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Thread: Heat, ECW, Talent Exchange...???

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    Heat, ECW, Talent Exchange...???

    Didn't think this fit on any of the specific brand forums, but if mods think so, feel free to move it.

    So what are your feelings about this?

    Personally, I don't see why they're doing it. Heat isn't anything amazing, but it did mean more wrestling (just on and for the audience to watch). Any fans of the people that are normally relegated to Heat don't get to see them as much anymore.

    At the same time, one of the weird things has always been that they taped Smackdown before ECW, so you'd have spoilers for things that haven't happened yet. Now we've got things going on for ECW before we even have the flagship show telling us what's brand new. What about the upcoming 3 hour show? Are they going to film an hour of ECW, then 3 hours of live Raw, all on one night?

    Also, does this mean that the Smackdown/ECW talent exchange won't happen anymore? That's a shame if that's true, because Raw doesn't have enough time for its own roster, let alone ECW's. The S/E exchange was one of the best things to happen to both brands in my opinion.

    Your thoughts, concerns, cheers, boos?
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    Re: Heat, ECW, Talent Exchange...???

    Who's to the better wrestlers normally on Heat (Charlie Hass, the tag teams etc) don't get drafted? It's better to forget predicting this type of thing for the time being

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