Didn't really get a chance to watch SD in full this week as I've been busy off my feet so I just forwarded to the results of each match...here are some quick thought's i'd like to share:

*It's a fresh idea i think to have the wedding before the show and the reception during the show. At least edge and vickie managed to learn from all the previous wrestling weddings and realised that the odds are that they wouldn't end up married. Not quite sure why edge was dressed in white, he reminds me of someone I know...God! (and by god i don't mean the mod god)

*opening match included edge as the special ref. good to see "edgeheads" pick up the win over the finaly and hornswoggle. The sad truth is, given how both teams have been booked over the past few weeks, the result should really be considered an upset as edgeheads havent really won anything since becoming edgeheads. btw, lol at edge's comments that using a water gun is still cheating. forget TLC matches, the real damage is done with water guns and balloons

*cherry catches vickie's bouquet of flowers and finds herself ina a match with Natalya...not quite sure of the sense of this segment other than revealing the fact that cherry is probably the most "underrated" diva - aesthetically anyway. And vickie manages to start her wrestling career with a victory. Technically she's undefeated in singles competition. Next week she'll probably start her entrance from the back, escorted by security, growling with pyro and the crowd chanting "Vickie!, Vickie!, Vickie"...spear and jackhammer to continue her undefeated streak. Repackage her as "vick-berg"

*Kennedy and Umaga square off in what i considered somewhat of a surprise result. although it may be indicative that wwe have no plans to push kennedy any further than US title level for the time being. Looks like Umaga is being built up to challenge Trips at SS given how Taker's return is imminenet (more on this later).

*Big show comes and dances with Vickie followed by a 4 on 1 handicap match. I'm liking the fact that shelton was added as it raises his status being in the ring with the likes of MVP, Khali and Koslov so at least he's getting somewhat of a push. Koslov's headbutt is quite possibly the crapest finisher ever. and i'm talking worse than the leg drop of doom standard. A headbutt hurts don't get me wrong, by the way he does it is more of a battering ram, and unless you get a lot of velocity behind it, that shit won't hurt. A better finisher would be to moon your opponent...at least that would hurt the eyes

*wang yang takes on the repackaged Spanky (not sure which part of the show though so i'll put it in here). I'm liking the look of "attitude era hbk v2" and hope that this leads to something meaningful for kendrick. Imagine how London must feel being left behind, all because of a stupid smile nearly a year ago. what is the world coming to when you're punished for smiling?

*Festus and jesse take on miz and morrison...nothing spectacular here other than i got to miz' finisher for the first time in a long while. I prefer his mizard of oz finisher as his reality check is more of a combo signature move. bring back the hooooooo-rah!

*Hardy vs Hardy...if it wasnt obvious who the favourite hardy is, it should be now given how jeff's entrance music was played instead of matt's. I don't ever recall seeing a good hardy vs hardy match. There's something that just doesn't click between them. Anyways, edge and co interupt the match as revenge for he hardys throwing cake over chavo...better than a feud starting over spilled coffee i guess

*Trips reveals edge is a cheater...shock horror. This segment went on way too long. anyways, the most interesting for me is how the rest of la familia will be treated by the crowd. are they face or are they heel? one thing that leads nicely on from this is the likelyhood of vickie bringing taker back to face off against edge after or during the bash. If i were writing it, I would have bickie bring taker back at the bash, lights out and all, costing edge the title setting up a match at SS. Only thing i'm worried about is Vickie's "excuse me" line may end up getting cheers instead of heel heat...and merchandise sales could go through the roof.