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    Fallout Sauce Man

    Character name: Sauce Man

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 168 pounds

    Birthday/Age: 06/28/1989

    From (City, State, Country): Shreveport, Louisiana

    Alignment (Cheer or Boo): Cheer

    Backstory: He is the Sauce Man. He delivers "the sauce" to people and places.

    Gimmick (if there is any to detail): Sauce Man

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.): High flyer

    Move list (can be as detailed or undetailed as you want, but try to at least give a couple of signature moves):
    Hot sauce (hurricarana)
    Ketchup (springboard spinning wheel kick)
    BBQ sauce (flying double knees from top tope; to standing or laying opponent's chest)
    Buffalo sauce (runs the ropes while dodging opponent's strikes and kicks, ending with a running jumping DDT)
    Chipotle sauce (Top rope or springboard spinning elbow)

    The Secret Special Sauce (With opponent kneeling, Sauce Man stands on their back, jumps and lands his butt and thighs right into the middle of their spine, knocking the wind out)

    Theme music: "Formation" by Beyonce

    (during the entrance, the crowd sing-screams the "I got hot sauce in my bag, swag" line)

    Intro promo:

    Sauce Man is sitting in a warehouse full of crates containing Heinz Ketchup bottles. He holds a Jim 'N Nicks bar-be-cue sauce bottle in his hand, gently, so as not to drop and taint it.

    "Hello, everyone. I am Sauce Man. I'm here to slay.

    What does 'here to slay' mean? It means what it means. I'm here to slay, specifically everyone from Ground Zero. I was an early elimination, mostly 'cause I didn't have people believin' I was a serious contender. I been doubted my whole life, for my height and all else. I almost couldn't be a sauce delivery driver 'cause I am too short. But here I am, the best damn sauce delivery driver in the world. I know all about sauce, all types, from every country in the world. That's why I'm the Sauce Man, and I'm here to prove to the Ground Zero hokey-pokes that I was a serious contender. I AM a serious contender. You doubt me in something, even something I don't initially care about, and all the sudden you got a problem. They doubted me in sauce delivery, and they doubted me in Ground Zero. Same issue, and gonna be same result.

    And, eventually, you all have to crown me Ground Zero champion. Officially. Unofficially. I don't care. Doesn't matter at all. McClain, Cole, Konchu, Lizzie, and Peacock are all on notice. I want 'em all, one by one. They goin' to taste the sauce ... and they ain't gonna be likin' it.

    Draft me to Meltdown. Fallout. Gunfight. Knife Slap. I ain't care. Sauce Man is here to deliver the sauce, and he here to slay.

    Learn yourself."
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    Re: Sauce Man

    Doesnt cut the mustard

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    Re: Sauce Man

    Doesn't slice the mayo

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    Re: Sauce Man

    Oh no.
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    Re: Sauce Man

    I’ve no idea what to think but I’m here for it.

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