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Thread: Stu Grimes. [& Cornelius Aurelius Caesar (Oz)]

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    Fallout Stu Grimes. [& Cornelius Aurelius Caesar (Oz)]

    Character name:
    Stu Grimes.

    The Man Out of Time, The Giant, The Friendly Giant, Big Stu.

    Height: 7'5".

    Weight: 480lbs.

    Birthday/Age: 4th July, 1940 (age: 50 - was cryogenically frozen between the years 1978 and 2008).

    Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee.

    Billed From: Straight out of the past.

    Alignment (Cheer or Boo): Cheer.

    Stu Grimes has done it all. He has had #1 hit records on the US Billboard Country Albums charts, had box office smash hit movies (mostly as hired muscle in 60s/70s gangster films), written four best selling novels and two memoirs, and is a former boxing heavyweight champion of the world (WBO, WBC, and IBF). He has climbed Mount Everest and swam the English Channel. In 1964, he flew around the world in 79 days, because fuck Jules Verne. He has made love to the most beautiful men and women in the world, completed DJ residencies in Ibiza, and was the owner and head cultivator on the world's largest hemp farm, twenty miles south of Den Haag.

    However, Grimes' fortunes took a turn for the worse in 1975, when - after an impassioned sales pitch from a Japanese friend - he invested almost all of his wealth in Sony's Betamax cassette format. Within three years, he was almost broke, and only had enough money left to cryogenically freeze himself. Ashamed of his losses and his shortcomings, he climbed into his capsule for thirty years, hoping for a future where Betamax had persevered and defeated VHS. But, when he awoke, a brave new world - a world that he didn't understand - awaited him. Instead of millions of dollars waiting for him in his bank, he found only debts. He didn't even have enough cash left to invest in HDDVD, an exciting new laser-disk format that he felt sure would soon be found in every media shop worldwide...

    After twelve years of scrubbing around, making a living in whatever way he can, Stu Grimes has decided to return to the top of the world once more. In the only profession that doesn't seem to have changed at all over the last forty years: professional wrestling.

    Gimmick: Ageing old timer who wants one more shot at the big time.

    Style of wrestling: Brawler, boxing background, slow and steady and with lots of heart.

    Move list:
    Hooks and jabs and uppercuts for strikes - no kicks.
    Vertical suplex.
    Snap DDT.
    Gorilla press slam.
    Fallaway slam.
    HD-Death Valley Driver.
    Abdominal Stretch.

    Finisher(s) Maximum of 3:
    Max-out (The Last Ride).

    Base pic for your character: Andre the Giant.

    Theme music: Layla (piano exit only) - Derek and the Dominos.

    Tag Team: "The Men Out Of Time"


    Stu colour:
    Caesar colour: #
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