Attendance was around 300.

The referees for the evening were Randy Ray and Jeff McGowan.

Randall Johnson defeats Jay Fury w/a Celtic Cross.

- Scotty Beach defeats Slaughter w/Wicked Nemesis after reversing a suplex into a schoolboy. After the match, Orion Bishop runs down and spears Beach. John Bogie runs in for the save.

- Shaun Banks w/Quentin Michaels and Zero Tolerance defeats Sonny Siaki after Zero spinebusts Siaki while the referee was distracted.

- Michael Cook defeats Jonathan Davis after blocking a flying sunset flip.

- J-Rod defeats Johnny Swinger by DQ after Swinger hit J-Rod with the title belt.

- David Young and Tex Monroe defeats Cru Jones and Zero Tolerance w/Quentin Michaels after Monroe hits Jones with a springboard legdrop.