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Thread: "The Crimson Ghost" Aka Yurei

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    Meltdown "The Crimson Ghost" Aka Yurei

    赤 幽霊
    Aka Yurei
    "The Crimson Ghost"


    The Crimson Ghost

    5' 5"

    Weight: 127 lbs. (57.6 kg) [9.07 Stone]

    Date of Birth: 09/20/1996 (Age 25)

    Billed From: Seattle, Washington

    Originally From: Yokohama, Japan

    Face/heel/tweener: Face


    What is there to say about the Crimson Ghost? At a young age she was born into a poor family that struggled just to survive. Her father never truly loved her and abused her, and her mother resented all of her children. Stuck in a perpetual hell for years, Aka became despondent. A breaking point came when her elder brother Takeshi became involved in the Yakuza and died in a gang fight. At her wits end, she ran away from home at the age of 15. She survived off the streets for nearly a year until she was finally taken in by a wrestling dojo. For Aka Yurei, wrestling was all she had. The people in the locker room, in the ring, in the crowd, that was the family that accepted her. Having a healthy outlet for her deep-seeded personal issues, she used them to create her "Crimson Ghost" persona. As it grew in popularity, so too did her stock in the Japanese wrestling scene. As a joshi wrestler, she was trained with a bevy of incredibly stiff strikes and technical moves. She combined this with her natural athleticism to incorporate some ground based techniques as well and even a few high flying maneuvers as a showcase. Having made enough money, she moved permanently from Japan to Seattle, Washington in 2017. Outside of wrestling, Aka is fluent in both Japanese and English (having an American father), graduated from the University of Washington in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in Business, and is a strong activist for mental health services everywhere.

    [Aka Yurei with face paint (left), and without face paint (right)]

    The "Crimson Ghost" at its surface may be a "spooky" character, but it is in fact a subversion of the trope. Her face paint is reminiscent of an angered ghost, looking to bring destruction and death in her wake. Her violent nature in the ring brings a certain aura of danger to the "Crimson Ghost" persona, as she strikes fast and hard against many of her enemies, looking to pick them apart and break bones. The character is in truth the culmination of all of the pent-up issues that resided within Aka Yurei. As such, the character is brooding, melancholic, and serves as her outlet for her to deal with her personal issues. Aka once explained in a Japanese magazine that her character is meant to be her, "anger and rage at losing [her] youth, like an Onryō (vengeful spirit)...". Her entrances are a flamboyant affair, a waltz down to the ring with eccentric mannerisms and a manic grin, but when the bell ring, her demeanor shifts into all business. For her, hurting opponents is just a part of life when all she's known is pain herself. "The Crimson Ghost" Aka Yurei is a dangerous opponent, and regardless if she wins or loses, she will always come back for more; much like a zombie, she will always get back up.

    Non-FWA accomplishments:


    FWA accomplishments:


    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one: (Win-Loss-Draw-No Contest)


    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.):

    joshi puroresu with incorporated brawling and aerial moves. Hard strikes, big chops, and bone crunching submissions which come part and parcel for the puro experience. Aka can also brawl with the best of them when need be, especially during comebacks and angry streaks. Blood feuds see her violent tendencies truly come out when she's in no-DQ matches. She's not afraid to use weaponry and make some people bleed if the Crimson Ghost is so inclined.


    Standing Attacks:

    Snap Suplex
    Northern Lights Suplex
    Michinoku Driver
    Teardrop Suplex
    Tiger Suplex
    German Suplex
    Pop-Up Cutter
    Roundhouse Kick
    Reverse Roundhouse Kick

    Ground Attacks:
    Fist Drop
    Leg Stomp
    Knee Drop
    Head Scissors
    Texas Cloverleaf
    Boston Crab

    Running / Irish Whip Attacks:

    Jumping Crossbody
    Hip Attack
    Lou Thesz Press

    Diving Attacks:
    Diving Hurricanrana
    Diving Dropkick
    Diving Frankensteiner

    Signature Moves:
    Early Grave - Crossface Chickenwing
    Vengeful Strike - Poison Frankensteiner

    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:

    The Soul Crusher - Jumping Double Foot Stomp

    Hell From Above - Diving Reverse Moonsault
    (Ue Kara Jigoku)

    The Living End - Running Shining Wizard
    (Rivu~ingu Endo)


    Aka Yurei's attire consists mainly of ghostly face paint, appearing as that of a Japanese Onryou. Her wrestling wear is a mixed crimson and black brassiere, a black cloth collar linked to her bra, and grey and gold trunks with the crimson kanji "武し" or "Takashi" in remembrance of her brother. Alongside this, she wears thigh-high black stockings, red kneepads and gold crimson-laced boots. This is generally her normal attire, but some special occasions has her with a more lavish outfit. During entrances, she walks to the ring with a crimson hannya mask, signifying further the Crimson Ghost's dark and violent nature; she also will walk to the ring wearing a white kimono much akin to the undead of Japanese folklore.

    Base pic for your character: Kana/Asuka

    Theme Music:
    "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica

    Introduction Promo:

    ???: "Sore wa sayo ka?"
    ["Is it okay?"]

    A camera opens up to a woman sitting on a chair, with soft skin and flowing red-tinted hair. Her eyes are a pearlescent green and her smile gives off the impression of a kind, gentle person. The interviewer off-screen tells this woman that the camera's working now.

    "Well, tell us a little about yourself, starting with your name?"

    The woman shifts and gives a small laugh and nods her head.

    Aka Yurei: "My name is Aka Yurei. I'm twenty-five years old, and I live in Seattle. I've been a wrestler for about nine years or so."

    The camera feed showcases some photographs and videos of a manic and terrifying looking woman in ghostly face paint, decimating opponents in Japan. A scary look from what looks like a red-haired demon spirit, or what is known in Japan as an Onryou: "vengeful spirit". We cut back to Aka Yurei in the chair, and after a quick comparison, it is clearly the same woman.

    "You started wrestling when you were 16? How did that come about?"

    Aka shrugs her shoulders and smirks to herself.

    Aka Yurei:
    "I ran away from home in Yokohama when I was 15, about a year of living in the streets afterwards, I was taken up by a wrestling dojo who allowed me to train and become one. It was really the first place I felt was home."

    Interviewer: "Is that around the time the 'Crimson Ghost' first appeared?"

    Aka Yurei: "Yeah, I'd say that was around the time that it showed up."

    Interviewer: "This'll sound weird, but can we get that iconic grin from you?"

    We find another photo of Aka in her wrestling attire giving an incredibly manic grin, portraying the emotion of insanity, rage, and chaos. Coming back, Aka shifts in her chair and laughs, shaking her head.

    Aka Yurei:
    "I'm afraid I can't do it out of the ring. It's only when I'm in the right mindset can I do it. The "Crimson Ghost" is not just some character. It's... sort of an unstable part of me."

    More video shows the "Crimson Ghost" dealing damage to opponents, especially highlighting her devastating finisher, known in Japan as the "Sourrukurushā"; in America, it's known as the "Soul Crusher". So many opponents defeated by the move that the video points out just how deadly the move can be.

    "So what is the 'Crimson Ghost' to you?"

    Aka sighs and looks up with a semi-far away look.

    Aka Yurei: "My wrath. The 'Crimson Ghost' is my anger towards my family, my sadness of losing my brother to violence, and a way to let go of all my troubles... when I'm in that state of mind, I embody the hatred and fury and violence I grew up in. It, for me, is my way of fighting back against this... hiai- Hiai... sadness. When the 'Crimson Ghost' walks into the ring... Itami no sekai: A world of pain."

    Interviewer: "Right... I think we're done here. Thank you for your time. We hope to see you more."

    Aka smiles softly and bows her head quickly, standing up and shaking whoever's hand it is.

    Aka Yurei: "Arigatōgozaimashita"

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    Re: "The Crimson Ghost" Aka Yurei

    Welcome back to the FWA, Grim! Love the character & the Crimson Ghost aspect (also kudos on detailing the wrestling style stuff, very helpful!). Going to be sweet writing matches for her and we definitely need more female characters. I know you've got a busy schedule so if you ever want shows off, feel free to let Jimmy or me know. Still a ways to go until our next PPV Lights Out so plenty of ways to debut her depending on your preference (we could totally do a vignette or insert this intro promo at the PPV).

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