Petey Williams def Jimmy Rave via Canadian Destroyer

Motor City Machine Guns def Kaz and Curry Man.
(Funniest point of the night was the Fallen Angel Chant before the match got

Awesome Kong def ODB via Awesome Bomb
(Either it was GREAT selling or ODB got hurt. Match ended short and she took
longer to get out of the ring than the match itself. Demore came ringside which
makes me think it could be legit)

Booker T Def Robert Roode via Book End


AJ & Tomko def LAX via AJ roll up on Homicide grabbing the tights
(Great match and Hernandez did fly.)

Kurt Angle def Christian Cage via Submission

Biggest Pop - Booker T
Most Heat - Robert Roode
Suprise - LAX got the heel reaction while AJ and Tomko were over like crazy


IT was a GREAT show and the crowd was hot. Not a sell out, but it sure sounded like one.