Written whilst watching.

Opening segment.

The camera showed a cute girl at ringside a minute ago, now i cant find her again. Flair & Michaels are rambeling about their match & this isnt really going anywhere.

Huzaa Orton. He got quite a big pop actually. How did Randy get stuck with this nite? The one nite he cant really book the show?

Triple H against a guy i dont remember him ever losing to. And a good match. Cena vs Michaels. Surely Cena vs Triple H would have made more sense sine Orton is booking.

15 matches at Wrestlemania & they pick Mark Henry as his opponent?

Undertaker vs Mark Henry. Casket match.

Undertakers submission choke thingy is awful & looks easy to break. Hell 'taker could hardly hold Henry in place & he wasent even struggeling.

Boring match.

Triple H talks about himself then stares menacingly at the camera.

Finlay vs Kennedy.

JBL appears on the screen & says something about a Belfast Brawl. Really hard to listen to anything this guy has to say.

Best.Segment.Ever! They should have just done that all night! Give Finlay a Shillelagh & let him beat the crap out of Kennedy.

I enjoyed that very much :D

Hardy vs Jericho.

Apparently all it takes is a Twist of Fate & you get an IC title match. Best match by a mile so far.

Backstage & we see Nicolai Volkolff & a christmas pudding with an Iranian Flag.

Volkolff & Iron Shiek vs US Express.

Ignorant fans booing the singing of the National Anthem. Egotistical Americans disrespecting other countries.

Jillian Hall interupts before the match starts. Best part of this was the staff member nearly getting smacked by Jillians show as it flew off her during an impressive Airplane Spin.

Bullshit, we're not even having the match now.

The Briscoe Brothers in the WWE HoF? I dont remember them doing much in WWE.

Aparently Kane is now an Elephant as he remembers everything. If he remembers everything then why was he teaming with Triple H only a few months ago after all he had done to him?

Kane vs Triple H.

No prizes for guessing who is going to win here.

Orton comes onto the stage still holding his neck after Kane grabbed him about 20 minutes ago. Orton just looks at Triple H beat Kane.

Cena video. Same old same old.

Maria vs Melina.

How long has Melina been useing this More than just another pretty face line? Sounds awfully similar to ODB's.

Poor match. I liked Melina's finisher tho :D

Is Santino still with maria or what?

Big Show/Mayweather weigh in next.

Went way too long. Mayweathyer was 160, Show was 440. Big Show brings out most of the roster as his posse. For some reason the faces were talking with heels.

Gorilla Press Slam by Big Show. Mayweather sells too much like he's hurt but at the same time he is smiling.

Edge vs CM Punk.

A nice match but way too short. The finish didnt help Edge at all.

Regal with his bad haircut is up next. He hypes up Youmanga. Batista comes out & they brawl.

Michaels vs Cena.

Fairly good match but an abysmal finish. Michaels is in control so Orton runs in & attacks Michaels then attacks Cena. Orton gets his ass handed to him.

Triple H appears yet again. He tells us next week Orton & Cena will team up. So? And face the entire Raw roster! Ohhhh brilliant idea. Job most of the roster out.

The Good:
Hardy vs Jericho.
Finlay beating up Kennedy. (Should be a weekly hour long segment)
Melina's finisher.

The Bad:
Mayweather/Big Show.
Maria vs Melina.
Kane vs Triple H.
A lot of other stuff.