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    Fallout Fallout Roster & Information








    FWA X Champion

    FWA Tag Team Champions

    FWA Gauntlet Champion



    The Gang Stars


    The Undisputed Alliance

    The Brethren

    Golden Rock
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    Re: Fallout Roster and Information.

    Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth


    Jean-Luc Watkins

    Former FWA wrestler with a short career and one reign with the X Division Championship in 2017. Defeated Dave Sullivan for that belt but doesn’t like to talk about it. Is your play-by-play guy who will call the holds and is generally pretty tight with that, as opposed to Allen Price who wouldn’t really possess an in-depth knowledge. Jean-Luc originally trained as a boxer and as such appreciates the odd straight right hand, though generally doesn’t verbally condone or encourage the use of weapons. Watkins worked a technical style and appreciates wrestlers who work this style, regardless of whether they are face or heel, though more generally he is a heel who will almost always side with the heels. That being said, due to his boxing career being stopped short due to injury, he will show sympathy and concern when any wrestler looks to be genuinely hurt.

    He’s the son of the current FWA executive (full title: Director of Domestic Operations and International Development, FWA Fallout) Rupert Watkins, and as such many of the decisions made by behind-the-scenes authority figures (who generally will not appear on the show, but may make appearances on our post-show The Fallout Clears…) will be disseminated on Fallout by Jean-Luc. This is also the reason that he will NEVER publicly question the decisions made by said invisible authority figures, and usually endorses them heartily. He goes so far as to follow the company line on many issues, including - for instance - the current ongoing battle between Gabrielle and the Fallout(/FWA) management figures.

    Jean-Luc’s relationship with Price is complicated. He will often be exasperated by the lack of knowledge that Price shows about professional wrestling, and will condemn Price’s use of cliches and platitudes. He does, however, quite like Allen Price in spite of his deficiencies at the booth, and just believes that he shouldn’t be a commentator. Or at least one sat next to him. Always calls Allen Price by his surname only.

    Refers to the audience as ‘wrestling fans’ whenever he’s talking directly to them.

    Allen Price
    Colour Commentary
    Allen Price arrived on the scene in the FWA at the end of 2020, where he negotiated himself a position as the agent and manager of Chris Peacock. From there, Price has gained increased prominence within the company, managing to maneuver himself from a complete unknown to a lucrative and high-profile position at the Fallout commentary table. How he was able to convince the Fallout Executives to give him this position is unknown.

    He has performed a handful of commentary gigs, calling the match between Chris Peacock and Danny Toner on New Year's Eve, the Disco Ball Room Brawl between Peacock and Konchu Hao as well as being named as one of the commentators for the Warehouse Trios Carnival.

    What is more amazing, is that Allen has achieved all of this, despite knowing next to nothing about wrestling in general, let alone the FWA. Price's unawareness shines through in his commentary, where he cannot offer more than his thoughts on what is in front of him. Do not expect any technical descriptions of moves or ring psychology from him. He will leave this all to JLW, and will often find himself being outwitted in conversations with his commentary partner.

    In addition to this, Price is unable to hide his bias towards certain wrestlers. Obviously, Chris Peacock is always spoken in a favourable manner, and anyone who crosses paths with Allen's friend and client is slated by him. It is not out of the question for him to get involved in matches involving Peacock or his rivals, either. It is partly for this reason that Price is loathed by the FWA fanbase, despite being so closely aligned with Peacock, who is a firm fan favourite.

    Christian Quinn
    Back-stage Interviewer

    Christian Quinn is well known to the FWA fanbase, having been a commentator on Fight Night and FWA Pay-Per-Views for a number of years. He also had a brief return to the ring as Danny Toner's tag team partner before Ryan Rondo made his return to the FWA, revealing himself to be "Donny Toner" the entire time. Quinn was put back into a non-wrestling capacity following an attack by "Rockstar" Randy Ramon prior to Back in Business XV.

    Quinn was bumped from the commentary desk due to his perceived bias towards TxR in the main event of Night One of Back in Business XV, and will be acting as the Backstage Interviewer for Fallout. The place that was going to be given to Quinn was instead handed to Allen Price. For this reason, Quinn holds a high level of resentment for Price, as well as Chris Peacock, who Price is close friends with.

    During interviews, Quinn makes no effort to hide his disdain at his current standing, and comes off incredibly bitter and uninterested in his interviews. Exceptions to this would be where he is interviewing a close friend of his, such as Danny Toner or Ryan Rondo. Quinn is expected to still perform some commentary duties from time-to-time.

    Natalie Rosenberg
    Ring Announcer

    Natalie Rosenberg is the Fallout ring announcer whose exclusive role on-screen is to introduce matches. Her style is conventional and traditional. She announces the number of falls and time limits in matches, as she personally believes that adds more legitimacy to matches, even before she was asked to do it for all matches on Fallout. Natalie shares an undisclosed personal relationship with executive Rupert Watkins.

    Before announcing, Natalie Rosenberg performed as a wrestler in regional independent promotions NECW (North East Championship Wrestling), OPI (Ohio Pro Impact), and PGW (Pennsylvania Gate Wrestling), and made some appearances for hardcore promotion ACW (Anarchy Championship Wrestling). Rosenberg made a total of three performances for BWW (Black Widow Wrestling), but was injured in her third and ultimately final match and forced to hang up her wrestling boots. She is the younger sister of Joey Rosenberg, the former XCW, PSW, and SCWW Champion who is now plying his trade in Japan as part of NWA:JP.


    * please read before submitting a segment for a show or agreeing to write a match. *

    What follows is general information for those kind enough to submit segments or matches. Please do try to stick to this as far as you can. The mods will change anything that doesn't match this information for uniformity of results threads. It will allow us to get shows up quicker if you do your best to follow these points.

    1. Arena stage design.
    From Fallout 001 Results:
    The camera is in the ring and we look up a long, long ramp that approaches the staging area. The design of this is reasonably simple. A black curtain separates us from Gorilla position, split down the middle and framed by purple scaffolding perhaps three metres in height and two metres in width. Above this, sitting along the top bar of the scaffolding, is a cast iron mould of the Fallout logo. The big screen - and it is fucking big - sits above the Fallout sign, the 'FWA' part of the logo protruding into the centre of it slightly. The dimensions of the screen are twenty five metres by just over fourteen metres, and the sheer size of it is pretty impressive in itself. Either side of the logo and entrance scaffolding is a mesh fencing with barbed wire wrapped around its top. On the right hand side of the entrance, the meshing has been mangled as if by a recent impact... the source of which is obvious for all to see: a burnt out Delorean sits at a thirty degree angle atop of some heavily bowing fencing. The gap forged by the car has been plugged by reams and reams of barbed wire, and the smashed glass from the windows (all of which have seemingly been shattered) lie about the hood of the vehicle as well as that part of the staging itself.
    2. Formatting for speech in matches AND segments.
    ​(to be followed in all but the most extenuating circumstances...)

    2a. The speaking character's name should be bolded and followed by a colon, in 'automatic' colour.
    2b. The speech of the character should be in speech marks ("").
    2c. The speech itself should be bolded and coloured in your character's speech colour (if applicable).
    2d. Please do not use the four colours above that are designated as Fallout Auxiliary Character colours. If you'd really like to use one of those (I've tried to choose unpopular ones), let me know and the Auxiliary Character's colour will be changed
    2e. Speech that is spread over two paragraphs should only have the character's name at the start of the speech, not at the start of each paragraph. All speech should be bolded and coloured. Speech marks go only at the very start and very end of the passage of speech.
    2f. Speech with an unknown speaker should be proceeded by three bolded question marks before the speech.

    example 1 (points 2a through 2d)
    MvH: "Come... take my hand."
    example 2 (point 2e)
    MvH: "This is a longer bit of dialogue because it needs to go over two paragraphs for me to illustrate point 2e above.

    You see? Like this."

    example 3 (point 2f)
    ???: "Can you tell who I am yet?"

    2g. Not really speech based but don't put the descriptive parts in italics. Italics used for emphasis only on shows.


    3. General match-writing guidance.

    Obviously, circumstances mean there might be exceptions to any of these but don't be pushing the boundaries every single match or for a regular TV match or whatever. We'd like the show to flow well with similar formatted matches. These changes are, really, all aesthetic, and shouldn't impinge on content or creativity.

    3a. Entrances.
    - Entrance songs should be set out like this:

    "In Dreams" || Roy Orbison.

    Alternatively, just include the link to the youtube video and we'll do the rest.

    - In non-title matches, the introduction by the ring announcer should occur as each competitor comes to the ring. Please have this in what you send else we will have to add one ourselves. In ALL title matches, introductions by the ring announcer occur inside the ring after the entrance music has ended. In ALL title matches, the champion's entrance should be last.

    3b. Match boxes.
    - Your match will be put in a box but mods will handle this. The formatting for our match boxes will be specific, so just send your match in unboxed and we'll handle that.

    3c. Near falls.
    - We would like to have uniform pin counts as far as possible. Here are examples of how we'd like this to look:
    ONE... NO!
    ONE... TW - - NO!
    ONE... TWO... NO!
    ONE... TWO... THR - - NO!
    ONE... TWO... THREE!

    You may have fun with the exclamation points. This is one of the freedoms which is afforded to you.

    3d. Match timings.
    - All matches should end with a method of victory and time-stamp inside the match. This will be made up if not submitted with your match. Please pay attention to the time limit advertised in the card thread. Generally speaking, for television matches, we will be going with:
    - 60 minutes for World, Tag, or X Division Title matches.
    - 30 minutes for number one contender's matches for the three titles above and Gauntlet Title Matches.
    - 20 minutes for other matches and Gauntlet Title #1C matches.
    There will of course be exceptions to these standards.

    3e. Post-match.
    - All post matches should feature an announcement by the ring announcer with the winner. This will be added if you forget or whatever, or (as is most likely) are sending in the match without a finish.


    Host: Todd Salum [DARKGREY]
    Regular Panelist:
    Anzu Kurosawa [PURPLE]
    Regular Panelist:
    Kevin Cromwell [RED]

    The Fallout Clears... is a panel show that airs after each episode of Fallout and FWA pay-per-views, for free on the WCNetwork. Use of The Fallout Clears... is open and can be done anywhere (promos, twitter thread, open promo, etc). The show is canon, though, and drastic aberrations from the general structure of the show shouldn't be taken. Highlights from The Fallout Clears... are often published as part of the show and participation in this is also open on request to mods.

    Set Design:
    From Fallout 002 Results:
    We cut away from the arena and Todd Salum stands behind a desk in Fallout HQ. He has a serious look on his face and a sharp suit on his body: a black number with a purple tie on a white shirt with a black waistcoat. Around him, the set has evolved a little from last week. On the wall behind him, either side of a large window that gives a view of the castle in the background, are posters for several iconic FWA pay-per-views. These include a prominent one featuring Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo next to a recent Back in Business alternative poster featuring TxR and Golden Rock... and on the opposite side of the window we can see Gabrielle and Cyrus Truth squaring off in print form ahead of their Trial By Fire match from early 2020. On the desk in front of Salum is a mug emblazoned with the FWA logo, as well as a stack of what looks like programmes from past events. The front of the desk is adorned with a large screen, showing highlights of the Fallout Eliminator matches from Episode 001.

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    Re: Fallout Roster & Information


    Fallout 001: 'The First Chapter in Amsterdam'
    9th Jul 21 || The Johan Cruyff ArenA || Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Card Thread || Promo Thread || Results Thread
    Quick Results:

    [0001] The Gang Stars [Alyster Black and Krash] def. The Undisputed Alliance [Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage] via pin fall at 14:05 (FWA World Tag Team Championships #1 Contenders Match).
    [0002] Randy Ramon def. Yuna Funanori via pin fall at 11:08 (Fallout Eliminator Contender Tournament: Round One).
    [0003] Gabrielle def. Kayden Knox via pin fall at 19:57 (Fallout Eliminator Contender Tournament: Round One).
    [0004] El Demente def. Sauce Man via pin fall at 08:47 (FWA Gauntlet Championship #1 Contenders Match).
    [0005] Chris Peacock def. J.J. JAY! (c) via pin fall at 12:12 (FWA X Division Championship, Fallout Eliminator Contender Tournament: Round One).
    [0006] Kleio De Santos def. Derek Hunter via submission at 07:54.
    [0007] Shawn Summers def. Nova Diamond via pin fall at 14:32 (Fallout Eliminator Contender Tournament: Round One).
    Fallout 002: 'The First Chapter in Edinburgh'
    23rd Jul 21 || Edinburgh Castle || Edinburgh, Scotland
    Card Thread || Promo Thread || Results Thread
    Quick Results:

    [0008] Gerald Grayson def. Alyster Black via pin fall at 13:32 (Fallout Eliminator Contender Tournament: Round One).
    [0009] Stu Grimes and Cornelius Aurelius Caesar def. El Demente and Sauce Man via submission at 08:21.
    [0010] Konchu Hao def. Jackson Fenix via pin fall at 13:01 (Fallout Eliminator Contender Tournament: Round One).
    [0011] Kleio De Santos def. Krash via pin fall at 16:28 (Fallout Eliminator Contender Tournament: Round One).
    [0012] Kayden Knox and Gabrielle def. The Bad Boys Boy Band [The Backstreet Boy and Mike Stand] via pin fall at 08:10.
    [0013] Danny Toner def. Ryan Rondo via pin fall at 13:31 (Fallout Eliminator Contender Tournament: Round One).
    [0014] Cthlhu's Nephews [J.J. JAY!, Quiet, Thomas West and Harry the Sane Wizard] def. The Disco Warriors [Chris Peacock (c) and Drew Peacock] and Diamond Dogs [Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli] via escape at 26:00 (FWA X Division Championship, Cosmic Playground Match)
    Fallout 003: 'The First Chapter on The Wild Atlantic Way'
    20th Aug 21 || Inishbofin || Connemara, Ireland.
    Card Thread || Promo Thread || Results Thread.
    Quick Results:

    [0015] Konchu Hao def. Gabrielle via pin fall at 13:12 (Fallout Eliminator Tournament: Quarter-Finals).
    [0016] The Undisputed Alliance [Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage] def. The Brethren [Hezekiah Crowder and The Deacon] via pin fall at 9:37.
    [0017] Shawn Summers def. Kleio De Santos via pin fall at 14:19 (Fallout Eliminator Tournament: Quarter-Finals).
    [0018] J.J. JAY! def. Sauce Man via pin fall at 7:14.
    [0019] El Demente def. Stu Grimes, Tommy Bedlam (c) via pin fall at 11:41 (FWA Gauntlet Championship, Triple Threat Match).
    [0020] Danny Toner def. Chris Peacock via pin fall at 7:16 (Fallout Eliminator Tournament: Quarter-Finals).
    [0021] Kayden Knox def. The Bad Boys Boy Band [Mike Stand, In-Sync, & The Backstreet Boy] via pin fall at 2:52.
    [0022] Randy Ramon def. Gerald Grayson via pin fall at 13:29 (Fallout Eliminator Tournament: Quarter-Finals).
    Fallout 004: 'The First Chapter in Freetown Christiana'
    3rd Sept 21 || Freetown Christiana || Copenhagen, Denmark.
    Card Thread || Promo Thread || Results Thread.
    Quick Results:

    [0023] Randy Ramon def. Shawn Summers via pin fall at 19:48 (Fallout Eliminator Tournament: Semi-Finals).
    [0024] Mike Parr def. Derek Hunter via submission at 3:22.
    [0025] El Demente (c) def. Cornelius Aurelius Caesar via pin fall at 8:52 (FWA Gauntlet Championship)
    [0026] The Gang Stars [Alyster Black and Krash] def. The Brethren [Hezekiah Crowder and The Deacon] via pin fall at 6:52.
    [0027] J.J. JAY! (c) def. Kayden Knox, Nate Savage, Kleio De Santos via pin fall at 14:52.(FWA X Division Championship, X Rules Fatal 4-Way)
    [0028] Chris Peacock def. Ryan Rondo via pin fall at 13:32.
    [0029] Danny Toner def. Konchu Hao via pin fall at 19:23 (Fallout Eliminator Tournament: Semi-Finals).
    Fallout 005: 'The First Chapter in Berlin'
    17th Sept 21 || Stadion An der Alten Försterei || Berlin, Germany.
    Card Thread || Promo Thread || Results Thread.
    Quick Results:

    [0030] Chris Peacock def. Nova Diamond via pin fall at 17:17
    [0031] Krash def. Shawn Summers via pin fall at 15:47
    [0032] Alyster Black def. Ryan Rondo via pin fall at 14:14
    [0033] El Demente (c) def. Stu Grimes at 11:48 (FWA Gauntlet Championship, Last Man Standing Match)
    [0034] The Alchemists [Boston Elric and Wesley Elric] def. The Undisputed Alliance [Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage] via pin fall at 8:34
    [0035] Kayden Knox def. J.J. JAY! (c) via pin fall at 24:52 (FWA X Division Championship, X Rules Match)
    [0036] Konchu Hao def. Mike Parr via pin fall at 13:57
    [0037] Sauce Man def. Josh Drake via pin fall at 6:29
    [0038] Randy Ramon draws Danny Toner via time limit draw at 30:00 (Fallout Eliminator Tournament: Final)

    Quick results key:
    championship match|| number one contender match|| jobber match
    (c) denotes champion going into match.



    Episode 001 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Sauce Man, Cal Robinson.
    Source: Shake Meltzer post in Fallout 001 Results Thread.

    Episode 002 (Edinburgh, Scotland)
    Krash, Rupert Watkins.
    Source: Fallout 002 Results Post.

    Episode 002.5 [Anniversary Show Special] (Geneva, Switzerland)
    Shawn Summers.
    Source: Shawn Summers Fallout 003 Promo.

    Episode 003 (Inishbofin, Ireland)
    Jackson Fenix, Nate Savage, Cal Robinson.
    Fallout 003 Results Post.
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