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    Meltdown Tommy Bedlam

    General Information:
    Tommy Bedlam


    244 lbs


    Sweetwater, Texas


    The illegitimate son of the great Southeast Wrestling Federation champion Sammy Bedlam. Over the years, I've watched him care for the children who he claimed and I've watched some of them ride the coattails of his name into in-ring stardom. His sons Jimmy and Jason have terrorized the SEWF for years, and his daughter Amanda serves as their manager. After years of trying to keep my mom's family's ranch alive, things finally got so bad we had to shut it down. So today, I begin creating my own legacy in an attempt to show dear ole dad that he forgot about the wrong son. I'm here to prove that I can lace em up and fight with the best of them.

    Career Information:
    Dialog Color:
    Dark Orange

    Current feuds:


    Non-FWA accomplishments:
    Longhorn Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion for over 400 days until he vacated the title

    FWA accomplishments:
    -Finished 5th out of 20 Competitors in Atomic Battle Royal in Debut on First Meltdown
    -3x 24/7 Champion
    -Won the Gauntlet Championship in a Four Way Elimination Match on Meltdown 2

    FWA win-loss record, if you wish to keep one:

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.):


    Perfected Moves
    Discus Lariat
    Sidewalk Slam
    Swinging Neckbreaker
    Sitout Powerbomb

    Running Moves:
    Lou Thesz Press
    Falling Powerslam (When opponent is running at him)
    Spinebuster (When opponent is running at him)
    Flying Clothesline

    Camel Clutch
    Boston Crab
    Abdominal Stretch
    Rear Naked Choke

    A minimum of one finishing move, and a maximum of three:
    Double Underhook DDT (Called "The Bullseye")
    Angle Slam (Called "The Rough Ride")
    Superkick (Called "The Buckshot")


    During Promos:
    Black T-Shirt, Jeans, Black Cowboy hat and Cowboy Boots

    In Ring:
    Black Leather Vest, Jeans, Cowboy Boots
    (The vest is taken off before the match starts)

    Base pic for your character (please include the name of the base pic):

    James Storm

    Theme music:

    Bon Jovi: Wanted Dead or Alive

    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:

    32 years ago, Sammy Bedlam came back into town to visit his family. During his visit, he reconnected with his old high school girlfriend. After a few too many drinks at the bar that they used to use their fake IDs to get into, the two spent one last night together. Nine months later, Tommy Bennet was born. Tommy grew up watching his mother and her brothers struggle to keep the family ranch above water and dropped out of high school at 17 to help after the death of his oldest uncle. Realizing that her son was turning into a man, his mother (Susie), revealed the truth about his father, the man who she had told him died in a car accident before he was born. After 8 years of struggling, the economy finally reached the point where the ranch was no longer salvageable. With no direction in his life, Tommy started researching his biological father and discovered that he was a legendary wrestler. Tommy tried to contact Sammy, but his attempts were rebuffed. Tommy quickly realized that the only way to get his father's attention (and possibly his approval) was to step into the ring and make a name for himself. To his mother's chagrin, he took the last name "Bedlam" and has set out to make his own mark on the world of pro wrestling. Motivated by years of bitterness, but conditioned by the backbreaking work of fighting to keep a failing ranch alive, he realizes that nothing can stop him on his quest for glory.

    Rocco Sullivan

    Dialog Color:

    Pic Base: Paul Ellering

    Rocco Sullivan is a wrestling lifer. His career started in the Midwest in the 1970s. While he was initially an in-ring talent, a severe knee injury cut that career short. Driven by his love for the business and his innate ability to work the crowds on the mic, Rocco transitioned in a managerial role for the better part of the next 30-plus years.

    Rocco was working as a regional director for talent scouting and acquisition in the FWA when he stumbled across a video of Tommy Bedlam from Longhorn Championship Wrestling. He was immediately interested in Bedlam and brought him to New York to talk about joining the company.

    After Tommy's debut in the Atomic Battle Royal on Meltdown 1, Rocco informed Tommy that the newcomer could use a manager and decided that he was the only logical option. Now the fast talking, high energy, business minded manager is lending his years of experience and expertise to Tommy on his quest for greatness in the FWA.

    Sammy Bedlam

    Dialog Color:
    Fire Brick

    Pic Base:
    Barry Windham

    Sammy Bedlam is a wrestling icon in the south, having cemented his legacy in Southeast Championship Wrestling (SECW) in addition to a couple runs with some bigger companies. He has two sons who currently wrestle for SECW and are the tag team champions, who are managed by Sammy's daughter.

    Sammy Bedlam is the estranged father of Tommy Bedlam. While he was present at ringside in the match that led to Tommy's signing with FWA, he made his first appearance on an FWA broadcast at Fallout 3, where Tommy lost his Gauntlet Championship as Sammy sat at ringside.

    Sammy's intentions are not yet clear, but there are reports that he has been seen with Tommy and Rocco multiple times since the end of Fallout 3, including going backstage with his son after the match. What does the future hold for the newly-united pair? That's currently unknown.

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    Re: Tommy Bedlam

    Added Sammy Bedlam info and pic base

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