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    Is there something that, every year when that time comes, you typically do? I'm not talking about daily rituals, but more like weekly, monthly, or yearly.

    For example, every Monday night my buddies and I get together to play 2 games of Texas Hold 'Em and watch Monday Night RAW. That is, until the fall rolls around, and we suspend our card games and instead use Monday nights to head to the bar and watch Monday Night Football instead.

    Every year since before I can remember, Labor Day weekend (End of August here in the States) has been a weekend for vacation. Every year since I've been born, I've headed 2 hours north to Lake Huron and rented out the same cabins each year. It used to start with my mom dad, aunts and uncles, and cousins coming along...but now my parents aren't into that, so I've gotten all my buddies and their buddies to rent the cabins along with now Labor Day weekend is a weekend for drinking, BBQing, and enjoying the end of summer.

    So what kinds of this are just "tradition" to you that you try and keep up, whether it's weekly, monthly, or yearly?

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    Re: Rituals

    My biggest is going to the banjo bowl between The Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg blue bombers (CFL football folks).

    It's alot of fun because it's held in winnipeg however my family are all from saskatchewan so we obviously wear our green (sask is green, wpg is blue) and we get heckled quite a bit but its alot of fun.

    Last year was great, we had these two smoking hot girls in front of us from saskatchewan that had tight end written on their asses, it was my dad who pointed that out to me to...which was kinda odd.

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