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Thread: Updated Grading Scale for FWA promos/matches (06/21/2021)

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    Updated Grading Scale for FWA promos/matches (06/21/2021)

    Hi all,

    The mod team has discussed revamping the grading scale/rubric used to determine winners and losers in matches. The FWA has used a grading scale since its inception in 2005. It received a much-needed overhaul in 2017, thanks to Shake and KAIZEN (I believe).

    We decided to take it further, getting rid of the equal weight across the categories.

    NOTE: This grading scale WAS NOT used for Back in Business. We used the previous version for that show. This new scale will be used starting with Fallout #1.

    So here's the new grading scale.

    Quality of content/match selling/theme/story/length = /15
    Presentation/spelling/grammar = /5
    Creativity in approach, theme, style, story = /10
    Character portrayal = /5
    Character development = /5

    An explanation for what these category names mean:

    Quality of content/match selling/theme/story/length (/15) — Probably the most important category, and thus why it is out of 15 now. Are you discussing the match itself, the backstory behind the match, your opponent, etc.? Do you have a theme? A narrative (even a loose one)? Is the promo properly structured and not just a mishmash of word vomit monologue? How descriptive are you being? Have you created scenes that draw the reader in and make them feel like they are present, or did you skim through scene-setting or unnecessarily describe a random tree just to add words? Does the promo "feel" longer than it should? Or maybe it cuts off shorter than it should?

    Lastly, are you selling the match? Making it feel important? Expressing why you want to win or will win?

    This category has the most elements to it, and some mods may prioritize different elements than others do. If you get a 5 out of 15? You likely missed the mark on a lot of elements. 8/15? Average. 10/15? You did alright. Anything higher is a very good score, imo. Examples of great stuff for this are MvH at CC and Toner's promo against Golden on a Fight Night a few months back.

    Presentation/spelling/grammar (/5) — It is what you'd imagine. How is the promo presented? Is it littered with misspellings and grammatical issues? We reduced the weight of this one to make it easier for grading and to devalue it compared to quality of content.

    Same as above for variance in mod prioritization. For instance, I am a slight sucker for a really good presentation aspect. Others might not be.

    1/5 is troublesome. 2/5 is work in progress. 3/5 is average. 4/5 is rock solid. 5/5 is Ramon's CC promo and TxR at BIB.

    Creativity (/10) — Likely the second most important category, and for some this element is why they enjoy reading promos. How unique is your promo compared to others on the show? Compared to your past work? Compared to the entire history of FWA promo'ing. Are you having people choose their own adventure, or are you standing in the ring with a microphone and monologue'ing about your opponent? Have you placed your character in the world of the Fallout video game? Or did you utilize a dream sequence for the fifth consecutive time? Is your character monologue'ing, or are you delivering the promo in a unique manner, such as through someone else?

    1-3/10 is you giving a backstage interview. 4-6/10 is realm of average; not boring but you're still staying in your usual box. 7-8/10 is a really unique promo with a concerted effort to be different than your usual stuff. 9-10 is something I've never seen before, such as Shawn Summers' CWA "The Player's Tribune" .pdf promo (which is an example of how even a simple concept can hit on creativity).

    Character portrayal (/5) — This is where the rubric splits one category into two with less weight. This is all about the intricacies of your character. It rewards crafting personality traits that stand out. If your character has a specific personality, it should shine through. If your character has a more modest personality, you can still score while focusing on what makes them unique. A bland character with nothing to distinguish it from Greg is going to have a low ceiling here.

    1/5 is you're Greg. 2/5 is you're just a heel who says he's going to destroy everyone. 3-4/5 is some modest elements of a character. 4-5/5 is J.J. JAY! or Chris Peacock at their peaks, or literally any AON character.

    Character development (/5) — Characters are our stories, and they should ideally be moving in some direction. Maybe it's improvement of character, or regression of character. Whatever the case, every match result or non-match interaction should have at least a small effect, inspiring some sort of meter movement. Is that represented or shown in your promo, or does the character feel like they're stuck in mud in terms of progression?

    1/5 is your character never changed a lick. 2/5 is you included like one glimmer of change but glossed over it. 3/5 is average development ("Oh I lost my last match; I guess I should have ennui now"). 4/5 is noticeable and legitimate development. 5/5 is Gabby right after Desert Storm. Another top of mind is Kayden Knox at BIB.

    A tiny history lesson:

    Originally, there were eight categories, each /10, for a total of 80 points. That's pretty arduous, so Shake/Kai trimmed it down to four categories /10. I believe they removed "length", "logic", and one other, and combined "character" and "character development" into one category. They walked so we could run, and I thank them for improving the grading scale from the original concept (which was the definition of "starting point").

    We chose to split character portrayal and character development — I pushed for it so if you hate it, come yell at me. The idea is those two elements are unique enough from one another to deserve their own categories and scores. Making them /5 each keeps the weight the same.
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    Re: Updated Grading Scale for FWA promos/matches (06/21/2021)

    I give this two thumbs up.

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