LeBlanch beat Roberto in a Handicap Match.
    Roberto defeats The Lord of Darkness.
    Roberto deafeats Top Dog.
    Last Standing Match between Roberto & Ultimate Pain ends in a draw.
    Roberto defeats Top Dog.
    Roberto defeats Rich Stone.
    Roberto, Doc Adams & Ralph McCoy defeat The Ultimate Pain, Joey Nicholas & Jay Walters.
    Roberto defeats Kenneth LeBlanc to win the CWA Title for the 2nd time.
    Roberto & Nickolas Kennedy Arsen defeat Joey Nicholas & Logan V.
    Roberto defeats Nickolas Kennedy Arsen to reatain World Title.
    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen & Steve Osborn defeat Roberto & Ralph McCoy.
    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen defeats Roberto for the CWA Title.
    Roberto & AMOA fight Arsen, Osborn & Nicholas to a no contest.
    Roberto & Ralph McCoy defeat Nickolas Kennedy Arsen & Rich Stone.
    Roberto defeats Nickolas Kennedy Arsen to regain the CWA World Title.
    Rich Stone & Steve Osborn defeat Roberto & Ralph McCoy.
    Rich Stone defeats Roberto for the CWA World Title.
    Roberto & Mr. Willis defeat Rich Stone & Mr. Showtime.
    Roberto defeats Rich Stone to win the CWA Title for the 4th time.
    Rich Stone defeats Roberto for the World Title.
    Roberto & Joey Nicholas fight Rolando & Daren Storm to a no contest.
    Roberto wins the Royal Rumble.

    Rolando, Monolyth, Storm, Diego & Jones defeats Roberto, Pain, Chubby, Vendra & Dexter.
    Roberto defeats Pain & Rolando for the CWA World Title.
    The Ultimate Pain @ Rolando defeat Roberto & Mr. Willis
    Roberto defeats Rolando to retain his World Title.
    The Ultimate Pain defeats Roberto for the CWA Title.
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    Re: Roberto

    *Camera pans left to right across a room until it finally pans on Roberto whose watering a plant.*

    ROBERTO: A clean room is a happy room, but when you add plants and pretty flowers, the room suddenly becomes exquisite.

    *Roberto puts down the mist sprayer and sits on the chair behind his desk.*

    ROBERTO: Hi everyone, my name is Roberto Superstar, but my friends just call me Roberto. I've just signed a Multi Million $ contract with CWA and I promise all the fans, the fun is about to begin.

    *Roberto stands up and walks around the desk and stares at the camera*

    ROBERTO: I will also promise something to all the other wrestlers here in CWA. The Beautiful Man is here to stay, so if you are thinking of making trouble, remember one thing...your asses all belong to me.

    *Roberto kisses his finger and waves goodbye*

    ROBERTO: Ta Ta for now.
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    Re: Roberto

    i genuinley el oh eld at the pic and pretty colors

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    Re: Roberto

    This guy looks awesome just from reading the bios so far.

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    Re: Roberto

    Profile updated...

    I also decided to stick all my promos here.

    Promo from the 1st ever Adrenaline Rush (Dec.31/08)
    Roberto vs Mike Rotch vs Vance Johnson vs Frankie Enzo

    Hip Hop 'Berto

    Orlando Maxwell is in the back with a mic in hand.

    O.M.: Hello wrestling fans, Adrenaline Rush is just a few days away and this man, Im about to interview, is going to be involved in the 4 way Heavyweight Elimination Match. Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome Roberto Superstar.

    Roberto comes in dressed like a rapper.

    ROBERTO: YO YO YO pussycat, hows it hanging?

    O.M.: Excuse me? Roberto?

    ROBERTO: No, no, no, today you can call me MC Delicious.

    O.M.: MC Delicious?

    ROBERTO: Yeahhhhhh Boooooooyyy!!! Ya see, last night I was chilling with my homegirl, ya know, and we was watching MTV Raps, ya know, and it got me inspired. I even wrote me some rhymes. You wanna hear 'em son?

    Orlando Maxwell gets all excited.

    O.M.: Yes, I would love to hear your rhymes.

    Roberto turns his hat backwards and clears his throat.

    ROBERTO: Ok now G, give me some beat.

    Orlando starts doing some beatboxing.

    ROBERTO: Here we go, ya ya!!! 1, 2, 3 into the 4.....Delicious is gonna make all your asses sore.

    Half of yous is fools and half of yous is clowns.....that's why on the 31th you all is going down.

    But its ok, I feel kind of generous.....thats why at the ppv I'm gonna make you all famous.

    Frankie Enzo, you always trying to act tough, but you aint Adrenaline Rush, I'm going to serve you this meal.

    Roberto points at his crotch like The Rock used to do.

    O.M.: ":-O"

    ROBERTO: and you Vance Johnson, ha ha should I be scared of your dark persona?.....ha ha I think Im more frighten of the Jonas Brotha.

    And Mike Rotch, thinking you're tough cause of your MMA background.....too bad you dont know yet, that in your piss and blood you're going to drown.

    At Adrenaline Rush Im going to be victorious....this has been a special presentation of MC Delicious.

    Orlando Maxwell starts applauding.

    O.M.: That was dope homeboy.

    ROBERTO: Thank you, Thank you. Ok Im outte, call me later G, we'll do lunch.....Ta Ta!!!

    Roberto leaves.
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    Re: Roberto

    *sues Fedor for use of the Danny Diamond© name without permission*

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    Re: Roberto

    I'm "Borrowing" your idea here and am going to post everyone's promo in their own thread. If people want to post their own they can.
    The Real Rock N' Rolla

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    Re: Roberto

    Profile Updated
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Adrenaline Rush (Jan.14/09)
    Roberto vs Vance Johnson

    In Search of Destiny

    *Backstage Michelle Kelly is talking to the camera guy by the water cooler, when all of a sudden they spot Roberto and Orlando acting all mysterious*

    Michelle: "Those two are up to something...let's go, we might have a scoop here."

    *Michelle catches up to them*

    Michelle: "Hey there guys, what's going on?"

    *Roberto looking all bothered, cuts off Orlando who's about to answer*

    Roberto: "It's you again. Don't you have anything better to do but bother us?"

    Michelle: I am a reporter, this is my job."

    Roberto: "You call bothering people a job?"

    *Roberto and Orlando both start laughing, until Orlando realizes that he is also a reporter*

    Orlando: "Hey, I am also a reporter."

    Roberto: "Ohhhhh I know sweetheart, and I think you're so cute when you're reporting."

    *Roberto gives Michelle a dirty look while consoling Orlando*

    Roberto: "See what you have done now, you've upset Orlando."

    *Michelle shakes her head and rolls her eyes*

    Michelle: "I'm sorry. So, can I come with you guys or not?"

    Roberto: "Whatever, just dont get in the way and don't ask any questions."

    *They all march down the dark hallway of the boiler room*

    Roberto: "So Orlando, are you sure this is the place?"

    Orlando: "This is it. My sources are never wrong. This is where he is supposed to be."

    Michelle: "Who is supposed to be here?"

    Roberto: "SHHHH!!! What did I tell you?"

    *Michelle rolls her eyes*

    Michelle: "Oh forgot, sorry"

    Roberto: "Ok let's move on"

    *As they keep making their way down the dark hallway, it looks like Orlando and Roberto are a little frightened*

    Orlando: "This place gives me the chills Roberto."

    Roberto: "Dont tell me you are scared of the dark Orlandino?"

    Orlando: "No, Im just saying, it's a little creepy down here, thats all"

    *All of a sudden a mouse jumps out of the corner and Roberto and Orlando both scream like girls and hug each other*

    Michelle: "Oh comon guys, it was only a little mouse"

    *Michelle kelly bursts into laughter*

    *Roberto looks at Orlando and shrugs him off*

    Roberto: "Oh I know, I was just conforting Orlando. I thought he was gonna have a heart attack"

    Orlando: "Me? I wasnt scared."

    Roberto: "Yes you were."

    Orlando: "Well, maybe a little."

    *As they keep arguing, Michelle spots a dark figure in the far corner*

    Michelle: "Hey fellas, is that the one you guys are looking for?"

    *Roberto now gets all serious*

    Roberto: "Oh thats him...stay back"

    *Roberto cautiously gets a little closer*

    Roberto: "Hello there Mr. Johnson, the time has finally come for me and you to go on our date. I can barely wait. You see Mr. Johnson, you attacked me in New York, with the delusion that your actions would have no consequences. Why? Do you not think I'm man enough to fight back? Would I be the number one contender if I wasnt man enough? Delusional is what you are Mr. Johnson...or maybe you attacked me, because you needed to justify an existence that's without meaning or purpose. The truth is, I feel sorry for you...sorry at your lack of intellect, 'cause only a simple mind could invent an insipid character such as the Figure of Destiny." *Roberto rubs his chin* "Figure of Destiny uh? Well the way I figure, your destiny tonight involves me kicking your poop shoot all over that ring. I've fought people like you before. I know people like you. Vagaries of your own perception is what drives you. But dont you worry honey, I will be your Saviour. I will slap you back into reality Mr. Johnson. You see, you have made your bed and now you're going to have sleep in it and guess what? I'm going to be the one tucking you in. Tonight Mr. Johnson your ass belongs to me."

    *The dark figure now turns around and starts walking towards Roberto. Roberto looks intense and ready to fight. As tension mounts, the dark figure gets closer to the light to reveal that he is not Vance Johnson, but just a middle age man*

    Mysterious Man: "Hey there, were you guys talking to me, I couldnt really hear you."

    *Roberto all confused*

    Roberto: "Who the hell are you?"

    Mysterious Man: "I'm the caretaker here. Are you guys lost?"

    *Roberto looks at Orlando*

    Roberto: "I thought you said he'd be here."

    Orlando: "Well this is where my source told me Mr. Rogers would be."

    *Roberto looking all confused now*

    Roberto: "Mr. Rogers?"

    Mysterious Man: "I'm Mr. Rogers, you guys were looking for me?"

    *Roberto now looking all frustrated*

    Roberto: "MR. ROGERS????? I told you to look for Mr. Johnson you fool."

    *Orlando looking like he doesnt know any Mr. Johnson*

    *Roberto jumping up and down in frustration*

    Roberto: "Vance Johnson?...The Figure of Destiny?"

    Orlando: "OHHHHHH! Then why are we here."

    *Roberto looking like he is about to blow*

    Roberto: "Beause you told me he'd be here."

    Orlando: "Well, I thought you said Mr. Rogers. Actually I saw Vance Johnson in the washroom right before you came and got me"

    *Roberto at this point turns around and walks back to the arena, mumbling and swearing*

    *Orlando turns to Michelle Kelly*

    Orlando: "It was an honest mistake. Do you think he's mad?"

    Michelle: "Well, maybe a little. Dont worry about it...let's go, I'll buy you a latte"

    *Orlando all of a sudden goes from sad to excited*

    Orlando: "A latte from Enricos?"

    Michelle: "Sure why not..."

    *They both start making their way back*

    Michelle: "Hey let me ask you something...did Roberto's promo remind you of anything?"

    Orlando: "mmmmm I dont think so...what you mean?"

    Michelle: "A movie or something?"

    *Michelle and Orlando both thinking*

    Orlando: "I dont think so"

    Michelle: "I thought I heard that from somewhere else...oh well"

    *Camera cuts out*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Adrenaline Rush (Jan.28/09)
    Roberto & Vance Johnson vs Ultimate Pain & Shaun Quinn

    The Rainbow Room

    *Roberto, sucking on a lollypop, makes his way to the ring with Precious by his side. The ring is decorated with a colourful couch, lamp, a lot of flamboyant veils, etc. etc.*

    Buckworth: "Are you ready for this."

    Taylor: "I cant wait, Roberto is gonna debut his new show, The Rainbow Room."

    Buckworth: "...and tonight his special guests are going to be all the Superstars involved in the main event later on tonight."

    Taylor: "It's going to be very interesting."

    Buckworth: "Roberto of course the winner of that 3 way elimination match at our first Adrenaline Rush show, which earned him the right to fight for the World Heavyweight Title at Uprising."

    Taylor: "...against the man who assaulted him in Chicago, Ultimate Pain."

    Buckworth: "Correct, and tonight he will get a chance for retribution when they face each other in this huge tag team match."

    *Roberto grabs the mic*

    Roberto: "Welcome to the debut of the sassiest new show on tv today...The Rainbow Room. I am your beautiful host, The Beautiful Man. This talk show is gonna bring truth, laughter, sometimes tears, but most importantly style, to your living rooms like no other Talk Show has ever done before. Tonight we are gonna talk about the highly anticipated tag team main event that's gonna take place later on tonight, in which of course I'll be participating in. So without further do, let me introduce the man that's going to be by my side. Ladies and Gentleman please welcome Vance Johnson."

    *The lights go dark and out comes The Figure of Destiny*

    Taylor: "Im telling you, this man sends shivers down my spine."

    Buckworth: "This place seems to have gotten colder all of sudden. The Figure of Destiny making his way to the ring and he doesnt seem very happy."

    Taylor: "I wouldn't wanna be the Brotherhood tonight."

    *As Vance Johnson gets in the ring, Roberto tries to shake his hand, but Johnson just gives him a cold stare.*

    Roberto: "Allllllllrighty then...and now let me introduce our opponents, Mr.Pain and his partner Mr.Quinn."

    *The Brotherhood's music hits and out comes two midgets dressed like Pain and Quinn.*

    Buckworth: "What in the blue hell?"

    *Taylor laughing hysterically*

    *Roberto is also laughing hysterically*

    Roberto: "Hey Precious, I think they could fit in your little handbag."

    *The midgets get in the ring and they both start posing, mimicking The real Brotherhood*

    *While Roberto is laughing, he turns to Johnson who gives him a cold stare which in turn frightens Roberto*

    Roberto: "Oh comon, you can't tell me you dont find this funny...THEY ARE MIDGETS"

    *Roberto keeps laughing*

    Roberto: "Ok, ok, come over here fellas, let me ask you a few questions. We all know you guys are short on talent, but this is ridiculous. Do you really think you guys can beat us? "

    *As the midgets are about to answer, Vance Johnson attacks them both delivering a double chokeslam*

    Roberto: "Whatta hell are you doing"

    *Johnson gets right to Roberto's face and then grabs the mic from his hand.*

    Buckworth: "I dont think Vance Johnson finds this even remotely funny"

    *He continues to stare at Roberto for a few seconds, then turns to the camera.*

    Vance Johnson: "My sole purpose in this lifeless world, is to collect the souls of the unfortunate people that crossed my path. Tonight Brotherhood, you will learn that there's no escape from the dark side."

    *All of a sudden the Arena goes dark. After a few seconds, the lights turn back on, with Johnson no longer in the ring*

    Buckworth: "Where did he go"

    Taylor: "He has disappeared into thin air."

    *Roberto grabs Precious stunned at what he has witnessed, but after a few moments a confident smirk appears on his face*

    Buckworth: "I think tonight we are going to witness a war"

    Taylor: "I can't wait"

    *Camera cuts out*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Uprising (Feb.11/09)
    Roberto vs Ultimate Pain for the CWA HW Title

    Larry King Live

    *Footages of Roberto winning the three way elimination match at the First Adrenaline Rush is shown.*

    Larry King: "He's eccentric, flamboyant and he's going to fight for the World Title at Uprising on February 14 in Las Vegas. This is the interview we've been wanting to do for awhile now, Roberto Superstar, one on one. He's gonna answer questions about how he got into wrestling, his decision to sign for CWA and his up coming bout against Ultimate Pain and finally he will make a stunning announcement at the end of the show. So much to talk about, next on Larry King Live."

    *The Larry King Live opening segment plays. When the video is over the camera pans on the desk where Larry King and Roberto are already sitting.*

    Larry King: "Hello Roberto, thanks for being here."

    Roberto: "Thank you, it's my pleasure sir."

    Larry King: "First of all, you are one of the most eccentric and controversial wrestlers in CWA today."

    Roberto: "I am? (smiles)"

    Larry King: "Well, yes you are (smiles), and my question to you is, how did you come up with such a character? ...and please just call me Larry."

    Roberto: "Ok, sure Larry. Wrestling is a business where if you dont make yourself noticed, it doesnt matter how good you are, you ain't gonna make it."

    Larry King: "Basically, you need a gimmick that gets people's attention."

    Roberto: "Exactly. When I step into the ring, my gimmick is loud and it's hard not to notice me."

    Larry King: "It also gets into your opponent's head, so that's another plus I'm guessing."

    Roberto: "(laughs) You can say that, it plays with people's minds, definitely. "

    Larry King: "But you still need to be a good wrestler inside that ring to be successful."

    Roberto: "Of course, of course, that goes without saying. Charisma and a great gimmick can only take you so far."

    Larry King: "Ok lets keep going. CWA is a young company, only been around for a few months, why sign with them."

    Roberto: "I signed with them 'cause...(laughs) first of all they gave me a bunch of money and it was hard to say no..."

    Larry King: "(laughs) That's always a good reason."

    Roberto: "Yes it is (smiles)...but no, mmmm I also saw a lot of promise in these guys. They really wanted to build a successful wrestling company, they promised me great competition and so far I think I've made the right decision."

    *Larry King turns to the camera*

    Larry King: "Ok, we're going to have to break, but I've got lots more questions to ask our guest, so stay tuned."


    *The program comes back from the commercial break and Roberto's match against Vance Johnson is playing on the screen for a few seconds before going back to Larry King*

    Larry King: "(looking at the camera) Uprising will take place Friday February 13 in Las Vegas. Participating in the main event is this good looking fellow sitting next to me, Roberto. (turns to Roberto) This is CWA's first PPV, what can we expect Roberto."

    Roberto: "Uprising is gonna blow the roof off the place. CWA is really rolling down the red carpet for this event and it's going to be entertainment personified. There's gonna be celebrities, crazy pyrotechnics and of course myself (laughs). It's going to be spectacular."

    Larry King: "Sounds like it's going to be lots of fun. Lets take some phone calls, what you think?"

    Roberto: "Sure why not."

    Larry King: "Our first caller is Danny Diamond and he's from Boston. Hi Danny, are you there?"

    Danny Diamond: "Hi Larry, how's it going."

    Larry King: "Im doing fine, thank you. Do you got a question for Roberto."

    Danny Diamond:"Yes I do. Hey Roberto, first of all I would like to say that you are by far the best wrestler in the world today and my all time favorite. I own a wrestling forum and Im thinking about changing it to an all Roberto forum 'cause I'm totally in love wih you"

    Roberto: "Oh thank you Danny, you're too kind (smiles)."

    Danny Diamond: "I just wanted to ask you...are you concerned about The Brotherhood possibly interfering in your match on Friday?"

    Roberto: "(Sighs) mmm let put it this way Danny...cowards always run in packs. Ultimate Pain is not just a coward, he is the biggest coward I have ever seen, so The Brotherhood is going to interfere, I'm certain of that. Am I worried? Not really, 'cause cowards dont scare me. Bring them all on, I love the challenge."

    Larry King: "Thank you Danny for the phone call, now we go to Toronto where Al is on the line. Al, can you hear me?"

    Al: "Yes I can hear you, hi."

    Larry King: "Do you have a question for our guest here?"

    Al: "I just wanted to know what has Roberto done to really prepare for this match? Also, Canada loves you Roberto and we're all hoping you take home the gold. You da man baby."

    Roberto:"I appreciate it Al. Thank you very much, I'll do my best not to let Canada down. I basically prepared the same way I prepare for all my matches, and that's training hard. Everyone that knows me, knows how hard I train. I've always believed that fights are won in the gym and that's the reason why I always work so hard."

    Larry King: "Let's talk about that a little. You are one of the hardest working guys in the business right? You are known for watching tapes of your opponents, you know the history of this business and inside that gym there's no one who sweats more than you. You've embraced wrestling in the biggest way."

    Roberto: "I love what I do Larry. I love wrestling, I love the business, I love being involved in it, I love watching it, I love the competition, I love the athleticism, I love working out and getting in shape for it. I'm in the gym 15 hours a day. I wake up in the morning and I run for 2 hours. I then hit the gym and do some weights for hours and then do some more cardio."

    Larry King: "You do this everyday?"

    Roberto: "Every single day. It's my passion and to be honest, it doesnt even seem like working to me. I just love doing it."

    Larry King: "(turns to the camera) Alright, we're gonna have to take a break, but when we comeback, Roberto is gonna talk about how he started in wrestling and how he is perceived in the lockeroom. Stay with us."


    *The show returns and a Roberto promo is playing on the screen for a few seconds before returning to Larry King*

    Larry King: "How did you start in this business."

    Roberto: "I started when I was 16 years old in Backyard wrestling."

    Larry King: "What is that exactly?"

    Roberto: "It's basically a bunch of crazy kids wrestling in their own backyards and usually using a trampoline."

    Larry King: "Trampoline?"

    Roberto: "Ya, we used to use a trampoline. Easier to carry from one backyard to another, cheaper than a wrestling ring, less maintenance and you can usually do some crazy ass stuff on a trampoline, stuff that you cant really do in a real ring."

    *Footages of an old Roberto match when he was 16 yrs old and wrestling in a bakyard match is shown on the monitor behind them*

    Larry King: "That's insane. You have to be a real tough kid to do those type of things."

    Roberto: "Tough and insane (laugh). I broke a lot of bones in those days."

    Larry King: "I bet you have. So you've been around wrestling a long time already, do the guys in the lockeroom ask for your advice about things?"

    Roberto: "All the times. In fact it's kinda funny to me sometimes you know, 'cause I am like a mentor to a lot guys in the back and I feel like a veteran, even tho I'm only 23 yrs old. Like I've said, I've been wrestling since I was 16 and I was also trained by the very best."

    Larry King: "Let's talk about that. You were trained by the Great, Hall of Famer, Super Mario Ganzo up in Chicago in the Chamber."

    Roberto: "Yes, that's correct."

    Larry King: "First of all, tell me about the Chamber a little bit, what is it exactly?"

    Roberto: "Well, the Chamber is just a basement where we trained. It was nicknamed the Chamber 'cause we used to get tortured down there."

    Larry King: "I heard some of the stories and it sounds like straight out of a horror movie."

    Roberto: "(laughs) It was rough, I'll tell you that much. People screaming, crying, boken bones, a lot of pain and all of that was a normal daily occurrence."

    Larry King: "So I guess, a lot of people didnt make it."

    Roberto: "Well, let me put it this way. Hundreds of people went down to the Chamber to train and to learn how to wrestle, but only 3 people have ever graduated. Me, Reverend Rudy and Black Sheep."

    Larry King: "Let me ask you this, there are rumours out there that claim Ultimate Pain actually tried to train down in the Chamber, but ended up quitting after only one hour. Is that true?"

    Roberto: "(laughs) No comment.

    Larry King: "Ok Ok, fair enough (smiles). Let's talk about you training with Mario Ganzo and how was that experience like."

    Roberto: "Well, Mr. Ganzo is unquestionably the greatest wrestler of all time. The first time I met him, I was like in awe. Super Mario Ganzo was to wrestling what Muhammed Ali was to boxing or Pele was to soccer. You know, he was bigger than life and all of us students were big fans of his. Being trained by him, is the main reason why in a few days I'll be fighting for the CWA World Title. It wasn't easy though, he often liked to push us to our limits 'cause he loved to know what we were made of. He was real cruel down in the Chamber most of the times, but he is a great man and a great teacher, that's for sure. I've been blessed to have been able to learn from him. I wouldnt be where I am today if it wasn't for him."

    Larry King: "We actually chatted with Super Mario Ganzo and asked him about you and this is what he had to say. Watch the monitor please."

    *Part of the interview with Mario Ganzo plays on the monitor*

    Mario Ganzo: "A lot of kids come to train with me, but only a few of those kids have the real passion or athletic skills to make it. Roberto definitely had that passion and those skills. He was always the first to come training and the last one to leave. He loved to ask question and always wanted to know more. I remember the first time he stepped into the Chamber, you could see right away that there was something special about him. He is the best wrestlers I have ever had the pleasure to teach. In fact, he is one of the best wrestlers I have ever been around period."

    *Video ends*

    Larry King: "Real nice words by a great man."

    Roberto: "I dont know what to say, Im overwhelmed. To hear the greatest wrestler ever say those things about you it'''s the ultimate compliment."

    Larry King: "Ok, we are going to take a final break and when we comeback we are going to play a little name association game with Roberto. Plus, his shocking announcement. Dont go anywhere."


    *When the program returns, footages of Roberto and Ultimate Pain contract signing is shown.*

    Larry King: "(looking at the camera) Welcome back everybody and thanks for being with us tonight. (turns to Roberto) Let's do some words association...Logan V"

    Roberto: "We actually travel together...he's a good friend of mine and one the nicest guys you'll ever get to meet. As far as wrestling goes, he's finally getting his confidence back and I think Guardian Devil is gonna be in for a long night at Uprising."

    Larry King: "Joey Nicholas"

    Roberto: "A wrestler whose luck is gonna run out in a few days. I think the Doctor is gonna make sure of that when they finally meet at Uprising."

    Larry King: "Vance Johnson"

    Roberto: "Weird. Very, very weird, both in and out of the ring. That's all I gotta say about that guy (laughs)."

    Larry King: "That was great Roberto. Finally, tell me why you are going to win the World Title at Uprising."

    *Roberto laughs and then gets into charater*

    Roberto: "Because I am better than Ultimate Pain. Like I've said before, he's a coward and he doesn't even deserve to be in that ring with me. You know, I've carried this company on my back so far and I've been the best wrestler here. It's not a coincidence that I've been in every single main event since this company started. I know it's not about deserving, but I do deserve to be the Champion and to lead this company into the future. Unlike Ultimate Pain, I'm on the road six days a week doing house shows, promoting CWA, doing autographs signings and not 'cause I have to, but because I want to and because CWA needs me to do this. You know, Pain comes once every 2 weeks, wrestles one match, collects is paycheck and goes home. That's not what this company needs. It also doesnt send a great message to the young boys in the back. The truth is the CWA fans want me to win...CWA needs me to win. (Roberto turns to the camera with an intense look) Ultimate Pain, I'm ready, I've done my homework and I'm 100%, both physically and mentally. Come Uprising, you wont be able to escape the inevitable. The inevitable fact that you will have to face me one on one in the middle of that ring. The inevitable fact that am better than you...and the inevitable fact that only a miracle will be able to save you. You see, you think you own the place, but what you and your cronies really own, IS A BEATING...and I will deliver it, free of charge. (maniacal laughs) It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye sweetheart, and you're about to lose both of them. At Uprising your ass is mine."

    Larry King: "(looking at the camera) It's gonna be a match for the ages and you can watch it on PPV, so call your cable provider. (turns to Roberto) Roberto, what's the big announcement."

    Roberto: "(still in character) Well, I was walking Precious without his booties the other day and it seems he has injured his little paw, so he won't be in Las Vegas."

    Larry King: "(smiles) That's too bad, we wish little Precious a speedy recovery."

    Roberto: "Thank you Larry."

    Larry King: "Any final words?"

    Roberto: "(Roberto looks at the camera, mimicking Ultimate Pain) You may be the...

    Larry King:"..."

    Roberto: "Ultimate..."

    Cameraman: "..."

    Roberto: "Paaain"

    Larry King: "..."

    Roberto: "But at Uprising, I will be a Paaain..."

    Cameraman: "..."

    Roberto: "In your..."

    *Larry King looks at his watch*


    Larry King: "See you next week everybody, goodnight."

    *The End*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Adrenaline Rush (Feb.25/09)
    Roberto's Victory Parade

    Meet the Outsiders

    *Roberto's music starts playing and he comes out wearing a new expensive robe filled with diamonds, with the CWA Title proudly draped over his right shoulder, and little Precious over his left one. Confetti and balloons rain down from the ceiling as pyros go off. The people are going nuts, no one is sitting down and while making his way down to the ring, Roberto high fives every single fan. Roberto gets in the ring and after climbing all 4 posts and posing with the Title, grabs the mic and stands in the middle of the ring.*

    Roberto: "At Uprising I wrestled Ultimate Pain for the CWA Title and I was victorious. I would like to thank all of you for your support, this Title belongs to all of us. You believed in me and that means the world to me. Without you, I wouldn't be standing here as your Champion."

    *As the people cheer, Roberto points to his heart and thanks them all.*

    Roberto: "Now I know the road is gonna be tough for me, but I am ready for the challenge. There a lot of guys in the back who want a piece of me (smirks) and who can blame them. You got Rich Stone who's destroying the competition (people start booying). Now I know what you guys are thinking, his competition has been, mmmm well how should I put ithis, below average (laughs)...but non the less, he has beaten that below average competition and I know he wants a shot at this (points to the title). Then you've got Ultimate Pain, and I think he would like a rematch (people start booying again). Now I know what you guys are thinking, I did beat Pain twice already, so then again, he might not want to get in the ring with me ever again (laughs). And how can I forget the man I faced in Chicago, The Figure of Destiny Vance Johnson (people start booying). Me and him fought a war that night and he pushed me to the limit and Im pretty sure he would like a chance to take this belt away from me."

    *All of sudden a metal hardcore sound hits the speakers and out comes Nick Corvo the current FTW Champion. Everyone in the arena is stunned and so is Roberto. As he makes his way to the ring with the FTW World Title strapped around his waist, Roberto hands Precious to Lindsay Monaham. Nick Corvo gets in the ring and grabs the mic off Roberto's hand.*

    Nick Corvo: "Hey there Champ, I thought you might wanna meet a real Champion (laughs). Seriously tho, a few weeks ago The Brotherhood invaded FTW and I thought I might return the favor. Now I know you're not part of The Brotherhood, but I don't give a damn. As far as I'm concerned, you're just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

    *They both stare each other down before Roberto steals the mic back.*

    Roberto: "Hey listen sweetpea, this has been cute and all, but why dont you take that little $5 belt you call a World Title and run back to your mommy, before I make you an orphan (the crowd bursts into laughter). Seriously tho, if you get out of my ring now, I'll forget this ever happened."

    *They stare each other down again, then all of sudden Corvo slaps Roberto. Roberto stands there for a couple of seconds then looks up at Corvo...a smirk creeps across Roberto's face then he slaps Corvo as well. This causes them to brawl. As Roberto is getting the best of his opponent, 2 men come out of the crowd and jump the guard rail. They are the FTW Tag Team Champions Pat Malone and Stu St. Clair. They both attack Roberto from behind and as they are getting ready to lay a beating on him, CWA Security come out and The FTW Superstars all leave the ring and run through the crowd. Roberto tries to go after them, but Security holds him down.*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Adrenaline Rush (Mar.11/09)
    Roberto vs Shaun Quinn

    Rainbows and Glow Sticks

    *It's Adrenaline Rush and after a few matches, it is now time for The Rainbow Room, the show hosted by Roberto Superstar. Roberto's music hits and there isn't one fan in the stands sitting down, the place is going absolutely crazy. Roberto comes out of the curtains with a smile on his face that can be seen from miles. He is excited, it's the first time he gets to wrestle on National televion as the new CWA Champion, and that's gonna be later on tonight. For this occasion, he seems to have purchased another new robe, filled with diamonds that would make Queen Elizabeth jealous. Precious, who closely follows Roberto, also has a new pair of booties and a new dog shirt. On the way down to the ring, Roberto makes sure every one of his fans gets a high-five like usual. He gets inside the ring and Orlando Maxwell is already in the middle of it. After soaking all the cheers for a good 5 minutes, Roberto grabs a mic.*

    Roberto: "Hello everybody and welcome to The Rainbow Room. I am of course, your beautiful host Roberto. Tonight, I wanted to interview the Brotherhood, but they have declined my invitation to be here (fans booing)...I know, I know, but dont worry people, I got someone even better for all of you. Tonight the Rainbow Room's special guest will be.....ME! Yes, and Orlando will be the special guest host for this special edition of The Rainbow Room."

    *Roberto shakes Orlando's hand and then hands him the microphone. Orlando seems very nervous, but after a few breathing exercises, he is ready to begin the interview.*

    Orlando: "Ok Roberto, first off I wanna thank you for choosing me to be The Rainbow Room 'special guest host tonight, it means the world to me. Also, I would like to congratulate you again for becoming the first CWA Heavyweight Champion."

    *Roberto thanks Orlando for the kind words by giving him a hug.*

    Orlando: "Now on to has always been an important part of this industry, and today the most dominat family in all of wrestling is without a doubt, The Brotherhood. Since the beginning of CWA, they have caused nothing but trouble for anyone they didnt like and right now Roberto, you're at the top of their most hated list."

    Roberto: "I know Orlando, I am definitely not their favourite person, especially now that I own the CWA Heavyweight Title. But I dont understand why...(Roberto pauses a bit) I really dont, you see, Millhouse Jones maybe hates me 'cause I defeated him at Uprising."

    Orlando: "Millhouse Jones?"

    Roberto: "Oh sorry, he's known now as Ultimate Pain."

    *Orlando bursts into laughter. This causes a chain reaction and now the all arena is laughing as well, including Roberto.*

    Orlando: "His real name is Millhouse?"

    *They all continue to laugh*

    Roberto: "Anyway, like I was saying, Millhouse hates me 'cause I beat him, but is that my fault? Is it my fault that he underestimated me? Is it my fault I am better than he thought I was?

    *Roberto is getting all steamed up now as he turns to the camera*

    Roberto: "...or maybe it's my fault that you are not as good as you thought you were Millhouse. Well, the answer is no to all the above and let me tell you one more thing sweetpea, it's not going to be my fault if we face each other one more time and I embarass you again."

    *Roberto smiles as he blows a kiss to the camera, meant to be for Ultimate Pain.*

    Roberto: "Then you've got the G Devil and I really dont understand why he has such hatred for me. You see, me and Mr. Devil got more in common than he thinks. He used to be a Reverend back in the day, while I grew up in Catholic home where my mom used to force me to go to Church every Sunday. We are both very Spiritual men. I even served as Alter Boy and to be honest I was always my Priest's favourite. I used to always stay after service, 'cause I loved helping him out with the cleaning and stuff. I even blew out his candle once or twice. So you see Mr. Devil, me and you should be friends by right."

    *Roberto smirks as people cheer his name*

    Roberto: "And finally you've got Shaun Quinn and I know for a fact that we could have been best of friends. He loves to play with glow sticks and the truth is, I also love to play with sticks. (Roberto turns to the camera) In fact I own a very big stick myself and maybe one day I could show it to you Mr.Quinn, I guarantee you, (Roberto smiles) you would fall in love with it."

    *Roberto touches himself as he licks his lips*

    Roberto: "But whatever, you guys don't like me and that's ok. Tonight, me and you are facing each other and let me tell you something, inside this ring I have no equals and I will definitely hurt you boy. You see, like a great inspiration of mine once wrote, you are not a boy anymore Quinn, but not yet a man either. So the truth is, you are way over your head if you think you can hang with me in a wrestling match. You are not only gonna go down, but I will give you a beating that you will never forget...and if your brothers decide to interfere, then I will punish them as well. I am the king of the jungle right now, I am the very best and that's why I stand here before you as the CWA Heavyweight Champion. Mr. Quinn, stick and stones may break your bones, but tonight, I will break your assssss!"

    *Roberto lifts the CWA Title belt over his head, while people cheer for him. He celebrates for a good five minutes, before heading back to his locker to get ready for his match.*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Adrenaline Rush (Mar.25/09)
    Roberto vs Top Dogg

    Looking for Mr Right

    *The scene opens up in the hallway of the Roger Centre in Toronto, where CWA is having one of their house shows. The cameraman is behind a long line up of wrestlers and is making his way to the front . Not many of these guys are actual CWA contracted wrestlers, in fact only a handful actually are. Adrenaline Rush is taking place in a week and it seems like Roberto is having an audition with the winner getting a crack at Ultimate Pain in Burbank, California. When the cameraman finally makes his way to the front, we see Roberto, Michelle Kelly and Orlando Maxwell sitting behind a desk.*

    Orlando: "Alright guys, quiet please. We are going to begin the audition now, so when we call your number, please come here and tell us your name and why we should pick you to represent Roberto at Adrenaline Rush. We are going to pick ten of you tonight and those of you that are lucky enough to get picked, will receive a plane ticket to Burbank, where the next Adrenaline Rush is taking place. Then on that night, Roberto will finally choose one of you to represent him. This is a chance of a lifetime for one of you. Everyone understand?"

    *The Crowd all say yes in unison. They all seem to understand that this could be their one chance at being a star.*

    Orlando: "Ok, let's begin...number 1 please come over and tell us why we should pick you.

    *The first guy makes his way over to the front of the desk and he is dressed like Nacho Libre.*

    Nacho: "Ola, my name is Nachoooooooooooooooooooooooo."

    *All the three judges have a good laugh.*

    Roberto: "So Nacho, why do you think we should pick you?"

    Nacho: "I am a man, and underneath this man you will find.....a nucleus."

    *All three judges look at each other in confusion.*

    Roberto: "I don't think I understand, what does that mean Nacho?"

    Nacho: "It means I have taken my nutrients and I can beat Ultimate Pain."

    Roberto: "You think you can beat one of the best wrestlers today?"

    Nacho: "If I can beat The Great Ramsey, then Ultimate Pain should be no problemo."

    Roberto: "mmmmmmmm"

    *All of a sudden Nacho begins to sing.*

    Nacho: "I am a man with the secrets of desire.
    I am a man that will set California on fire.
    Nacho is number 1 and I hurt like a conchairto
    If you pick me, I wont let you down Roberto."

    Roberto: "The song did it for me, it's a yes for me. Michelle?"

    Michelle Kelly: "This is obviously a joke, I say absolutely not. This guy is fat and out of shape."

    Nacho: "Hey take it easy."

    Roberto: "Alright people, relax. I guess it's up to you Orlando."

    Nacho: "(whispering) Please, please, please."

    Orlando: "You know what, I loved the movie and I like you Nacho, come and get your ticket, you are going to California."

    *Nacho jumps up and down and after a couple of cartwheels, he picks up his ticket to California.*

    Nacho: "Si, I did it. Gracias all, I won't let you down. I want to dedicate this to Encarnacion."

    *Right before we go to commercial, the camera zooms in on Nacho's face and his enormous smile. When the show comes back from commercial, we go straight to Orlando who is about to call the next number.*

    Orlando: "Number 8."

    *Devon Jones makes his way forward. He has been on a losing streak, but he thinks he can turn things around if he could just get another chance.*

    Roberto: "Hey there Devon, why do you think we should pick you?"

    Devon Jones: "Because this is my human form."

    *Roberto looks at the other 2 judges and looks confused. Again, just like with Nacho, it seems like Roberto has no clue what Devon Jones is talking about.*

    Robero: "...and in your human form you think you can beat Pain?"

    Devon Jones: "As you already know, I've lost to Pain numerous times, but now I've figured him out."

    Roberto: "You've finally figured out he's better than you?"

    *Both Michelle and Orlando start laughing*

    Devon Jones: "Very funny...listen, the truth is, if you give me this chance I will unleash hell on Pain like never before."

    Roberto: "Ok thanx Devon. Orlando is it a yes or a no for you?"

    Orlando: "Well, he is actually my ride home, therefor I have to say yes."

    Roberto: "Michelle?"

    Michelle Kelly: "He's faced Ultimate Pain many times before and everytime he has lost. Sorry Devon, but it's a no for me."

    *Devon doesn't look too happy and gives Michelle the finger.*

    Roberto: "I guess this time is up to me. Sorry Devon but Im gonna have to say no, I just don't think you have the skills to beat Pain."

    *Devon bows his head in disappointment and without saying anything, turns around and walks away.*

    Orlando: "I hope he still gives me that ride, I did vote yes after all."

    Roberto: "Ok, let's!"

    *It's Mike Rotch's turn now and he seems confident that he will be chosen.*

    Mike Rotch: "Hi, my name is Mike Rotch and I prom..."

    *All of sudden Roberto interrupts Rotch.*

    Roberto: "It's a no for me Mike...guys?"

    *Michelle and Orlando both at the same time say no as well and that's that for Mike Rotch, his audition seems over*

    Roberto: "Ok next."

    Mike Rotch: "But, but..."

    Roberto: "NEEEEEEEEXT!!!"

    *Mike Rotch leaves and can't believe he wasn't even given a chance to plea his case. As Rotch walks away, a muscular guy who resembles a Terminator, makes his way forward.*

    Orlando: "Hi sir, what's your name and why should we pick you?"

    Big guy: "(In a very thick Russian accent) My name is Alenikov and I am Russian. I must break Ultimate Pain and believe me, I will. Pick me if you want to win"

    *All the judges actually seem all very impressed for once, especially Michelle as she seems to have some type of crush on the big Russian man.*

    Michelle Kelly: "I like this guy, I dont need to hear anything else, it's a yes for me."

    Orlando: "It's a yes for me as well."

    Roberto: "Ditto for me. Come and get your ticket Alenikov, you are going to California."

    *Alenikov grabs his ticket, shakes everyone's hand and walks out. He seems satisfied and determined and as he walks out we go to another commercial. We return to find out that the judges have already picked nine wrestlers and so there's only one plane ticket left to California.*

    Michelle Kelly: "Ok guys, who's next?"

    *A skinny guy, dirty and also drunk, makes his way forward. He can hardly stand straight as he takes sips from a bottle wrapped in a paper bag.*

    Roberto: "Hey sir, are you drunk?"

    Drunk guy: "No, no way joseee, I dooooont know what u are insaaa...insiii....insinuating sir. I will kick your asss capish."

    *As the drunk guy finishes his sentence he just passes out and falls to the floor face first. As Roberto is about to check on the bum, that's when Frankie Enzo makes his presence felt. He picks up the bum and gives him a powerbomb that can be heard from miles.*

    Roberto: "Frankie what the hell are you doing, are you insane?"

    Frankie Enzo: "Shut up Princess. You've had your fun here with all these losers, but if you want the real deal, then you'll give me that last tickect to California. I promise you, Ultimate Pain will know the real meaning of Pain after I'm done with him."

    *Frankie Enzo gets on Roberto's face as the two have an old fashion staredown. Absolute silence has taken over the all place and you can cut the tension with a knife. After a few seconds tho, Roberto just bursts into a histerical laughter.*

    Roberto: "Oh man Frankie, you almost had me there for a second."

    *Roberto continues to laugh as Frankie now looks very annoyed.*

    Roberto: "Alright Frankie boy, here is your ticket, you're going to California. Oh man, that was too funny. Great stuff there man."

    *Frankie picks up his ticket, but he seems more embarrassed than happy as Roberto keeps laughing.*

    Orlando: "Alright guys, that's it, the auditon is now officially over. To all those who did not have a chance to try out here tonight, we are really sorry, and to the ten guys who are going to California, one of you will get a chance of a lifetime, so good luck."

    *Orlando turns to Roberto*

    Orlando: "Any last words Champ?"

    *Roberto turns to the camera. He is now serious and intense.*

    Roberto: "Ultimate Pain, my search for your opponent is almost done and thrust me, if he doesn't get the job done against you in California it's ok, because at In Exile you have a date with me and I don't intend to fail. Ultimate Pain at In Exile your ass is mine."

    *Camera fades out.*

    2nd Part

    *It's Adrenaline Rush and it's time for Roberto to revail to the world who he has picked to face Ultimate Pain here tonight. His music hits and he comes out with the World Title around his waist and a smile that stretches from one ear to the other. It seems he has made his decision about who's going to be representing him here tonight and by the looks of it, he seems very satisfied by whom he has picked. Roberto gets in the ring and grabs a mic.*

    Roberto: "I guess it's time for me to tell you all whom I have picked to face Ultimate Pain here tonight. I've tought about this long and hard and I have finally made my decision. The man I have picked is actually not a friend of mine, but inside that ring he knows his stuff. I know this because I have faced this man in the past and everytime he has brought it. I've also decided to pick this man because he has a mean streak like no others and his desire to win is endless. Tonight, Ultimate Pain's opponent will be.....Mr. Shaun Quinn!"

    *The crowd is shocked, it seems like no one in the arena would have guessed this.*

    Roberto: "Now I know what people must be thinking, these guys are friends and Shaun Quinn might just lie down for Ultimate Pain. But you see, if I know Quinn the way I think I do, I know for a fact that men like him don't lie down for anybody. So tonight, good luck guys and may the best brother win."

    *Roberto leaves the ring and he seems very satisfied. On the way up the ramp, Roberto shakes a few of his fans hands like he always does and then just goes through the courtains to the back, where he will be waiting for his match that will take place later on tonight.*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from In Exile (Apr.8/09)
    Roberto vs The Ultimate Pain


    Starring: Roberto, Orlando, Frankie Enzo, Momma Roberto & Uncle Salvatore.

    *The scene opens up in a quiet neighbourhood in Toronto. We know we are in Toronto 'cause you can see the CN Tower in the distance. Then the camera pans on Orlando, who is in front of a house. There's a big Italian flag on the porch.*

    Orlando: "Alright, this is the house, I hope he's home."

    *Orlando rings the bell.*

    Orlando: "Maybe we should've called first"

    *After a couple of rings, the door finally opens and it's Roberto. He looks surprised to see Orlando and the cameraman.*

    Roberto: "Hey sweety, what are you guys doing here, I thought you guys were supposed come here tomorrow"

    Orlando: "Well sorry, but the producer told us to come a day earlier, to get a more natural feel."

    Roberto: "Oh it's alright, no problem, come in, come in"

    *Roberto shakes Orlando's hand and kisses him on the cheeks. As Roberto is checking Orlando's coat, his mother comes out of the kitchen to see who's at the door.*

    Roberto: "Hey ma, this is Orlando, come and say hi."

    Momma Roberto: "Oh my God, we finally meet, Roberto told me alot about you. Sorry about the mess, but I didnt have a chance to clean yet, I thought you guys were coming here tomorrow."

    *Orlando looks around the house and it looks immaculate. Momma Roberto greets Orlando with a big hug and kisses on the cheeks before he can even get a word in.*

    Momma Roberto: "Ok, come in, make yourself at home. You guys hungry? I'm gonna cook some pasta."

    Orlando: "Oh thank you very much, but we are fine."

    Momma Roberto: "No, no, no, you guys are staying for supper."

    Orlando: "Ok, thanks alot mam."

    Roberto: "Ok ma, we're gonna go downstairs and work. Make sure you make some meatballs too."

    *Roberto and Orlando go to the basement and as they go down the stairs the scene fades to black and we go to commercial. When we come back, Roberto is in front of a boxing bag.*

    Roberto: "Ok Orlando, what you wanna do? You wanna shoot some footage of me hitting the bag or what?"

    Orlando: "Sounds good. You know, we wanna cover your daily routine. Just do what you usually do when you come to your mother's house to train for a match. But ya, just hit the bag right now and while you do that I'll ask you a few questions."

    Roberto: "Perfect. Ok let me just find my boxing gloves and we'll get going. Now where the hell did I put them."

    *Roberto tries to look for his gloves, but he can't seem to find them.*

    Roberto: "Ok Orlando shoot, ask your questions and I'll answer you best I can while I look for the gloves."

    Orlando: "Ok...tell us whats the deal with you and this house."

    Roberto: "Well, I actually grew up in this house. I was born in Milan, Italy, but I lived here in Toronto, before I moved to Los Angeles. You can say I'm a multi cultural beauty. I've trained in this house for alot of my fights."

    *They all laugh, but laughter turn into frustration as Roberto still can't find his gloves.*

    Roberto: "Damn it, I bet you my mom moved them. MAAAAAAAA! MAAAAAAAAA!"

    Momma Roberto: "WHAAAT?"


    Momma Roberto: "WHAAAT?"


    *Momma Roberto comes downstairs.*

    Momma Roberto: "What Roby, what you yelling about?"

    Roberto: "Did you see my boxing gloves?"

    Momma Roberto: "They are in the washing machine."

    Roberto: "Washing machine? Why are my boxing gloves in the washing machine?"

    Momma Roberto: "They were dirty, I washed them."

    Roberto: "Ma, you dont wash boxing gloves, whatta hell! I've told you a thousand times...don't touch my stuff."

    *As Roberto is fuming, his mother looks really upset and a big frown can be seen on her face.*

    Momma Roberto: "See Orlando, see how he treats his own mother."

    Orlando: "Oh comon Roberto, it's no big deal."

    Roberto: "Oh comon ma, enough with the drama, just dont touch my stuff."

    *His mother now looks like she is about to cry. Roberto goes to console her.*

    Roberto: "Im sorry ma, I didnt mean it, you know you're my favourite girl."

    *Roberto kisses her a bunch of times as they both smile. As they make up, we go to another commercial. When we return, Roberto and Orlando are going upstairs. As they reach the top floor, the door bell rings. Roberto goes and opens the door and it's Roberto's uncle Salvatore. He is kinda overweight, with a strong Italian accent.*

    Uncle Salvatore: "Buongiorno."

    Roberto: "Where have you been? You were supposed to be here this morning to help me train."

    Uncle Salvatore: "I was at the bar, this great poker game started and I couldn't leave."

    Roberto: "Great poker game? It's always great for the other people when you're playing. How much did you lose?"

    Uncle Salvatore: "Those lucky bastards, I got so unlucky again."

    Roberto: "Yeah, yeah, always unlucky. Anyway, this is Orlando, he is here to do a piece on me."

    Orlando: "Hi, so you help Roberto train?"

    Uncle Salvatore: "Well, he wants the best, that's why I'm here."

    Orlando: "Were you a wrestler?"

    Uncle Salvatore: "Was I a wrestler?"

    Roberto: "Oh man, not again."

    Uncle Salvatore: "I used to be the best. People cheered my name all the times...Salvatore, Salvatore, Salvatore. I should have been in the Hall of Fame, but know!"

    Orlando: "I've never heard of you actually."

    Uncle Salvatore: "You've never heard of me? I faced Mario Ganzo in Madison Square Garden and I made his ass like a balloon."

    Orlando: "You did, you beat Super Mario Ganzo at the Gardens?"

    Roberto: "No he didnt, don't listen to him sweety. He actually did face Ganzo once, but it was at a house show and he lost in like 90 seconds."

    Uncle Salvatore: "It was a count out because I slipped and I couldn't get back in the ring fast enough."

    Roberto: "What the hell are you talking about...he pinned you."

    Uncle Salvatore: "Well, the ref made a fast count, I wasn't even hurt actually."

    Roberto: "What the hell are you still talking had to be strechered out of the ring and you were in the hospital for like 2 weeks with 3 broken ribs and multiple concussions. That Ganzo Bomb he gave you almost killed you."

    Uncle Salvatore: "Whatever, if he would have gave me another shot I would've destroyed him, but he was scared."

    Roberto: "Yeah whatever, let's go eat."

    *They all go to the kitchen and to the surprise of Orlando, Frankie Enzo is sitting at the table. He looks like he has gained a few pounds and his white wife beater his full of tomato sauce stains. Frankie looks like he is at home.*

    Orlando: "Frankie, what's going on?"

    *Frankie just nods at Orlando.*

    Roberto: "He's been staying with me actually He got kicked out of his apartment and I took him in. He is actually supposed to help me train, but thats all he does all day is eat and sleep. He is a complete bum."

    Momma Roberto: "Dont talk like that to Frankie, he is a nice boy. Eat Frankie, eat."

    *Momma Roberto fills Frankie's plate full of pasta and meatballs. she seems to really like Frankie.*

    Frankie Enzo: "Grazie signora."

    Roberto: "Yeah, eat Frankie, I can see your fat rolls from a mile away, you bum."

    Momma Roberto: "Leave him alone, he is not fat, he is healthy. Dont worry Frankie, eat sweatheart."

    *As they all dug in to eat, we go to another commercial. When we return they have all finished eating and they're all having their espressos.*

    Uncle Salvatore: "Now, THAT was a meal."

    *Uncle Salvatore leans back on the chair, opens up his top button of his pants and lets one rip. Frankie does the same. It sounds like a concerto in the kitchen and the smell makes everyone dizzy...even the cameraman is shaking.*

    Roberto: "You guys are disgusting."

    Orlando: "I think I'm gonna pass out."

    Frankie Enzo: "Speaking of passing out, I think I'm gonna go take a nap."

    Roberto: "A nap? Didn't you just wake up?"

    Frankie Enzo: "I'm tired, what can I do."

    Roberto: "Tired from what, sleeping? Whatever, let's go cut a promo Orlando, it's getting pretty late."

    *Orlando and Roberto go back to the basement and start shooting the promo. Roberto gets in the zone.*

    Roberto: "The time has finally come. Our date with the Steel Cage is upon us. Ultimate Pain, I've never been so determined in my life to beat someone. You see, you've put your career on the line at In Exile against me, like I'm some kind of chump, like I'm Devon Jones or Mike Rotch. You see, that has offended me dearly. What you did was most disrepectful thing someone has ever done to me. Let me ask you something, is it because you really believe you can beat me? Or is it because you are playing some kind of mind game? Well, let me tell you something, you couldn't beat me on your best day, but I can beat you on my worst. I stand before you as the CWA Champion because I am the best and in case you've forgotten, you are the man I beat to become Champion. At In Exile a Steel Cage will await us and most likely our journey will come to an end. You see, if I beat you, your career is over, done, finito...and if you beat me, it means I am dead, because you are going to have to kill to win and take the CWA Title away from me. You see boy, Toronto is my home and I know I'm not alone. Unlike other times where you had people watching your back, at In Exile, I'm going to be the guy with the extra man in my corner. Ultimate Pain, Steel Cages may break your bones, but I will break your ass.....may God have mercy on my soul for what I am going to do to you!

    *Camera fades to black.*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Hostile Takeover (June 3/09)
    Roberto vs The Ultimate Pain

    Why So Serious?

    *The scene starts in a dark basement. All the lights are off and only the faint flickering of light flashing from a television set can be seen. A man is sitting on a couch watching TV, but it's too dark to make out who he is. The camera gets closer to the TV monitor and it seems that the man is watching the In Exile PPV that CWA presented a couple of months ago. The match the man is watching is the Main Event between Roberto and The Ultimate Pain. The bout is reaching the end and as Ultimate Pain pins Roberto, The man rewinds it a couple of seconds to view the pin again. The man does this a couple of times more, before letting the tape run and as Ultimate Pain is holding his newly won Title over his head, the man pauses the frame. He stares at it for a good minute and then gets up from the couch and moves away from the camera and towards the TV. The man is dressed all in black and it's still unclear who he actually is. The man takes off his hood, turns around and walks towards the camera. As he moves closer to it, it's finally clear who he actually's Roberto Superstar. His demeanor tho is different than usual, as the usually fun loving wrestler's eyes are filled with pure evil and hate.*

    Roberto: "Two months ago Ultimate Pain, you took from me the thing I love the most in this world. At In Exile, you took my World Heavyweight Title. But dont think for one second that you are better than me. Cockyness and carelessness cost me that day, plain and simple. You see, at Uprising, when I defeated you to become the first ever CWA Heavyweight Champion, I became the most popular wrestler in the world. I was on every magazine cover, on every late night show, doing special appearances and it all went to my head. I thought I was invincible, but since you beat me, I realized one one is. You see Ultimate Pain, the truth is, I'm still cocky and I still know Im the best wrestler in the world today, but this time the difference is...I. Wont. Be. Careless."

    Roberto: "Ultimate Pain, come Hostyle Takeover, I am taking over, you can bet on that. It's going to be a different Roberto coming through those curtains. No exciting colorfull outfit, just me, you and the beating I am going to lay on your sorry ass. And when dust settles and all it said and done, I will be standing in the middle of the ring as the new CWA World Champion."

    Roberto: "Ultimate Pain, do what you will, say what you want, but remember one thing...YOUR ASS BELONGS TO ME."

    *Roberto stares at the camera before it fades to black.*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Adrenaline Rush (June 17/09)
    Roberto vs Top Dog

    Winning Starts in the Gym

    *The scene begins on a sunny and warm Colombus day. This is the city where in less than one week will host CWA Adrenaline Rush. The cameraman is standing in front of a Gold's Gym and Michelle Kelly has a microphone in hand.*

    Michelle Kelly: "Fast hands, lighting quick suplexes, a feared ground and pound attack and limitless cardio, Roberto Superstar, king of the Heavyweight division, possesses a relenthless attacking style. A professional wrestler for 8 years, in 2009 The Beautiful Man solidified his place in history by becoming the first ever CWA Heavyweight Champion. Get ready as Robeto prepares for his fight against one of the most promising stars in wrestling today, Top Dog on June 14 at Adrenaline Rush. He is arguably the hardest training athlete in the world today. What he goes through, has to be seen to be believed. Follow me as I go inside this Golds Gym you see behind me, where he is actually training at the moment. We will take a look at some of his training methods and we will also be chatting a little about his upcoming fight at Adrenaline Rush."

    *Michelle Kelly makes her way inside the gym. She looks around a bit, then she spots Roberto lifting weights. He is doing some arm curls with some dumbells. The weight on each dumbell says 80 lbs.*

    Michelle Kelly: "Hi Roberto!"

    *Roberto does a last arm curl, then puts the weights down. Sweat is dripping down his face, so it seems he's been working out for awhile now.*

    Roberto: "Hey there, you've finally made it. How's it going?"

    Michelle Kelly: "Im doing well, thank you. So can I ask you a few questions while you work out?"

    Roberto: "Sure, no problem. I actually just gotta run the bike a little to cool off, then I'm done."

    *Roberto takes a towel and wipes off his face and chest, then walks over to the treadmill with Michelle trailing behind him. Roberto gets on the treadmill and begins to walk.*

    Michelle Kelly: "So, how was your training today?"

    Roberto: "As you can see from the sweat dripping off my all body, it was intense like always."

    Michelle Kelly: "Why do you train so hard all the times?"

    Roberto: "Because I am afraid of losing. I hate to lose. You see, it doesnt matter wether or not I hold the Title, I am always the man to beat. Thats pressure girl. I need to work harder 'cause when people fight me, they always give 110%. It's basically their shot at greatness."

    Michelle Kelly: "Well, is that why you've had a tough couple of months in the ring?"

    *Roberto continues to run and wipes sweat off of his face. It seems that he doesnt have an answer for Michelle Kelly and after a slight pause, he answers.*

    Roberto: "I dont know, maybe, but I'll tell you's been a difficult couple of months for me for sure. I lost my Title, I failed to regain it at Hostyle Takeover and now I have to face a rejuvinated Top Dog just so I can have a chance at another Title shot. But like Marcus Aurellius once said, "Through our greatest adversities come out greatest successes", and at Adrenaline Rush, I will beat Top Dog, you can bet on that."

    Michelle Kelly: "Well, you have defeated Top Dog already once, so you obviously know what it takes to beat him."

    *Roberto begins to turn up the speed of the treadmill as he takes a sip of water. He is now at a running pace as he continues to talk.*

    Roberto: "I dont know about that. This is a different Top Dog. You see, he came in to CWA with so much promise, people were already dubbing him the next big thing, but pressure got to him I think. But he is back on track now and I know that this time, it wont be so easy."

    Michelle Kelly: "What about you Roberto? Can you turn things around and get back on track?"

    Roberto: "Like a friend of mine used to say, "any passing minute is just another chance to turn things around", and well, this is my minute and the chance to turn things around begins when I beat Top Dog."

    *Roberto steps off the treadmill, and wipes his sweaty body off. Roberto appears to have stopped working out as he takes a sip of water, but he immediately goes over to where he can bench press weights and he begins to bench press some weights.*

    Michelle Kelly: "What about Hostile Takeover, do you have anything to say about what happened in your main event?"

    Roberto: "At Hostile Takeover, I had Ultimate Pain beat, but certain cowards decided to interfere and they cost me what's rightfully mine. I dont blame The Brotherhood for what they did that night, but what bothers me is Rich Stone. I thought he had more respect for me, but I guess I was wrong. It's ok, what's done is done, but rest assure of one thing...payback is a bitch."

    *Roberto places the weights back on the shelf as he gets more weights on the bar, and then he goes and begins bench pressing it.*

    Michelle Kelly: "At least you had Doc Adams landing you a hand."

    Roberto: "Me and Doc Adams are friends and that's what friends do. If he ever needs my help, you can bet I'll be there."

    Michelle Kelly: "Any final words?"

    *Roberto is struggling as he pushes up the weight one more time, but he finally manages to get it up and he places it back on the bar. Roberto then stands up as he finally appears to be done when he begins to walk over to the door. But suddenly Roberto turns around and hops on the treadmill one more time. Roberto stares in the camera.*

    Roberto: "Top Dog, you're just at the wrong place at the wrong time. This Roberto is angry and on a mission. I will bathe in your blood and I will show you and the all world why I am what I say I am...the greatest wrestler in the world today. So at Adrenaline Rush, do what you want, say what you will, but remember one thing...your ass belongs to me."

    *Screen fades to black.*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Adrenaline Rush (June 28/09)
    Roberto vs Rich Stone

    Playing with the Big Dogs

    Over the course of his time in CWA, Roberto Superstar has risen to grand occasions even becoming the first ever CWA Heavyweight Champion. Though he has lost his Title to Ultimate Pain at the In Exile PPV, he still remains one of the most popular wrestlers in the world today. But things lately have been tough for The Beautiful Man and regaining the World Title he once held has proven to be more difficult than he tought. At Hostile Takeover it seemed he had Ultimate Pain beat, but interferences from The Future, Joey Nicholas and Rich Stone prevented him from achieving that. He expected that from the Brotherhood, but not from Rich Stone. For Roberto winning is always been very important, but not everything. It's going out there every night and stealing the show that truely means everything. Also earning respect is what drives The Beautiful Man to be the very best. But at Adrenaline Rush, all that is out the window. Roberto has taken Rich Stone's attack personal and beating him to a bloody pulp is all that Roberto is thinking about. Also, beating him for that World Title shot would be the sweetest payback.

    *The scene opens up broadcasting live from the Fargodome in Fargo ND for CWA Adrenaline Rush. The ring is decorated with colourful veils, a fancy leather couch and the Beauty Tron. I guess it's time for another edition of the Rainbow Room. "I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend..." by Black Kids blasts through the speakers in the arena and out comes the former CWA World Champion. The place goes ballistic as Roberto makes his way down to the ring. He makes sure to shake everyone's hand before grabbing the mic from Lindsay Monahan and getting inside the ring.*

    Roberto: "Hello everyone and welcome to the Rainbow Room and I am your beautiful host Roberto. Tonight could be one of the most explosive editions of the Rainbow Room we've ever had here on Adrenaline Rush and the reason for that is, that my guest here tonight is the man who cost me the World Heavyweight Title at Hostile Takeover, and the man who I will be facing here later on tonight. Of course, you all know who I'm talking about, so without further due, ladies and gentlemen please welcome The Future Rich Stone."

    *Rich Stone's music hits and as the camera turns to the entrance ramp , there seems to be no sign of Rich Stone. As the music keeps playing, Roberto seems very disappointed as he shakes his head. It seems Rich Stone is not coming out and that Roberto knew this would happen.*

    Roberto: "Ok, ok, cut the music. Well, it seems I got stiffed, but I cant lie and say Im surprised. You see, when I invited Rich Stone to come down here and be my special guest tonight, he was very excited. The Rainbow Room is the highest rated segment on Adrenaline Rush and once you make it here, it means you've made it. So why am I surprised he didnt show? Well, with that invitation came also a threat. I told him that as much as I am a professional, the truth was, I could not promise him that I wouldnt beat him right here and now. So, it seems he got scared and decided not to show his face."

    *Roberto looks around the arena as the fans boo at the fact that Rich Stone didnt show up.*

    Roberto: "You see, for months now Rich Stone has been begging to be in the spotlight, but what he didnt realize is, that comes with a price. Rich Stone is now playing with the big dogs and big dogs dont just bark, they also bite."

    *Once again Roberto looks around the arena as the people break into a loud Roberto chant. Roberto then turns to the camera.*

    Roberto: "You wanted the big times Mr. Stone? You wanted competition? Well, tonight you are getting your wish, but I guarantee don't know what you are getting yourself into. Since the begining of CWA, I have been in the receiving end of most sneak attacks, everyone from The Figure of Destiny to every single member of the Brotherhood has taken cheap shots at me and the truth is, I was never surprised by their cowardly attacks. But at Hostily Takeover, I was surprised. I really wasnt expecting that from you. I thought that there was some mutual respect between us and I thought you were above attacking people from behind. Well, I was wrong. At Adrenaline Rush my back wont be turned and you're going to have to face me at even plainfield and I dont think you'll be able to handle what I bring to the ring."

    *Roberto's face turns even more mean than it already is, before taking his shirt off and throwing it in the crowd so he can get pumped up.*

    Roberto: "This is my ring Rich Stone, this is my house and tonight you will find out what exactly that means. You see Rich Stone, I dont know if you'll have the guts to show your face later on tonight for our match, but if you do find the cojones to do that, rest assure that I havent forgotten or forgiving you for what you did to me. You have made this personal when you decided to interfere in my World Title match and now it's time to pay the consequences of those actions. Tonight, not only will I get my payback, but I will also get my Title shot against Ultimate Pain and I don't plan on failing. This is the beginning of my journey to once again wear whats rightfully mine...the World Heavyweight Title around my waist. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye and tonight you're in danger of losing both of your eyes Mr.Stone. So, do what you will, say what you want, but remember one thing, you're ass belongs to me."

    *Roberto climbs the top rope and soaks some cheers from his fans before leaving the ring and heading to the back to get ready for his match with Rich Stone.*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Adrenaline Rush (July 15/09)
    Roberto, Doc Adams & Ralph McCoy
    Ultimate Pain, Joey Nicholas & Jay Walters

    All for One & One for All

    *The scene opens up in the backstage interview area. Orlando Maxwell is standing with a microphone in hand surrounded by Roberto, Doc Adams and Ralph.*

    Orlando: "The all wrestling world is buzzing about the big main event taking place at Adrenaline Rush this coming Wednesday night. It's going to be Ultimate Pain teaming up with fellow Brotherhood member Joey Nicholas and newcomer Jay Walters taking on these three men standing next to me, the team of Roberto, Doctor Jack Adams and Ralph McCoy.

    *Orlando turns to Roberto.*

    Orlando: "Gentlemen, six men tag team matches are all about team effort and Roberto it looks like you've assembled a pretty good team here."

    Roberto: "Thats right Orlando, There isn't anybody else out there whom I'd rather go to war with, than these 2 men standing beside me right now. Doc Adams and I have been watching each others back since the beginning of CWA and there is no other man I trust more. Ralph on the other hand is new and I hardly know him, but any enemy of my enemy is my ally and Ralph fits that description to perfection. You see, we all have personal business to take care with each everyone of those guys and we are all looking for payback, tell him Doc."

    Doc: "Jamie Walters, about a month ago you decided to make an impact here in CWA at my expense. You thought it was a good idea ambushing me after my match and well, it worked, you did make an impact. But what you've failed to understand is, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and at Adreanline Rush, you will find out exactly what that opposite reaction is."

    Orlando: "Well, it looks like Walters has chewed more than he can handle. Alright, as you know this will be a tag team competition, however I see some individual match ups taking place, one possibly could be you Ralph McCoy and the Real Deal Joey Nicholas."

    Ralph: "Yessum, and at this Adrenaline Rush Joey Nicholas, you'll be gettin' a preview of what's in store for you at Redemption! Im getting sick and tired of hearing you talking about how great you are. How everything you do is so great...great at this, great at that. Well, I'll tell you this Real Deal, there's no place to run at Adrenaline Rush. I've got Roberto and Dr. Adams watching my back, so boy, you better look great, otherwise you're going to be greatly disappointed. You all better watch your behinds"

    *Ralph looks at Roberto for a second.*

    *Orlando turns to Doc Adams.*

    Orlando: "Alright, lets talk about outside interferences. The Brotherhood are well known for not fighting fair, therefore the possibility of this turning into a 4 on 3 or 5 on 3 or even 6 on 3 is very likely."

    Doc: "Odds make no difference to us, we've been fighting them all our lives. If the all Brotherhood wants to get involved, that's fine with us, it's going to be just more asses for us to kick."

    Orlando: "Strategy plays an important part in tag team competition, Roberto what's your game plan goin into this bout?"

    *Roberto turns to the camera.*

    Roberto: "Well, the plan is simple. Ralphy boy is going to take care of Joey Nicholas. Doc here is going to perform surgery on Jay Walters, which leaves you Ultimate Pain all to myself and baby, Im going to have fun abusing you. I have moves you've never seen before and I promise you this Millhouse, you're going to love every single minute of it."

    *All three wrestlers are getting pumped up by screaming and jumping around.*

    Ralph: "WOOOOOOO!!!"

    Doc: "YEAHHHHHH!!!"

    Ralph: "The Roadrunners are the best team in the world today and we're goi..."

    *Roberto cuts Ralph off.*

    Roberto: "woah woah woah, wait a second...did you say Roadrunners?"

    Ralph: "Oh ya, forgot to tell you fellas, but I took the liberty of naming our team. Every great team needs a name, so we are now known as the Roadrunners."

    Roberto: "The Roadrunners? nooooo, no, no, no. That's not a good name at all and anyway, me and the Doc were actually discussing this before and we came to the conclusion that the Shining Rainbow would suit us so much better."

    Doc: "Waiiiit a minute there Roberto. I think you were the only one who thought that was a good name, in reality I think the name I came up for us is much, much better. The Graduates is what we should call ourselves."

    *Doc stands there all proud at the name he has chosen.*

    Ralph: "Well, The Graduates sounds catchy and all, but I actually never graduated."

    Roberto: "Alrighty then, The Shining Rainbow it is."

    Ralph: "Well, dag gummit, I dont know if that will work for me either."

    Roberto: "Why not?"

    Ralph: "Because Im not, you know, uhh you know, Im not like you...not that there's anything wrong with that."

    *Ralph looks at Adams.*

    Doc: "Not at all."

    Roberto: "I have no clue what you're talking about sweety."

    Ralph: "Ok Roberto, listen I meant to ask you this's not like I care or nothing, but being your teamate and all're just messing with're just messing with all of us right...uh you're not really uh..."

    Roberto: "What are you talking about Ralphy."

    Ralph: "Look man, it dont matter to me you know ehhh ehhh...if...ehh know if know....I just gotta know you know."

    Roberto: "If it dont matter, what's the big deal?"

    Ralph: "I just gotta know."

    Roberto: "Know what?"

    *Ralph is getting all frustrated and angry.*

    Ralph: "You know what I gotta know, stop messing with my mind."

    Roberto: "I don't know what you're talking about sunshine."

    *Ralph puts his hands on his head and as he storms off the set all frustrated, Jack Adams leans toward Roberto.*

    Doc: "I think he's been out in the sun tending to his chickens for far too long."

    *Roberto just nods in agreement.*

    Roberto: "I hope he gets to feel better by Adrenaline Rush."

    *Scene fades to black.*
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    Re: Roberto

    Promo from Adrenaline Rush (Dec.16/09)

    Roberto & NKA vs Joey Nicholas & Logan V

    Teaming with the Enemy

    *We return from the commercial break and instantly the lights go dark as Cult of Personality by Living Colour begins blasting on the arena speaker. Roberto makes his way out from behind the curtains with the CWA World Heavyweight Title proudly draped across his shoulder. The fans explode into a "Welcome Back Champ" as Roberto stands on the top of the ramp soaking all the fans 'love for him. He makes his way down the ramp and like he always does, shakes hands with every one of his fans whose sitting close to the barricade. Roberto enters the ring and asks for a mic and Bruce Mollard hands it to him. He tries to speak, but the fans are cheering way too loud, so he has no choice but to stop and wait for the cheers to slow down a bit. Finally after a long while and some begging by Roberto, the fans stop their chanting and give a chance to their favourite Superstar to speak his mind.*

    Roberto: "Damn, it's good to be back."

    *The fans once again give him a standing ovation. This time it's not that loud and Roberto is allowed to keed going.*

    Roberto: "At the last adrenaline Rush, I made my return and your response was truely overwhelming. That was one of the greatest receptions I have ever received and honestly one of the greatest moments of my life. And to make things even better, I ended up winning this thing as well."

    *Roberto lifts the Title up as he smiles.*

    Roberto: "You know, when the doctors operated on me five months ago, they told me I'd be out for a least a year."

    *The fans boo at the thought of Roberto being out for a year.*

    Roberto: "I guess, they werent putting into consideration the size of my heart. There was no way I was gonna let a broken neck keep me out of this ring for a year. This is my home! This is what I love! This is my life!"

    *Once again the fans explode into a thunderous cheer as Roberto tells them to tone it down, so he can keep going.*

    Roberto: "Now, almost everybody I've come across to, congratulated me on my successful return, except for one man."

    *The fans once again boo, as they know he is talking about Nickolas Kennedy Arsen.*

    Roberto: "Thats right, I'm talking about Nickolas Kennedy Arsen. For some reason, he thinks something was taken away from him when I returned, but the last time I checked, he still had the World Title shot at 5 Star Attraction. If anyone should be pissed off, it's me. When I was ambushed at Redemption, everything was taken away from me. My Title Shot, my chance at Main Eventing a PPV, and almost my career."

    *Roberto's demeanour has now changed, as he clearly looks upset.*

    Roberto: "Arsen, listen to me man! I actually like you, I've watched you and I know you are a great wrestler. Truthfully, I see where you are coming from and I can understand to a certain point why you are mad. It's never easy to face someone on short notice. You were getting ready for Pain, then for Leblanc and now all of a sudden you have to face me instead. But great wrestlers know how to handle such situations and are always ready for curveballs like these. What I dont appreciate, is the fact that you talk about how I didnt deserve the Title shot in Montana. Are you serious? Did you forget that at Redemption I was the number 1 contender and I had a guaranteed Title shot?"

    *Roberto seems to be getting really frustrated as he cant seem to stay still.*

    Roberto: "Ok, I wasn't supposed to do this, but whatta hell, I am a controversial wrestler as you can see."

    *Roberto points as himself as both him and the fans laugh.*

    Roberto: "Therefor this shouldnt shock anybody. Tonight you can call this a shoot my friend. At Redemption Arsen, you made your debut and right away you were given everything. Hell, at 5 Star Attraction they were gonna hand you the World title. Ultimate Pain was planning to take a leave of absence, which he did, and they had chosen you to be the face of this company. We all know Leblanc was just a transitional champion and just holding the title for you. So basically, without even having one match, you had it made boy. But how things change, uh? Now I am back and I am the new Champion and this little plan of handing you the Title has all of a sudden changed. Now, if you want this Title, you have a fight in your hands and I don't think you like it. Now you have to earn this Title and I dont think you have what it takes. Now, that's the real reason why you are pissed. Well, too bad. You can cry and you can moan, but it wont change those facts. Face it Arsen, I am back and Im here to stay."

    *A loud Roberto fans once again starts up as Roberto climbs the top rope and poses with the World title. He is not done speaking his mind tho and once again gets on the mic.*

    Roberto: "With that being said, tonight we do have a match against Joey and Logan and if we dont work together, there is no way in hell we can win. I'm willing to put things aside for now, so we can be victorious tonight, but you have to do the same..."

    *All of a sudden Roberto's shoot is cut off by the familiar and eerie sounds of "In The Fade" by Queens of the Stone Age. Roberto takes the microphone away from his face and shows a bit of relief. He is somewhat getting what he wants. The crowd waits in anticipation with Roberto for the appearance of Nickolas Arsen, Roberto's opponent at Five Star Attraction. Nickolas finally steps out from the entrance tunnel. He gets a suprising mixed reaction from this Alabama crowd. A lot of kids and parents boo Arsen suprisingly, as smart marks and more hardcore wrestling fans cheer Arsen. Arsen is wearing his trademark headband, a leather jacket, a Boondock Saints t-shirt, and a tight pair of jeans. Accompanied with this apparel is a solemn look on his face. He takes his time entering the ring, staring a hole through his partner for the night, Roberto. He gets to the ring and calls over to Bruce for a microphone. He tries to cut a promo, but he is cut off by a sell out chant. He let's it die down.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "This is it, Roberto. This is it. Can you feel it? Do you feel the intensity and the electricity in the air? This is the first time that you and I not only meet each other, but meet face to face. This is the moment where, just like what you were doing, is say how we feel about each other. I heard your words, Roberto, if that is your real name. I took those words that you spilled out of your mouth and took it to heart. So, because I am an honest man and I'm sure you were done speaking those obsanities you were preaching, let me take this opportunity to say what I think about you. Consider this like a counciling session."

    *Arsen gets much closer to Roberto. He is almost too close*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "I admire your passion, Roberto. I really do. You have this neverending love for the people that support you, just like these fans here in Mobile, Alabama!"

    *Arsen actually draws a fantastic pop from the crowd. Once again, he let's the reactions die down again before he continues.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "Another thing I have noticed is that you have this unbelievable focus. In the midst of this hype for Five Star Attraction, and possibly the biggest match of your career, you want to focus on the task at hand. You are taking things one step at a time. I can't blame you, Roberto! You, as well as myself, have a tough task tonight. We have to square off against two rivals in Logan V and Joey Nicholas. Two men who hate each other, but would love to defeat the world champion and his number one contender."

    *Arsen starts walking around the ring, taking his stare off of Roberto.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "Finally, the thing I admire the most about the most about you is your selflessness and your gratefulness. You are more concerned about wanting to be my friend, wanting to be a compatable partner, and wanting to be victorious in our match tonight rather than wanting to beat my face in and talk as much trash as you can."

    *Arsen finally focuses his attention back on Roberto.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "This cycle of humbleness, concern, and determination sounds a bit too familiar. It sounds like something that has been demonstrated over and over again for the past five months. The odd thing about this situation is that you haven't been in a wrestling ring during that time span of five months. You have been out with an injury you somehow suffered at Redemption, which even more odd than the situation brought to the table was the same time that I debuted. I'll get to that topic in just a second, pretty boy. I want to tell you that the cycle aforementioned has been in motion by myself. I have lived by those guidelines since making my debut to the Clique Wrestling Alliance. This cycle has put me in the spot where I cannot be stopped. It had isolated myself on a mountain top where I feel higher than any one else on this roster. This mission I have gone on and on about has put me in a position where the mission is almost complete. It hasn't been easy at all. One of the reasons that I'm angry at you, Roberto, is the fact that you fail to truely recognize how hard everything has been for me."

    *Arsen takes off his leather jacket and throws it into the audience. He shows off his cast that is on his left hand while taking off his t-shirt, showing the wrapped ribs he has had for months now.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "I have gone through hell and back, just like everywhere else I've been. I have two crippling and career altering injuries. I have burned the bridges on relationships I feel like I will never be able to rebuild. I have made more enemies obviously more than I have made friends. To top it all of, I have worked harder than anyone in this business. Slowly but surely, I'm becoming the victim of betrayal and politics. You want to complain about how Im complaining about still being a contender instead of a champion in the midst of all these title changes. Roberto, I don't expect anything to be handed to me. On the other hand, when hard work fails to get recognized while the world title gets handed around like a beach ball at a Dave Matthews Band concert, you will have no choice but expect me to complain. I've had to prepare myself in not only a physical manner, but a difficult mental manner, for the three times my match has been changed for Five Star Attraction. You don't know how tough it has been."

    *Arsen puts his shirt back on and brings his attention back to Roberto.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: This brings me to another reason on why you have done a great job of pissing me off lately. I'm getting sick of your disrespect. I'm disturbed at the amount of praise I gave you before you got injured getting exchanged into a slap right in my face. I was a fan of this character you created. I love this flamboyant, charismatic, and possibly gay persona you demonstrate to your fans. Look where it has for you, two world championships!!! I praised your ability. In exchange for what? You to taint the legacy I have established in this company? I know you want that praise now that you are champion once again, but not everyone is programmed to respect you taking away from someone's hard work. I'm never going to congradulate you."

    *Roberto looks sick and tired of Arsen's words. Roberto looks to claim his state in this trial, but Arsen gets in Roberto's face.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "I'm not finished!"

    *Arsen starts walking around the ring again. Roberto looks angry. The crowd is getting on Roberto's side.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: I took the spot that you backed out of. While you were treating a couple of flesh wounds in this hillbilly slim state, I was too busy fighting through my perils to get to this spot as the number one contender. Now, because these fans don't respect hard work and give credit where credit is due, you want to show Roberto the love and admiration I earned. It shows you why every CWA fan, just like yourself Roberto, are ignorant towards this cycle I have shown. That is the final thing about you that angers me, Roberto. You are ignorant torwards my absolution. Now that you are the hot, new flavor of the week once again, you want to continue like nothing ever happened. You want to make accusations towards me. You want to make yourself the better man, trashing the others. And you want to act like everything Ive done, every blood, sweat, and tear I have splattered on this mat for CWA, means nothing. You say that if any thing, I was reserving your spot on the top."

    *Arsen stops trotting around the ring. Roberto is laughing at this point.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "So you want to take another title from me and be 'Mr. Shoot Promo'? You want to be controversial? Well, I have a little shoot of my own! Roberto, I was flamboyant and charismatic while you were still learning the fundamentals. I was fighting riots in our nations capital while you were bribing yourself through obstacles. I was kicking off the faces of men while you were sitting on the faces of men."

    *Arsen can't help but smile at the remark. The fans let an 'ooooh' while a majority of fans clap "you got served".*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "As much as you want to bury me for your own personal push, the reason you became the face of this company is because there were no stars. There were no familiar faces. Now that I made my presence and someone familiar can carry the company, they need a way to push you down. As quickly as these fans turned on me, I hope they know that their precious Roberto, a truely devilish and despcable character, will have to step aside."

    *Arsen turns to a camera.*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: You are right, Roberto. This match tonight is important. Tonight we have to face Logan V and Joey Nicholas, a makeshift team like ourselves. These guys have outdone us in build up. They've thrown punches. They've used weapons. They have used everything to tear each other part in the name of the X-Fly championship. There is obviously a problem between the two. Little do they know is I have more of a problem with them than they do with each other. I am sick of Joey Nicholas. He is a bi-polar, sneaky, dishonorable champion that I have wanted to teach a lesson for the longest time. Although I want to beat him into a pulp, I would much rather take me aggression on Logan Five, who just like Roberto, has traded my praise for ultimate disrespect. Last week was lucky for Logan. Tonight marks my revnge!"

    *Arsen turns back to Roberto*

    Nickolas Kennedy Arsen: "So while you are getting attacked trying to polish your belt for me, I am going to make both Logan and Joey sing for Absolution. It will be a foreshadowing of why I am The Absolute, The Agent of Change, and the greatest wrestler in the galaxy."

    *Arsen gets right to Roberto face as now a staredown takes place. It's intense and it looks like they are about to go, but Arsen breaks the staredown and exits the ring. He makes his way up the ramp as Roberto keeps staring at him. With that, the scene fades to black as we go to another commercial break.*
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