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    Meltdown Meltdown Roster & Information



    Brand Consultant







    FWA North American Champion

    FWA Gauntlet Champion

    FWA Tag Team Champions



    The New Breed

    Hollywood Saints

    Deathswitch Initiative

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    Meltdown Re: Meltdown Roster & Information

    Meet The Staff:
    An Editorial On The New Meltdown On-Air Personalities

    Executive Board:
    The Meltdown Executive Board consists of three of FWA's greatest female legends. All three of them have equal power on the Meltdown Executive Board, and can appear on any show at any week. There may be an episode or streak of episodes where none of them appear, there may be an episode where just one makes an appearance, and there may be an episode where all three of them appear.

    All three of these ladies have completely different opinions and personalities. One may have a specific view for example on who should be the next number one contender, and another may have a totally opposite view. Think about the way the Gods in Greek Mythology interacted amongst each other, and you can probably envision how things will play out from there.

    See below their brief autobiographies:

    Base Pic: Margot Robbie
    Alignment: Heel
    Age: 30 (1991)
    Theme Song: "XXXO" by MIA
    Official Font Color: Red

    Dinorah Redgrave: It was in 2011 when I debuted and quickly won my first Women's Championship. People saw me back then as the spunky rocker good girl, but that look didn't last too long after I started managing FWA Hall of Famer Jack Severino. It was with Jack that I become "The Valkyrie of Violence". In 2013, I joined the FWA Board of Directors for the first, and made my first act firing Gabrielle Montgomery as the Fight Night General Manager. I am a former Golden Opportunity winner, and I once held the FWA Woman's Championship after defeating Sara Wolf. Two of my least favorite wrestlers are Gabrielle Montgomery and Bell Connelly.

    Being the only one with former executive experience on the board, I expect both of my colleagues to look to me for guidance in handling certain situations. I am not the same Punk Rock Princess that people saw me as ten years ago. I am professional and assertive, and I won't hesitate to take action against anyone who gets in m way.

    Base Pic: Sara Jean Underwood
    Alignment: Face
    Hometown: Sundance, Wyoming
    Age: 38 (1983)
    Theme Song: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana
    Official Font Color: Blue

    Saddle Sally: Howdy y'all! I'm Sally Tetons, but you might know me as Saddle Sally! I'm a three time Woman's world champ, and I was also part of the FWA Hall of Fame class of 2020. I'm just your average cowgirl, and while I may not have the same management experience that Dinorah and Alana have, I'm still looking to make Meltdown the best darn brand in the world of wrestling! Yeehaw!

    Base Pic: Lola Monroe
    Alignment: Tweener
    Hometown: Rockford Island, Illinois
    Age: 32 (1989)
    Theme Song: "Ride Wit Em" by Juicy J
    Official Font Color: Green

    Alana Allure: Unlike Dinorah, I am a two time Women's Champion. I also was a member of the esteemed Over The Edge stable, along with Saint Sulley. I debuted in the FWA way back in 2009, and I've been making my mark ever since. I've held positions both as a talent scout, and the Director of Talent Development. That means that I have a knack for finding good stars when I see them, and I won't hesitate to push someone to the top who deserves it.

    Commentary Team:
    The Meltdown Commentary Team consists of Play by Play announcer Rod Sterling, and color commentator Broc Lobster. The duo will be calling each Meltdown from the ringside commentary table every Monday night.

    See below their brief autobiographies:

    Play By Play Commentator

    Base Pic: Jeff Goldblum
    Alignment: Heel
    Official Font Color: Black

    Rod Sterling: High folks, I'm Rod Sterling here. I made my mark long ago in the FWA whenever I created The Sterling Report, a weekly show that recapped the happenings of the FWA. From there I began my career as a manager, where I had many different FWA clients including the likes of Mac Michaud. That transcended soon after to my role on the commentary team. Most recently I was the commentator of Fight Night alongside Christian Quinn and Dinorah Kennedy. I tend to be very opiniated about the way I view certain wrestlers, but I love my job as an FWA Commentator!

    Color Commentator

    Base Pic: Mick Foley
    Alignment: Face
    Official Font Color: Dark Orange

    Broc Lobster: It's Broc Lobster here, and I'm the official color commentator of the Meltdown brand. I made my FWA debut way back in 2013 with my cousin Saint Sulley! Wrestling however was not quite my forte, and I went to other things instead. I started my commentary career on Ground Zero season 2, and officially was hired to take over this role on Meltdown. I like to call things fair and honest, and I'll always respect the man who does things the right way in the ring.

    Support Crew:
    The Meltdown Support Crew consists of the ring announcer Katie Lynn-Goldsmith, the backstage interviewer Katie Baxter, and the brand reporter Derek Silver. They are the pieces that often go unnoticed and underappreciated, but they often are the crux that helps the shown run smoothly each and every night.

    See below their brief autobiographies:

    Ring Announcer

    Base Pic: Vanessa Hudgens
    Official Font Color: Indigo

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: NOW ENTERING THE RING....Katie! Hi guys! My name is Katie, and I'm the official ring announcer of Monday Night Meltdown. An important job that was once done on Fight Nights by the legendary Kurt Harrington, I introduce the contestants of the match before each fight! Before becoming ring announcer, I was the long time backstage interviewer for Fight Night. I know all of our wrestlers well, and look forward to announcing them each and every night!

    Backstage Interviewer

    Base Pic: Victoria Justice
    Official Font Color: Violet

    Katie Baxter: Hi, Katie Baxter here and I am the official Monday Night Meltdown backstage interviewer. Anytime a member of the Meltdown Roster needs to be interviewed backstage, I'm there to ask them the questions! I used to do this on Fight Nights along with my partners Katie Lynn-Goldsmith and Todd Salum, but now it's just my job alone! I've asked a lot of questions over the years, and I'm sure I'll be asking a lot more soon enough!

    Brand Reporter

    Base Pic: Adam Schefter
    Official Font Color: Dark Gray

    Derek Silver: Hello all, Derek Silver here, and I am the official head of reporting for the Meltdown Brand. I'll be doing my best to report all the important "dirt sheet" news to all the fans. I'll also report any new details about shows and cards, along with any news about Meltdown wrestlers getting released or suspended! I have a Bachelors degree from Georgia University in Sports Journalism, and was once a contestant on Ground Zero Season One! Stay tuned for any breaking news coming from my way!
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    Re: Meltdown Roster & Information

    Meltdown Show History

    Meltdown 1

    Date: July 19th, 2021
    Location: Pripyat, Ukraine


    Meltdown Match Number Match Winner
    1 Non Title Singles Match
    Chris Kennedy vs Cyrus Truth
    Chris Kennedy
    2 Tag Team Match
    Legends Evolved (Logan Darwin and Johnny Johnson) vs The New Breed
    Legends Evolved
    3 Singles Match
    Lizzie Rose vs Eli Black
    Eli Black
    4 Singles Match
    Gauntlet Championship
    Marcus McClain (c) vs Reagan Cole
    Marcus McClain
    5 2v1 Match
    Michelle von Horrowitz and Dan Maskell vs Devin Golden
    Michelle von Horrowitz and Dan Maskell
    6 Atomic Battle Royal Match

    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy
    "The Exile" Cyrus Truth
    "The Heretic" Dan Maskell
    "The Golden One" Devin Golden
    "The Man of the Hour" Donovan Moore
    "The Arteest" Eli Black
    "Hollywood" Joe Burr
    Johnny "The Legend" Johnson
    "The Rave" Lizzie Rose
    Logan Darwin
    Louis Valander
    "Big Mack" Marcus McClain
    "The British Apprentice" Reagan Cole
    Saus X
    "The Protégé" Sean Hughes
    The Prototype
    Tommy Bedlam
    Mike Garcia
    Greg (Class C Jobber)
    Chris Kennedy

    Meltdown 2

    Date: August 2nd, 2021
    Location: Madrid, Spain


    Meltdown Match Number Match Winner
    7 Singles Match
    Mike Garcia vs Joe Burr
    Mike Garcia
    8 Tag Team Match
    Saint Sulley and Greg vs The New Breed
    The New Breed
    9 Fatal Four Way Match
    Gauntlet Championship
    Marcus McClain (c) vs Tommy Bedlam vs Chris Crowe vs Saus X
    Tommy bedlam
    10 Singles Match
    Non Title
    Special Guest Referee: Chris Kennedy
    Michelle von Horrowitz vs Dan Maskell
    Michelle von Horrowitz
    11 Tag Team Match
    Devin Golden and Reagan Cole vs Legends Evolve (Logan Darwin and Johnny Johnson)
    Devin Golden and Reagan Cole
    12 Singles Match
    North American Championship
    Cyrus Truth (c) vs Captain Fantasy
    Cyrus Truth

    Meltdown 3

    Date: August 16th, 2021
    Location: Rome, Italy


    Meltdown Match Number Match Winner
    13 Singles Match
    Dan Maskell vs Captain Fantasy
    Captain Fantasy
    14 Singles Match
    Joe Burr vs The Boulder
    Joe Burr
    15 Singles Match
    Chris Crowe vs Saus X
    Chris Crowe
    16 Singles Match
    Marcus McClain vs Mike Garcia
    Marcus McClain
    17 Singles Match
    Eli Black vs Reagan Cole
    Reagan Cole
    18 Tag Team Match
    Chris Kennedy and Michelle von Horrowitz vs Saint Sulley and Jack Severino
    Chris Kennedy and Michelle von Horrowitz

    Meltdown 4

    Date: August 30th, 2021
    Location: Sparta, Greece


    Meltdown Match Number Match Winner
    19 2 on 1 Match
    Chris Kennedy vs The New Breed
    Chris Kennedy via DQ
    20 Singles Match
    Joe Burr vs Saus X
    Joe Burr
    21 Singles Match
    Non Title
    Devin Golden vs Michelle von Horrowitz
    Michelle von Horrowitz
    22 Tag Team Match
    Saint Sulley and Kevin Cromwell vs Legends Evolved
    Legends Evolved
    23 Singles Match
    Chris Crowe vs Marcus McClain
    Chris Crowe
    24 Tag Team Match
    North American Championship Number One Contender Match
    Captain Fantasy and Eli Black vs Dan Maskell and Mike Garcia
    Captain Fantasy and Eli Black

    Meltdown 5

    Date: September 13th, 2021
    Location: Cairo, Egypt


    Meltdown Match Number Match Winner
    25 Singles Match
    Malik Garcia vs Chris Crowe
    Chris Crowe
    26 Singles Match
    Eclipse vs Spooderman
    27 Singles Match
    Marcus McClain vs "The Prototype" Damian Lynch
    The Prototype
    28 Singles Match

    Johnny Johnson vs Lizzie Rose
    Johnny Johnson
    29 Singles Match
    Dan Maskell vs The Boulder
    Dan Maskell
    30 Singles Match
    Devin Golden vs Chris Kennedy
    Chris Kennedy
    31 Singles Match
    Non Title
    Michelle von Horrowitz vs Cyrus Truth
    Cyrus Truth

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