SECTION: Posting

Advertising Websites

Adveritising other websites is prohibited. If you are found out to be advertising other sites in your posts and / or via the PM or E-Mail system you will be either warned for banned and have the URL to the site you are advertising banned from the forums so that it will show up in *'s.


Spam is classified in many different ways:

Pointless Posts: - Bringing back dead threads. - One word replys (outside of media and games) - Posting somthing not related to the thread topic.

Double Posting: - This means posting 2 or more times in a row, such as if you post once than right after that post reply again before somone else replys is double posting. Doing this will result in a warning on the first time.

Flaming: Flaming is considered many different things:

- Racist remark to other member - Insulting a members race, religion, or sexuallity. - Cursing out another member. - Calling a member derogatory terms.

Note: This only applys for outside of Coward Cave, within Coward Cave anything outside of racism is tollerated.

Insulting Staff:

It is recommended that you do not insult staff anywhere on the board, especially outside of rants. Some staff may not care if you insult them to a certain extent, but the flaming rules are in place for flaming of staff as well. You may flame staff in the Bitch Board with your own discretion. Most staff won't mind getting flamed within the Bitch Board but some may, so do this at your own discretion.

Staff Editing Rights:

Any staff member has the right to edit your post if the content of that post is un-appropriate or un-needed. If you have a question as to why a mod, super mod, or admin has edited your thread or post please contact the member that has edited your post.

Allowed images

Nudity is allowed for now within 18+ forums within the Women boards. No nudity is allowed outside of those boards as some members may not wish to see such imagery. People violated these rules most likely will be banned depending on the severity. All Imagery in 18+ will be deemed NSFW (not safe for work). You have been advised


SECTION: Board Features

SECTION: User Options

Note: Racism, Excessive Profanity, or Nudity is not allowed within your signature. Admins or Super-Mods reserve the right to remove your sig at anytime without reason.


SECTION: BitchBoard (forum)

General Guidelines:

The Coward Cave Forum is there so that you may vent your frustrations with a certain thing and / or member. Guidelines for posting in rants:

- You can insult any member including administrators. - You should not bring up race - You should not insult a family member as you do not know this user and that family member may be dead. - - You may not insult sexuality (in a serious manner) - You may insult religion (to a certain degree -- i.e. don't stereotype about a religion such as Muslims)

Admin rights (Coward Cave forum)

Just because it is an un-censored forum to an extent does not mean you can do anything. Admins reserve the right to close any rant or delete posts that appear to be inappropriate. Any questions on this please contact an Administrator.



. When replying to media say things of thanks, do not reply to media by just typing random letters or words. If you are caught doing this you will more than likely be banned for a few days or lose acess to the media forums.

Leeching: The media that is posted here on MonksDiner is for the Diner forumers members use. Under no circumstances are you to leech the links for media and post them at other sites. If you are caught leeching media your account or media privileges will be terminated.

Media Mod Rights

Any media mod has the right to close your thread if your links don't work or if the content is inappropriate. The mods also have the right to warn / ban you for leeching or not replying to the media properly. If you have any questions about the media sections please contact Danny Diamond via PM.


SECTION: Women of Wrestling and Hollywood Section

Here at Monks' Dine0rt we do allow nudity, only in the "Women of the World" board. However, we have warnings saying that members under 18 are not allowed, we however can not enforce that the members will not enter the adult part of the forum. It is the responsibility of the parent's or guardian's discretion to monitor what their children are looking at on the internet. If any parent or guardian of a member is concerned their child is entering this board, you can contact one of the admins at - - and we will deal with the member as we see fit.

Image Hotlinking:

This is not allowed, if you do this you will be warned and on the second time banned. Please use , or any other image hosting service you are familar with.


Under no circumstance are you to upload any image of nudity with ImageShack. Their policy does not permit this and if found out they will ban the site the images are being used on. Anyone caught doing this will be warned and second time terminated from viewing that section.

Mods' Rights:

Mods of the Women Forums have the right to close threads that they find inappropriate or that do not work. If you have any question about why your thread was closed please contact the mod who closed your thread.


SECTION: Expected From Staff

Who Is The Current Staff?

For a list of all current staff please click the "View Forum Leaders" link down towards the bottom of the forums.

What Can Staff Do?

Administrators have the power to access the AdminCP, Ban any user, ban IP addresses, censor URL's, and moderate any forum on the board.

Super moderators are allowed to edit, move, lock, and delete threads, as well as seeing your IP address. Super mods can also ban users.

Moderators can only edit, move, lock, and delete threads in forums they moderate, as opposed to administrators and super moderators who have control of all forums. To see what moderator moderates what forum, you can look on the index page or check the Staff page mentioned above. Some mods, but not all, also have the power to ban.

NOTE: Only the administrator has banning abilities at this time. If you have been banned or think you may be banned soon, please check your email as I will send you a reason for your lost access to the forums.

When should I contact a staff member? Who should I contact?

You must have a good reason to contact a staff member. Do not contact them for pointless reasons but do contact them if you have any questions board related.

If you need help with your account, contact an ADMIN. Usually. If your account password has been forgotten and you cannot login, please use the "reset your password" feature by supplying your e-mail after a failed login.

What if staff abuses their rights/powers?

If you feel a staff member has abused his or her powers, you should contact Danny Diamond via PM. PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST. If you go past me and start posting in feedback or anywhere else about a mod in a derogatory manner without notifying me of your beef then you will be warned.

If you have any more questions, please send me a PM.

This topic will remain closed.


Danny Diamond