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    Fallout XYZ

    Name: XYZ

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 184

    Age: 34

    From: Sitka, Alaska

    Face/heel/tweener: Face

    Current feuds: None

    FWA win-loss record: Doesn't matter

    FWA accomplishments: 1x FWA Tag Team Champion (w/ Lord Dog as Warriors of Virtue)

    Style of wrestling: Unorthodox, high-flying, lots of kicks and strikes with the feet

    Appearance: Medium-built, tone, sandy blonde/light brown hair down to the shoulders, black-and-white tattoos on the shoulders and biceps, long pants, wrestles bare foot, wears a green-and-black-colored leather robe

    Personality: Eccentric movements and talking patters, sometimes nonsensical when speaking, overall unorthodox lifestyle habits

    Basic and advanced moves:
    Vicious kicks to the thighs and shins repeatedly for 20 seconds
    Standing dropkick to the chest after being brought to his feet
    Head-scissors takedown after spinning 360 degrees in the air with the legs around the opponent's neck
    Flying double knees to the chest from the top rope
    Leg sweep into a quick leaping elbow drop to the chest
    Springboard moonsault
    Springboard moonsault fake out where XYZ flips back, lands on his feet, and then hits a quick standing senton

    Finishing move: Front-Flip Springboard Leg Drop — but XYZ climbs to the top turnbuckle and tight-rope walks the ropes to get some bounce and momentum before leaping off

    Common phrases: "The dream never dies."


    From Mile High 2021

    A blue 1957 two-door Chevy floats in the blackness of outer space -- yes, outer space -- with the wheels spinning against absolutely nothing but dust. The car makes a chugging sound as smoke spits out from the back exhaust pipe, teasing of the car breaking down but just a teaser. The Chevy continues chugging along with nothing in the background except stars and some general designs of rocks and dust.

    "Big Al ... how, I must ask, is your intergalactic Popeyes? Does it meet your extremely high standards?! Is it befitting of a SOLDIER of fortitude and ferocity? You proved yourself worthy tenfold back on Kleipius against that solar rat trying to enslave the peacekeeping hornets. Without you, I would have struggled. But eyes look upon us for grace and glory. We had to come through."

    Intergalactic Popeyes?! Yes, it's true. You can get Popeyes in another galaxy. Although intergalactic Popeyes is the least curious part of XYZ's miniature monologue.

    "It's good stuff. Damn good stuff. The chicken doesn't have the same crispiness of the breading. The biscuits are a little oddly shaped, too. Still, though, it's a Popeyes box 'n shit. Looooove that chicken from Popeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyes."

    The biscuits are so oddly shaped that they look more like undercooked muffins than biscuits. Big Al is sitting in the passenger seat while XYZ sits in the driver's seat. XYZ has his green cape tied behind his neck.

    Suddenly, XYZ places a hand to his ear, as if he is receiving a message.

    "Yes. Yes. Alright. Understood. We ARE on our way."

    Big Al is curiously looking at XYZ.

    "We are needed. The galaxy owes us a break from saving the futures of other planets and solar systems. Their light shines because of us, our bravery, our swords. But our work is not done -- never done."

    "Where we headed now, X? Got some aliens or somethin' to fight?"

    XYZ states forward, off into space -- literally -- as Big Al munches down. Big Al knows the answer before even asking, but he gets XYZ by now and knows the rat-tat-tat-tat of their conversations.

    "Earth. We go ... to the land of earth."

    "Earth?! 'Bout damn time. I need a fixin' of some soul food. We been gone for a hot minute. Eating up space worms most of the past few years hasn't been my style. You know this, though. It's been space worms or every now 'n then some Popeyes if we're lucky on the planet. Plus, I gotta hit up my boy, Pat. He can hook us up with a better ride than this. I can't be seen runnin' in an old-ass Chevy. We look like the damn Flinstones."

    XYZ doesn't understand the reference. He usually just smiles and turns away whenever Big Al makes a pop culture comment. Big Al seems much more talkative than past iterations of he and XYZ's tandem.

    "So ... where we going to in earth? It's a big place."

    "It's not 'where' we are going but 'what' we are going. 'What' we are needed to do. And we are needed to save those who do not have the strength or standing to save themselves.

    We are needed ... yet again ... in the FWA.

    The dream never dies, Big Al."

    The camera pans out and away from XYZ and Big Al, now showing the clunky car bouncing along in space, dodging dust and rocks with a tiny, round, blue and green ball off on the distance -- in the direct trajectory of the Chevy's traveling path.
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