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Thread: NCAA 09

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    NCAA 09

    I'm a big fan of this series... and here's the list of features for the new NCAA 09
    Quote Originally Posted by EA Sports
    Here's a taste of what you can expect to see in NCAA Football 09.

    In the coming weeks we'll take a deeper dive into each of the features below, so check back for more detailed information.
    Wide Open and Authentic College Style Gameplay
    It's Wide Open

    * Bigger holes, cutback lanes, and open receivers, making the game feel more wide open than ever before
    * Directional pump fake on the R stick
    * New college specific tackling engine

    Home of the 12th Man and Home Field Advantage with new mini-game components

    * Pre-play confusion and difficulty making adjustments when on the road against tough teams
    * All new toughest places to play with dynamic rankings

    All-new Mascot Mode with User Controlled Celebrations

    * Mascot Games
    * Interactive TD celebrations

    College Atmosphere
    College Atmosphere & Pageantry

    * All-new Dynamic Crowd System
    * College sidelines are packed with additional players, mascots, cheerleaders, and more
    * All-new authentic fields with new textures, lighting, and field degradation
    * New college player models, including more than 50 alternate uniforms
    * User Customizable Stadium Sounds & Music
    * Breakaway crowd reactions

    Depth & Innovation

    * Online Dynasty is here!!!
    * Roster file sharing online
    * Improved recruiting system in Dynasty mode highlighting ease and accessibility
    * New post game presentation and play by play commentary
    * 1-4 player offline co-op
    * Return missed field goals
    * Bluff your play art to confuse opponents
    * Formation audibles
    * Smart routes
    * Bobble catches
    * Better passing control
    * Post play continuation
    * All-New Mini Games
    * Random play selection in practice mode
    * Quick replay
    * CPU vs. CPU (watch mode)
    * Smooth 60 FPS on PS3
    * Even teams option in play now

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    Re: NCAA 09

    sounds spectacular. I can't wait to return a missed 56-yarder on some fool.

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    Re: NCAA 09

    yeah same, I can finally line up Shaun Cromartie-Quinn back there and run it back Cromartie style.

    Should be a blast with online dynastys to, ill probably pwn SS

    Then, now, forever.

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    Re: NCAA 09

    I"m liking online dynasty. This could be pretty hot.

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