At Survivor Series, Big Show will pursue Undertaker into the most frightening corners of darkness when he faces The Deadman in a Casket Match, hoping to extinguish The Phenom’s mighty scourge once and for all.

Since forming his powerful association with SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero in recent months, Big Show has strived to show that he does not fear Undertaker. He first made his impact known by knocking out his legendary prey at Unforgiven, proclaiming that he “broke his spirit along with his jaw.” At No Mercy, Big Show once again knocked out The Deadman with a little help from an exposed turnbuckle. Now at Survivor Series, The World’s Largest Athlete is looking to put the final nail in the coffin.

Undertaker has answered back in past weeks, unleashing a furious tirade upon SmackDown. He cost Big Show an opportunity at the gold when he interrupted his match with WWE Champion Triple H. The Phenom also expelled Big Show from the ring before Tombstoning Chavo Guerrero and slamming the self-proclaimed Mexican Warrior into the dreaded casket.

Big Show looks to stomp on Undertaker’s unique connection with Survivor Series, the event where he first emerged 18 years ago. Over the years, The Deadman has used this pay-per-view as a forum to wage war in a variety of matches including Hell in a Cell, First Blood, Buried Alive, and two of the most devastating Casket Match conquests ever.