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    Walking Tall

    Hey guys I went tosee this last night with the girlfriend (yes Americans it came out on Friday in the theatres over here you lucky chumps) and I thought I'd offer my review for comment or criticism.

    First good thing about the film was that it cemented the Rock as a leading man with potential. After this and Be Cool all he needs is a big budget action film which gets some praise and he's away, he'll be all over the bloody place and with the John Woo directed Spyhunter and Doom (possibily) on the way his time may be sooner than later.

    Second postive was that it wasn't too long, I clocked it at an hour and half with trailers and ads which means that actual film was only 1hr ten mins which is a good length for an action film, no lengthy sub plot or over worded screenplay here let me tell you.

    I thought that Jonny Knoxville played a good part and proved that he can actually act which surprised me and the only acting which I felt was sub par was the little drug taking kid.

    The story itself was well told and to the point and the fight scenes were great. The girl that Rocky was seeing who does the Strip at the start was a bird too.

    My overall score is 4/5. But I like action films so I'm biased.

    Any opinions.

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    It was a fun flick. Can't wait for the DVD. I hope we get an R rated cut though since this was considerably cut down (the final film is only about 75 minutes long).
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    Still need to catch this

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