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Thread: Creating a 'cool' Babyface in 2009?

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    Creating a 'cool' Babyface in 2009?

    I'm calling this age, "The Era of the Legendary Heel." Doesn't have much of a ring to it but that's not the point. If you think about it, we are witnessing quite possibly 3 of the best heels the WWE has ever seen.

    Chris Jericho's new 'serious' style has been pure win. The Age of Orton is upon us. You have to love the in your face Legend Killer. Then there's Edge who controlled SD! for the better part of a year. These three are ridiculously over on the mic but can also get it done in the ring. They make it so easy for their opponents to get over because they're extremely detested (but loved) all in the same..

    Problem is.. we have a bunch of shitty babyfaces. they are either too unbeatable or too played out. I'm looking at Cena, Batista, HHH... Hell, the only faces that I've even been semi-interested in are CM Punk and HBK while he's being more serious.. and even then.. the roster is thin. Jeff Hardy cannot be trusted.

    How do you think they should go about fixing this problem? We need some really good babyfaces to match these elite heels.. If we had them, the WWE would be well on their way to getting the ball rolling again and catching everyone's interest.

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    Re: Creating a 'cool' Babyface in 2009?

    I think in this day and age, a modern babyface can be built well in 3 possible ways:

    No. 1#: By using their rare natural charisma and ability to draw a babyface response from the crowd and building them around their strengths, like a Jeff Hardy or a Eddie Guerrero.

    No. 2#: By putting them against a strong heel in a well constructed patient storyline, much like Batista's build toward Wrestlemania several years ago.

    No. 3#: Basically turn them tweener. Probably the easiest way, but give them heelish traits yet use these traits against the heels. Worked for Stone Cold, and any tweener has shot up in the popularity stakes quickly - like Cena when he was tweener, went over massive before his massive 'bland' face push.
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    Re: Creating a 'cool' Babyface in 2009?

    I think that the babyfaces are still good, I think it's more of the fact that the storylines that they are in suck and are not suspensful enough, which makes sense because the babyfaces are always winning, that would get boring seeing after a while.

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